Hutan Lipur Ampang (Bukit Belacan) ~ on 29 April 2012

I was being told about Bukit Belacan for a long, long time already.  Then I read in the news that someone almost got raped by a naked man there!  OMG! What kind of place is that??

Still, I was very curious about the place and was talking about the place with a few friends.  One of them emailed me some blog links about the place.  After reading them, I was keen to visit the place again.

On 29th April 2012, after a memorable day on the streets, dear cousins and I decided to go there for picnic!

We drove till the end of Jalan Ampang


… to find this right at the end of the road.

Hey, this place is closed!!!

No dates mentioned on the notices!

So, when was it closed and when is it expected to open lah?!


I believe that banner should be placed at the boom bar so that people cannot get into the place.

Since we noticed motorbikes shooting in and out of the place, we also started walking in lah!

Do not feed the monkey ah?

Better safeguard our picnic goodies lei!

Look out for monkeys, dear cousins!!

Hmmm… nothing here was positive lei… the monkeys from the jungles and diseases from the water!


Aiyorr, the arrows also all over the place!


Long way to walk in and within a short distance, …

… we already noticed an abandoned hut, 

dead branches on the roadside and

deserted river.

Dear cousin felt so uneasy walking further so she walked out to drive the car in!

The further we went in, the more uneven the road!

We turned back after this spot!

Nice playground left wasted here!


Teenagers riding bikes in and out of this place without helmets.

Some even went threesome on a bike!

As young as 12 years old, I think!


Looked like this place had been left unattended for a long, long time liao!


In fact, the moment we reached the boom bar just now, dear cousin already said she will not picnic here!


Wonder what those blocked ponds have… curious but dared not go near to check it out!

Only noticed this signboard at the entrance hut when we got out!

Again, no date!

“Sementara” (Temporary) for how long lah???

Saw a few cars parked at the carpark.

Maybe they also came to look look see see!

The arch still looked new but the place looked ancient!


As we drove away from the arch, we noticed there were signs of construction on the land across the river.

What are they developing lah when this place is now so run down??

I tell you, if this place is well maintained, it would be a lovely place to come for picnic, trek and photography!  Great environment to spend time with friends and family!  All greens, fresh air and a close to the nature place to play play!  I like; if it had been well maintained lah!


Since we could not set foot here, to place our food and enjoy nature, we simply adjourned to the next park for our picnic lor…..   ;D

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