Visit: Hong Kong’s Bo Lo Bun

One morning we had dim sum breakfast
, one morning we had bo lo bun and milk tea breakfast!  Great thinking, eh?

In HK, we must do what the Hongkies do one mah …

Let me now share our bo lo bun adventures with you.  Yah lor, food hunting must have adventures one!  ;D

This morning, we refused to have buffet breakfast in the hotel again!

We walked in the vicinity of Shamrock Hotel, towards the Parkes Street to find…


1) I saw many senior citizens everywhere in HK; having their walks or dim sum or taking strolls or sitting in parks.  Whether they are healthy and walking around or walking with a stick or even being wheeled around, they get into action in the crowd, among people.  It is a wonderful observation coz it shows that there are more caring young people and there are lesser depressed old people.

2) All civil workers, including many senior citizens, work in the wee hours of the morning or late nights.  No obstruction to traffic and the city was cleaned by the time we started our new day in the city.

A local bread shop whose owner was too busy to serve us!


we walked a little further to find a “cha chaan teng” for bo lo bun and milk tea!

Bo lo bun with a piece of butter in it!

Wow!  Nice!

Their bo lo bun texture was so much finer than our local bo lo bun!

The fragrance of butter from the bun and the melting butter added richness in the bun!


I must say I can find some of our local shops able to make HK milk tea just like HK’s!

So, no surprises lor..

We tried their “g par” (pork chop) bun too!

This, I must give praise!

The pork chop was perfectly prepared in taste as well as done just right!

Simply delicious!

Thumbs up!


After having our first bite into bo lo buns, dear cousin and I were thrilled to find another shop in Mong Kok Road;

so much so we told our HK friend to go shopping with our Power lady so that we could have tea time although we knew very well we were going for a dinner appointment in two hours’ time!


Yes, we saw big crowd in front of Hong Lin Restaurant!

People were queuing to buy whatever displayed here!

We were so excited with our discovery that we walked into the shop immediately!

Wah!  Crowded wor…

The waiter ushered us to sit in front of a couple who did not even looked at us when we sat down.

They just continued talking about their children’s education, blah blah blah!


We ordered one bo lo bun to share!

Freshly baked!

Soft and warm, even without butter, it was heavens!


French toast, HK style!

Yum yum!

Egg tart!

Hot from the oven!

Really, look the steam made the lens blur blur lei!


Yup!  One more round of their milk tea!

Who cares about not able to sleep after drinking tea in the evening?!

Not when in HK lah!


I could not help noticing this guy!

He kept on walking out a tray of freshly baked pastries every few minutes!

Can’t blame him coz the crowd outside was really huge!

So was the crowd inside!


Personal Note:

I must be honest to say that Hongkies do not have sweet tooth!  Their pastries, tarts and milk tea are not sweet.  Just right for me coz I do not have sweet tooth too!  ;D

Serious restaurant food coming soon!  

Will sure make you drooling one!  


Watch out for it!

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