Visit: Hong Kong – Avenue of Stars; by foot, ferry n MTR

We did not waste the night upon our arrival in HK.  After an hour nap, when we finally got accessed into our rooms, we were all set for dinner!  Dear cousin’s HK girlfriend and hubby gave us all an expensive treat to a Beijing restaurant and OMG the dishes kept coming onto the table!  Hahaha!  Aiyah… will write that post when I finish the fun places lar… be patience ahhh…


After dinner, they took us for a stroll down to the Avenue of Stars


We passed by Park Lane Shopper’s Boulevard,  at Nathan Road


…their exhibition hall…


…and their mosque!  Hmmm, interesting…

Cross the road!  Quick!


After crossing the road, we continued to walk, walk walk..


.. till we reach the escalator to Tsim Sha Tsui East Waterfront Garden signboard..


Stepped on the escalator and we reached the overhead bridge to cross over.

Spectacular night views of colourful buildings, except the mist was thick that night.


Yup!  That was where we were heading!


Once we got to the other side, we turned right.

Err.. don’t know where left will bring us to lar.



First shop that greeted us; Starbucks Coffee!

If our stomachs were not so filled and full, we could have taken a seat and enjoyed the night – stationary there!


But we walked on and reached the Avenue of Stars!

Ahhh… better choice, right?


Glitters of the Stars began here…


A few kiosk of Stars’ souvenir sighted along the Avenue.

Erm, we did not visit any of them.  Hmmm, why ah??


Ohh.. because we got excited with Lau Ching Wan’s and Jacky Cheung’s palm print or Hands Imprint Floor Plaque on the floor!

See! See!



Then we found Super Trio’s Eric Tsang’s statue!  Haha!

Oophs!  Betul ke??

Never mind lor, take picture first!

Yo!  Index finger to the sky!



Visitors here all posed with the movie making statues!

Snap snap!


Must stop and read their introduction about HK movies!

All about their history which have changed the industry!


Eh!  Bruce Lee!  Bruce Lee!

Take picture!  Take picture!

No lar… no ‘ah charrr’ like him lah coz I am gentle lady mah!


^ 5 !


There were many plaques on the floor but we were searching only for stars that we love (or loved)!

We were happy to find Anita Mui’s plaque but was sad when dear HK friend told us that her hand imprints could never be on it!



Not too far ahead, we saw bouquet of flowers on a plaque and we guessed it right; it was Leslie Cheung’s.

The late star was dear cousin and my favourite HK superstar!

We cried so much when he died 9 years ago!

That night, when we were there, we felt sad thinking about him…



But we still moved on!  Must lah!

And we found more movie making statues to take pictures with!


Then we had a big meeting about what’s next for the night!

That decision, you gotta wait and see lar!  Hehe..


Okay, everyone just walk on first!


Really loved the buildings and lights!

Love the night views here… and the cool breeze… and the peaceful city of HK.


We were heading to the Star Ferry n Bus Terminus ke?


Other than the night scenery, there was also Mr Lonely or Love Birds scenery!



But nothing can be hotter than the Statue of HK Film Awards!



Somewhere along the promenade, there was a small stage and facing this statue there was a big screen with on going clips of awards and stars!

Fascinating!  We could stand there for hours to watch it!


We were leaving the Avenue of Stars when we saw this clock.

This clock had “acted” in many HK series and movies!



We reached the Star Ferry Terminal!


After so much planning, we had not got our Octopus travel card yet to enter the terminal!  Haha!

Dear HK Malaysian friend used her card to get 5 of us through the bar!



The worker there even taught our dear friend to touch her card at alternate point so that there will be no waiting time for her card to reset!

Errr, this action not legal one lah in HK!


While waiting for the ferry, some of the gals took the chance to rest on their laurels!




What a lovely ferry!

Clean and bright!

(Sounds like a song from the Sound of Music movie!  Hehe..)



Beautiful, simply beautiful!

I was running from right to left and left to right of the ferry to capture the mesmerism scenery at both sides of the harbour!

No regrets!


After a short and memorable ride, we were back to walking!


Turn right to Central MTR!


Wah!  Looks like a long walk, man!


“See on your left!  Can you see Mandarin Oriental?

That’s the hotel Leslie Cheung jumped down!”

Ohhhh… must snap picture!



Finally, we reached the IFC Mall into the MTR station.

Big building wor…


Going down to the MTR station.


Okay, we better get our Octopus card this round!

Asked this guy tons of questions before deciding which card to get.


So many choices mah!

And we took the colourful one which we could continue to top up and use for all the public transports and get refund at the end of our trip after having HK9 deducted as handling fee!


Must learn about the lines!

Get a map or brochure lor!


See, we decently touch and go already, with style!



Plenty of signage to guide and convenient stores too… smiles…


Walk, walk, walk… enjoy the space mah…



Will not get lost one!

See, got horizontal escalator some more… no need to walk also can!



First night in HK and we were still walking around after midnight!



One of us very experienced with MTR so we got free lessons with a half dead mind!




We were not the only midnight walk around people lei,

there were many with us in the train!

Real people lah!


See the green arrow?

We were reaching Jordan station!  Yeay!

If we missed this, we will continue to travel to all the pink dots lor!


Ohhh… these were so interesting to me!

Like “jamban” (toilet) only!  Haha!

But they are seats lah, at the station!


Still gotta go on escalator up, find the exit point before we can leave this station!


Eh… still going up ah??

Tired already lah!  How much further??


Shamrock Hotel!  See!

Ohhhhh… reaching soon….


Yey!  Sampai (Reached)!

Fast hor… 10 minutes ago we were still at Central!

Okay, gotta go sleep liao…

No energy to tell you more.

Wait for next post lah!

Coming soon…. and it will be an unforgettable one!

Watch out for it!




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