Visit: Hong Kong – Lantau’s Ngong Ping 360

After planning our HK itinerary so well in KL
, we reached HK to meddle it all up!  Haha!


Err… Lantau’s Ngong Ping 360 not in day one’s itinerary, right??


Yah, but who cares, as long as everyone is having fun!  Yeay!

We took the Tsuen Wan line to Lai King Station at Jordan Station near our hotel.

Traffic was not too bad coz we chose to start the day late!

Everyone one look at us also know we were tourist there lah!


Yes, the date was 1st April, 2012 and the time was 12.05pm.

Ohhh…next station: Lai King liao, must get ready to get off!

Lai King Station was where we got down to change train.

Via Tung Chung Line to our destination!

Not much crowd and everyone got a seat this time!  ;D

Instead of dark tunnels, we were passing nice sceneries on the way!


Tung Chung, the last stop!

After a nice ride, we reached a beautiful station!

There!  See the cable car picture?!

Thrilled liao…

But, cable car under maintenance wor…


So, all had to walk to the bus station lor…  ;((

Long, long queue!

Useful information displayed!

Time now: 13.11

Bus Leaving: 13.25

Next Bus: 13.40

Before reaching the Octopus machine, the staff at the counter already calling out to the tourists that those without the card will need small change coz there will be no change once on board bus!

She had small change wor…


Hey, gals, half-fare concession to Senior Citizens aged 65 or above! 

Who?  Who?  Anyone?  No??

Kekeke… we not that old lah!!

First in the queue and we all sat the front row!

3 + 2 seaters; ngam ngam hoe (just right)!

“Welcome to Tung Chung”


The road was winding and narrow!

See the blue signage?  

It read: Passing Place

simply means slow moving vehicles can stop at the curb allotted and allow lighter cars to overtake!

How thoughtful and considerate!  ;D


Very interesting landscape of mountains, sea, hills and jungles!


Also passing some small villages….

… and cows!  Hahaha!

Too bad, was not fast enough to snap that “cow” signage!  Haizzz…


Plenty of parks along the way!

Wow, must make another trip here to trek their mountains lei… looked so clean and tidy!

Initially, the bus followed the Tai O signages but once the Ngong Ping signage was sighted, we kept on that track lor!

While we were comfortably riding the bus, some people chose to walk!

Hats off!  Way to go!

The driver dropped us at the doorstep; driving past the bus station a few metres away!

First look and it was already so scenic!

Thought these were direction signages!

Hahaha, kena tipu (got cheated) liao!

Look again!

They were pointing at China, USA, UK and Africa lah!


One for the album, gals!

You know, I actually went up to the police officers, who (2 of them) were on duty, and asked them to take our pictures?

One of the officers smiled to me and said that they cannot do that.

Then I asked if they could be in the picture with us and he replied that too he cannot do!

Wah!  Really strict wor!

Still, they were very friendly and helpful… and handsome too!


The white signages were the real ones for the place!

No too far ahead, on our left side, we found shops and stalls!


Dear cousin told us that she had read many reviews  recommending tourists to try their famous mountain water “taufu far” (beancurb pudding)!

Oh, must try, must try!

We had tried two of the stalls and we found the first stall’s pudding nicer although the second shop had bigger crowd!

The Buddha looked so majestic with the flags, ya?


“No alcohol and meat”

Of course lah, temple mah!

There was a booth where we could make donations for The Ten-Thousand Buddha Palace!

Ahem!  One of the brick gonna have dear cousin’s and my name on it!

Big smiles!

Such a peaceful and holy place to be!

Love that white Kuan Yin!

While everyone was busy spying around, our gang noticed a monk striking the bell!

He was really in deep meditation while doing it!

Shhhhh…. quiet, quiet click the camera!

Our HK friends told us that we could try the Po Lin Monastery‘s vegetarian lunch when we were there!

We wanted ala carte lunch but was told that they only serve set meals and that we had to get our meal tickets first.

Hmmm… general or deluxe wor?

General lah!

Must buy for 5 pax coz the notice said so; 

meal ticket must be equal to people attending!

Wanna stingy a little also cannot!


This was on the table:

LESS evil deeds, 

MORE kindness,

Do more charity works.

can STORE some merits!

Great teachings!

We had 6 dishes and 1 soup variety and we finished them all!

Great food!

Totally different from what our Malaysian vegetarian restaurants serve!

There were no imitation of pork, chicken, duck or fish; 

just concoction of vegetables and beans products!



This tree was just outside the restaurant.

Full blossoms, quiet (except for birds singing) and clean environment!  

The cool weather made the day perfect!



Walked a little further and we found this section of golden Buddhas.

No strict rules or regulations to abide here as long as we respect it as a worship place!


Of course we could get some souvenirs from their gift stalls.

While some of us were interested, some of us were not but we did not mind!

Walking towards the Big Buddha!


Going up?


At the top liao!  Phew!

And around…

Dear cousin was busy, busy taking pictures!

So were the others near her!  Haha!

See!  We had walked up so high wor…

From here, we could see some construction in progress!

Haha!  Dear Power lady merajuk liao!

She was the only one who did not make the climb and was assigned to guard all our bags!

Ohhhh… you were such a darling!

Muah muah!

Before leaving, we stepped into the Ngong Ping Village‘s 7-11 to top up our Octopus card!

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