Visit Hong Kong’s Stanley

After visiting the Mandarin Oriental Hotel that morning
, where our HK girlfriend came to meet us, we adjourned to the next destination….


No lah!  This, was not the destination!

This, I was surprised to find at the overhead bridge lah!

Finding this in HK wor….   ;(


Not far from that sleeping beauty, this young man was begging!

So young lei, how to sympathise lah?!



Those must be his possessions; and this bridge, his home??


Yup!  We were on our way to The Forum….


… to the Terminus Exchange Square to board the bus to Stanley!


We were first in queue, so we dashed up to the higher deck’s front seat the moment we boarded the bus!


Aiyah!  Apalah?!

Look at the window, blur blur one!

Why?  Forgot to clean the bus ah??



The view was fantastic but blur blur lor!  ;(


Waaa… I always see this building in HK movies one!

Great architectural design!  ;D


Our HK girlfriend pointed out that building to us!

“See, Malaysia Building!”


Ohhh…. Malaysia Building…..



I must tell you this;

if you are a “banana” like me

(looks Chinese but don’t know how to read Chinese),

you will have a little problem in HK one!



Because, what is pronounce in Cantonese is different from what is written in English one!


See “Aberdeen” on the signboard in the picture above?

In Cantonese, it is “Hong Kong Chye”!


Another example would be “Lantau Island“;

in Cantonese is “Tai Yue San”!


And, Stanley is “Chek Chu”!



So?  How?

You better learn the Cantonese name of the places when you are there so that you will not be lost; in case the person you are asking for directions does not know English!   ;D


Our dear HK girlfriend told us,

“We are going through the longest tunnel of the highest mountain in HK!”


Ya kah?


Split road;

left to Stanley, right to Ocean Park!


After turning left and not too far away, we can see beautiful houses on the hills!

Ohhh… cantiknya!


The bus started to drive on the winding coastal road!

Lovely scenery!



WOW!  Close call!

That was another double decked bus brushing beside our double decked!


Must give HK drivers a thumb up!



You see that building on the left with a hole in the middle?

That hole design was done for the purpose of feng shui!

Yup!  Most Hongkies believe in feng shui one!


Just when everyone was admiring the “hole” from near, as the bus was passing it on the left, I managed to capture this picture of a passing tourist bus on the right!

Terror!  Hehe…


This is the famous building, “The Lily“, which once belonged to the late tycoon Mrs. Nina Wang.


Turn right and turn right to Stanley!


Haha!  The world’s smallest roundabout!




Everyone, please get down!


Just follow the signboards to get to where you want to go!


We headed directly to the market!


Wah!  See the roots!  Awesome!


Everybody very hungry liao!

The first thing that caught our attention was the ice cream van so we had a feast of a cone each!

Yum, yum!



Purposely asked dear cousin to snap this for me!

My camera SD card memory FULL the moment we reached here!




Nice scenery!

Calm and peaceful, made more pleasant with the cool air.



Simple location map!


Coupled with lots of restrictions!



Actions began from here!



Aiyah, only dear cousin and dear HK friend having them lah!


We had some quick food here and we had requested the owner of the shop to take our picture.


After fussing with the chairs and umbrellas, he took this blur blur picture!



Apalah, why dear cousin never check one?!



We went hunting for real food almost immediately from the last eatery!


Toby Inn Chinese Restaurant!

We chose this restaurant, which was located at the end of the uphill road, because we found many locals eating there!


Must walk one flight of stairs to get to it!


Six hungry ladies ordered all of the above!

The most memorable dishes; HK kailan and the pigeons!



You MUST eat kailan when you are in HK!

Having eaten the authentic HK kailan, you will know that most Malaysian restaurants cheat us with their claimed HK kailan which is more expensive than the local vegetables!



This restaurant sells dim sum too, so we ordered some paus as dessert.

Probably we were already filled with good lunch, hence we did not enjoy the paus much!


Why take the trouble to take pictures of the above and upload them here?

Look at them carefully!

Our eyes almost popped out when we saw the selling prices and rental rates!



And we complained about our increasing property prices!



Since we were no great shoppers, we only spent about 2 hours shopped around!



Yes!  One picture for the album!


Look at dear HK friend!

She was busy goggling for info and directions so that we don’t end up getting lost while in her custody!



By the time we left Stanley, the sun was setting.

Beautiful shot, yah?


Just when I thought I would sit back and relax on the ride back to the city,

I noticed an almost hit the rock wall by the bus!

Aisay, I bet only the most experienced drivers can drive the route to and fro Stanley!



Dear HK friend pointed out where late Teresa Teng used to stay when she was in HK, which house is now opened to the public for a fee for charity.

We thought we would visit it when we leave Stanley but sad to say, we had forgotten about it until we passed it!

Aiyak!  ;(

Next time lor!



This was my second visit to Stanley.  I liked it the first time and I still loved it the second time!  Loved to just hang around the place in the cool weather.  To me, it is a good place to rest and relax, window shop for leisure and sit around over drinks and food for good chats!   ;D



Still lots of HK blog posts, coming soon….

You would not want to miss them coz I will be sharing HK food with you!!

Be patient and you will not be disappointed!

Trust me!




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