Visit: Hong Kong’s Dim Sum

Whenever you visit Hong Kong, you must feast on their dim sum!  Don’t you ever think that they are the same as the ones found in Malaysia!  Don’t be fooled by the same term or name used for the varieties!  Same name are differently prepared one!  ;D


Now, let me share our dim sum adventure with you!  Sit tight and read on, yes!  ;D


Our stay at Shamrock Hotel came with buffet breakfast but 3 out of 5 of us chose not to take their breakfast and ventured on our own for food!


We noticed a few restaurants, near where we stayed, serve Dim sum!

So, off we went for our first adventure to…


Pleasant Palace, just upstairs of McDonalds at Parkes Street.


From outside, this restaurant looked posh lei.

Hopefully it’s not cut throat expensive hor?


Got crowd also… mostly young people…


Oh, in HK also we have to fill up forms like what we have to do in some restaurants in KL.


Just when dear cousin was busy ticking the dim sum list coz she’s the only one who knows how to read Chinese, dear Power lady was being mistreated by the waitress attending to us!

First the lady came and complained why dear Power lady sat on the chair near the walkway.

Next, she throw the chopsticks and plate on the table including dear Power lady’s  at the place she wanted her to sit!


Dear Power lady looked at me and I looked at her, then she said,

“Do we want to eat here with this type of service?”

I said, “No!” and we told dear cousin we were leaving!

Poor cousin, blur blur looked at us and got up anyway to walk away with us!  Haha!


We got out of the building, crossed the road …


… walked to the next building near the traffic light and press 3…

(haizzz…. why all their restaurants on 3F, which means the 4th storey one??)


Hoi Yeung Restaurant….


… given a number to wait for our table!


A couple who reached after us got a table so dear cousin asked the waitress in charge why was that so.

She said there were only 2 of them and they could share table with existing customers but there were three of us so no place yet.


However, noticing that we were really annoyed, she walked in and came out a few minutes later and said she found a table for us to share!


We must really looked angry lor!



Dear cousin automatically started her duty to tick the papers, as if sitting for an exams!  ;D


While we were busy deciding, the waitress taking our orders assisted us with some promotion deals!

Aiyah, why didn’t you bring this out earlier lah?

We made it in time coz we had 10mins before the promotion hours were over!



These two varieties of porridge were the special, the fried sesame balls was not!


You must taste HK “malai ko”!

Though it may look similar to Malaysia’s, the taste was so much different!

The aroma and soft texture made it so, so yummy!


This was the prawn vegy dim sum which was not found in our local dim sum shops!

Totally refreshing!



Another, not found in KL choice, the red dates pudding!

The texture a little sticky like our “nien ku” but it was actually pudding with dates flavour!




I insisted we order the steamed raddish coz the last time I had it in HK, I loved it!

Yup!  This was it!  And I still love it!

Only HK dim sum of raddish has mouthful of raddish in it!



Ya lor, one heavy breakfast we had that morning!

Though it started with a wrong footing, we had it right coz we had entered a restaurant filled with old people for their morning tea breakfast here!

It was nice to sit with the locals for good food!


We told our HK friend that we loved to have dim sum before we leave HK and she took us to this one!


Tim Ho Wan @ Sham Sui Po.


This place was packed with old and young!

We waited for awhile before we got our table for 7 !


The jug of Chinese tea was already on the table when we reached it.

Yeay, got pictures to chose from!  Haha!

Ah, don’t worry, our HK friend ordered everything for us!


Malai ko again, with har kaw (prawn) and choi kaw (veggie) and chee cheung fun!  All yummy yummy coz the skin were smoother and finer than what we have at home!


Everything ordered in 2 !

7 of us, remember?!

No half half!  Haha!


Extras of stuffed fish paste, steamed beef ball, steamed fish ball and chicken feet!


Then the loh mai kai came!

Huh?  Looked like lotus rice to me!  Haha!

See, you call the same name, in HK, it’s different one!

This one very tasty lor…

Love the sticky rice, well cooked and tasted just right!



“Chang pau”!

Gotta shared liao…

Really ate too much already!



Fried raddish, the popular siew mai, fried sesame balls and best of the whole lot; the “kwai far kee chi” (flower wolf berry) jelly!



Dear cousin actually learnt to make the flower jelly, recipe taught by her dear HK buddy!

Really tasted the same eaten in HK!

Hebat, dear cousin!  ;D


I must tell you about that gentlemen in grey shirt there!


Remember there were 7 of us?

We were sitting at a table for 8, so, he just joined our table!

Without asking, mind you!

And according to our HK friend, that’s a common practice in HK!


You should look at the Power lady’s face when he sat right in front of her!



As we were leaving, we walked out into a big crowd waiting for a place for their breakfast!


We were being told that Tim Ho Wan’s owner is a famous dim sum chef who had ventured into business after he left a famous restaurant.  He had chosen cheaper locations for his restaurants because he believes with cheaper rental, he could offer cheaper dim sum for all walks of life.


He would, however, not compromise with the quality!  So, whether you are eating here or at the higher end location, you will still eat dim sum prepared with the same ingredients!



There!  The dim sum adventures came to the end liao…..



Watch out for the next HK food post ah…. 

got some more good food in HK one!






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