Visit: Hong Kong’s Sha Tin pigeon

Dear cousin’s HK friend and hubby were so nice.  They had freed themselves for a day to take us to Sha Tin, for HK’s popular pigeon and visit their racecourse!

Only 3 out of 5 of us tagged along coz the other 2 preferred shopping wor….  ;D

Yup!  We were driven there!

The car was parked on the opposite side of the road from our destination.

We were going to Lung Wah Hotel!

Huh?  Not a restaurant meh??

“This place is very  popular for their roast pigeon!”

Hey, the locals telling us that wor, must be good lah!

Drooling already!

Must cross the overhead bridge to get to the other side!

Ya wor, we going up to Lung Wah Hotel…

Need to go through another entrance.

Like the alley feeling.  ;D

Our HK couple said that this place has not changed its furniture and sitting arrangements since the 60s and that we can see this scene in many HK movies!

Waaaa!!!  Impressive!!!!

The plate of pigeons came with plastic gloves!


The star dish of the meal ~ roast pigeon!

See, this was how we ate our pigeons ~ with our hands after wearing the gloves lah!

Haha!  Stylo lei!

All of the above came with that plate of pigeon coz they all belonged to a set meal!


4 ladies and 1 gentleman sapu all wor…  “sai lee” (terror) or not??!



We ordered one stewed pigeon to taste the other cooking style of the pigeons.

Hmmm, it was yummy too lei!

I liked!!

We arrived just before lunch time.

By the time we finished, it was lunch time and the place was packed!

Rest assured that every table here had a plate of pigeon on it!


After lunch, we walked around the place and found this interesting display!

Even a playground.

And this funny mirror!


Can see me???

Sound travels faster??

Oh, yes!  I heard sound of mahjong tiles before I saw them!


Isskhhh… hands itchy lei!  How ah?


After we had explored the place, we moved on to the next place lor; to the racecourse!



We were being told that HK government does not allow slaughtering of birds in HK since SARS.  Hence, the pigeons we ate were frozen ones from China Mainland.

Personally, I had enjoyed feasting on the pigeons.  The meat was not tough and was cooked just right.  Not oily and well marinated.   ;D

This was the second pigeon meal we had; the first was in Stanley (when we were there for a day’s visit)!  The pigeons served there were bigger in size and the meat was not as tender as this place although they were tasty too!

Still more food post coming soon!

Continue to watch out!


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