Visit: Hong Kong’s Wonton Noodles

The first food we tasted when we reached Hong Kong city was their prawn wonton noodles!


“Must eat the noodles!  Springy!  Best!  Totally different from our Malaysia’s one!”

“Must eat their prawn wonton too!  As big as a ping pong ball!  Yummy!”

“Must eat their kailan!  Young shoots!  Sweet and tasty!  No fibre!  Not at all like Malaysian restaurants’ claimed HK kailan!  Once you eat the real ones in HK, you will never, never want to order HK kailan in Malaysia!  Ever!”



We found Mak Man Kee Noodles Shop, at Parkes Street (Jordan), within walking distance from Shamrock Hotel, where we had stayed.


Hmmm… no English words one ah???


Dear cousin translated for me:

Business Hours – 12 noon to 12.30pm



Small entrance into a small shop with limited sitting space!


We were sitting shoulder to shoulder, knee to knee at one table and back to back  with people of the next table!



Yup!  Menu in Chinese words wor…

Don’t care lar, just order wonton noodles!

Quick!  Hungry dah!


Wah!  Really ping pong size one!

And extremely tasty!

Yum, yum!




Hungry until hands shaking liao…

Picture also blur blur!

But I tell you, the noodles really springy!

Tionk, tionk in my mouth!



There!  There!

The authentic HK kailan!

Big fat juicy stems!


No Smoking

Pets No Entry

See, I know how to read lei!



Glad to find those signage on the shop’s window!

Can eat smoke free and hair (from dogs or cats) free in the shop!



After visiting  Mak Man Kee Noodles Shop, we saw Mak’s Noodles just a few doors away!


We were told (later) that Mak’s Noodles also very famous for its wonton noodles!

Sigh, we did not have a chance to try it because we had so much to eat and did not want too many wonton noodles meal!!

Haha!  Action-nya!


Having said that, it did not stop our HK friend from taking us to another famous wonton noodles shop; Chi Kee !


This place completely filled!

Wah, good business!


Yeay, menu got English description!



But not the special or promotion set!  Haizzzz…




Our dear HK friend ordered a few of the restaurant’s specialties!

Err, that plate of chilly sauce free lah!


This was highly recommended but we, the Malaysians, found it weird to have barley and ginger in one drink!


“Barley is cooling and ginger is heaty, right?

How is it that they are boiled together lah?

Neutral effect ke?”


Dear friend shook her head and said,

“Don’t know but everyone loves it!

Very popular and sold out early one!”


The wonton we had been waiting for!

Err, not as big as Mak Man Kee’s though, and (to me) not as tasty!


Their noodles were served with strips of bacon.

I am not a big fan of bacon so I didn’t quite like the taste but the noodles were springy!



Plenty to eat, and this was supper!



After this we went for dessert some more!

Yes!  6 ladies ate like 10 men!




Okay, don’t tell me I never advised you ah!

You MUST have wonton noodles when you are in HK!

You MUST have their kailan!

You MUST listen to me!




More HK food coming soon!

Watch out!





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