Visit: Hong Kong – Cheung Chau

We were advised to take Bus number 11, from Ngong Ping 360, to go to the ferry terminal!


3 of the ladies walked ahead of dear cousin and I on the way out from the Ngong Ping Village.  Within seconds we could not see them in front of us!  Err, we were both too busy with our cameras and did not notice where they turned!  ;(


Oh dear, where did everyone go???  Lost them liao!  Quick, dear cousin, you search there and I search here!  


After a while, I heard dear cousin calling my name!


Quick!  The bus is leaving!!!

Run, run, run!


Can really feel my fats bouncing inside lei!  Hahaha!

Pant, pant!

Aiyorr, I tell you ah, the public transports in HK are fantastic one!

Right on time and wait for no one!  Phew!


After another scenic ride down the hill, we finally reached the ferry terminal.

Yup!  Another hold the Octopus card n touch time!



Straight on and we reached the waiting area.


While everyone else was standing around waiting for the ferry, three of our dear Power ladies’ laughter, on a private joke, filled the space!



Eh, eh, what’s so funny lar??!


Guess everyone else was happy that the ferry arrived coz we were so noisy!



We went to the upper deck and out to the open aired section!

See the blue chairs way behind??  There lor!


While dear cousin used her DSLR to take pictures, our dear Power girlfriend used her iPhone 4 and was very happy with her pictures!

Aiyah, tak payah DSLR pun boleh travel one!



They were busy taking pictures of what’s in front and I was busy taking pictures of the behind!  Hehe..

Sunset behind the mountains mah!  See!




Wah, Cheung Chau really a fishing village!

Look at all the fishing boats!



Welcome to Cheung Chau!

Sun “habis” (finished) set liao when we touched ground there!   ;(

Once out of the pier, we found lots of accommodation signboards!


We took the left turn from the pier because dear HK friend told us that would be the food direction!  ;D


You know?

We actually planned to come here for some cycling exercises!


Look!  There were plenty of bicycles parked at the side of the road!

Haizzzz… can see no touch only!



We passed by many shops but most of them already packing up!

Erm, we reached there late mah…  ;(


The name of the street we were on!


Getting dark liao!

If not, we could be sitting on those benches, watching floating sampans in calm waters and enjoy the cool air.

Ahhhh…. best-nya!

Maybe next time lor….


We found all the restaurants packed!

Indecisive, we walked to the end and back to the first stall!


In our minds, we could pick fresh seafood from every restaurant but we realised, when we were there, that there were only a few stalls selling fresh seafood which we could buy and take over to the restaurants to cook.


The stall that sold us the seafood actually cleaned the seafood for us without extra charge.  They said the restaurants will not clean them for us one but will cook them only; for a service fee!


1, 2, 3, smile!


This picture was taken by the lady who took our orders!



We had asked her fellow worker if the restaurant sells seafood and he said yes.

“But they will not be as fresh as the ones you just bought lah!”




Because we were late, there were not many choices of seafood for sale.

We only managed to get some medium sized prawns, 5 big scallops and the last of the big bamboo shellfish!

All fresh!


It is important to get a good chef to cook them, hence, choosing the right restaurant may be vital!

We chose the one with the least crowd so we were not extremely satisfied with the cooking styles!


I hereby confirm that empty stomachs make bad decisions!



The ladies were so tickled by these tricycles!

Ya lah, ya lah, I will not be able to get into the back seat lah!

Apa lah!

Me lips pouting!  Humph!  ;(((


You would not believe it!

We actually left the island after dinner!




Because, dear cousin saw a long queue at the ferry terminal!

She went to kaypoh and found out that they were queuing for the fast ferry!

According to the source, the normal ferry would take 1 hour to reach Central from Cheung Chau but this fast ferry will take only half an hour!


“This ferry leaving at 9.30pm, will reach Central at 10.00pm.

The next ferry leaves at 10.00pm but will reach Central only at 11.00pm!

We spend another half an hour here to reach back one hour later wor…

We better not miss this one hor, yes??”

Everyone said “Yes!” coz everyone was getting tired!


Boarding the First Ferry VII !


This ferry was totally different from the one we took from Lantau Island.

This enclosed ferry was fully air conditioned with leather seats.

It was so comfortable that all of us dozed off on the way!



We reached the Central Piers, the same place where we took the ferry from Kowloon to Hong Kong’s Central on the night when we walked the Arena of Stars.


Like that night, this night we also walked to the IFC Mall to take the MTR back to Jordan Station.


It was a long day of up the mountain down to the sea!

Everyone was tired…

Me too lah!  Coz I had climbed up and down the Big Buddha and chased after the bus!




Personal Note:

If you are interested in killing two places in a day, like us, do start the day early (like 8am)!  We could not cover Cheung Chau’s cycling experience because we started our day around noon.  Not very wise indeed but you learn from our experiences lor!




That’s all for this post, folks!

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