Visit: Hong Kong – Leslie Cheung’s 9th Anniversary

It was only at the Avenue of Stars that we realised our visit to HK coincided with late Leslie Cheung 9th Anniversary of his passing.


Yes, in front of the bouquets was a big poster of late Leslie;


“I am what I am”


As we strolled down, there was another poster…


… and another…


… and another and more….


Dear HK Malaysian friend pointed at the Mandarin Oriental to us on the night at Avenue of Stars and we made it there in person soon after!


From far we saw lots of flowers lining up at the side of the hotel.


Many people already crowding the place.


Fragrance of flowers in the air…


Dear cousin could not smile for the camera… she was too sad…   ;(


She ended up taking pictures of her dearest idol who’d gone forever..




I, too, was taking pictures of the flowers and posters and my camera kept showing “blink detected”!

OMG!  Did Leslie blink at me??

Did he??

I wonder…..


She even talked to some fans standing around.


Young and middle aged were present to pay respect.


He may be gone but he is definitely not forgotten,

by his…


…fans from USA,


fans from Japan,


fans from Singapore,


fans from China,


fans from Korea,


and of course fans from HK…


Of all the posters and cards displayed, this is my favourite piece!



These were the most unique displays there!


Believe it or not, even the telephone booth got decorated with flowers!



After spending about half an hour at the walkway of Mandarin Oriental, we left the place with heavy hearts.



Bye, Gor Gor (how he was fondly addressed when he was alive)!  Dear cousin and I will be back for your 10th Anniversary do!  We have learnt from your fans about the Red Mission, and we love to be part of it…





We shall continue fun time in HK next post!

Going up the mountains and down into the water!


Look out for it!

Coming soon…




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