Visit: Hong Kong’s Sha Tin Racecourse

Where got people include Hong Kong’s racecourse as one of the places to visit one??  Haha!  We lor!  ;D


We wanted to witness a live horse race mah but were disappointed when the horse race was cancelled due to the Ching Ming Festival!  This festival really important in Hong Kong!  If you want to plan your trip to Hong Kong, please avoid the Ching Ming Festival, okay?!


Hubby of dear cousin’s HK friend drove us there!

As usual lah, I will look at signboards and take their pictures!

Woo!  Very strict and heavy penalties here lei!


After parking the car, we had to walk up an overhead bridge to get to the racecourse.


On the left hand side, across the road was the high rise buildings!


As we reached the top of the stairs, we saw this pleasant scene of one happy family!

Click “Like”!  Hehe…



Wow!  What a big racecourse?!

Haha!  As if I have seen any before lah to know this was big!


Going down to touch the real thing!


If today was a racing day, we would be entering into the place from here!


We could have taken a seat somewhere in there too!



The Champ!

The Winner!



But not race day mah, so it was all quiet lor!



Now must imagine the horses lining up there, waiting for the gate to open before their jockeys kick them off!!

And the race begins!!!


And off they compete for the first place so that someone would be the winner!

Go!  Go!!  Go!!!


Cool man!

They ain’t gonna have any race, okay?!

We are going to the Penfold Park lah!


Eh, a park within a racecourse wor….

Interesting!  ;D



Why are the chopsticks sticking from the ground lar??

“Not chopsticks, friend!

It is the Olympic torch!”


Haha!  Sorry ah…  but it really looked like a pair of chopsticks to me!



Smile, gals!

Pretty flowers everywhere!

Lavenders fragrance filled the air!

La- la-la-la …



Aisay, so many people having fun already!


Beautiful park; clean and tidy!



Oh my, we had walked into a dog garden lah!

Haha!  New experience!

Have never seen so many dogs in one glimpse!


Lovely, lovely place to be!

Best-nya!  Perfect weather for a perfect day out in a park!



A perfect day for all to come out and enjoy life!

Taking a stroll; on own or being pushed around did not matter!


Got playground lei!

So enjoyable watching the families having fun!


Really an Olympic park wor!



I must stop saying it!

But this place was really beautiful….


Going through an opening …..


… we found an island of trees with plenty of cranes partying around!

Ya lor, flying here and there and dancing in the air!

Show off!


Yah, have a rest first before we continue lah!


Everywhere in HK, during our trip in April, we found this lovely fragrant flower!





This lady had four cutie pies following her!


How did she do it?!




Dear cousin could not resist taking pictures of this white dog!

Her owner calls her “Fei Por”!


Fat Woman!

Ya ah, so fat wor!



So pampered!

Like a baby saja…

Eeee… nak pinch it lah!



This one a fat guy too!


I tell you I only saw healthy and happy dogs here!

Loved and pampered!


Thumbs up to HK dog owners!




I must say this place is a dogs and owners social park!

Definitely a great place to hang around and make friends!



On the left: the horse track!

On the right: the human track!

Did not even hear or smell horses in this racecourse!

Really disappointing…  ;((



This signboard farny lah!

Saw it on our way out!

I think I saw more dogs than children here!

Dog = animal = hazardous?



This one I lagi did not understand!

Taking lift when it was only one flight of staircase nearby??



‘Welcome’ and ‘Good Luck’ flags!

Of course the racecourse welcomes all but good luck?

Sure or not???

Sounds like a “sure lose” wish lei!



Love this!

Very creative, hor?


Bye, Sha Tin Racecourse!

Bye horse!

Haizzz…. the only horses I saw were the carved ones in display!



If ever I come to HK again, I shall come again coz I still wanna watch a live horse race!

Go!  Go!  Go!




HK food posts coming liao…

Really one! 

Watch out for them ah…





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