Visit: Hong Kong – From the plane to the stay!


This trip to Hong Kong was kind of well planned coz five of us, the Power Ladies, had dated together to brain storm about where we want to go over a pot luck dinner!  Hahaha!  Oh, seriousnya!  Of course we ended eating more than discussing lah!

We were so proud when we managed to book Air Asia‘s 7.10am with ETA at 11.05am!

“We don’t waste time!  With that arrival time, we still have big half of the day in HK!”  All smiling wide wide!   ;D  …. until we discussed about what time to meet at LCCT!  

“Ohhh… 7.10 am flight ah, must reach LCCT 2 hours before wor; that would be 5.10am.  One hour travelling to the airport means our transport must be in front of the house by 4am.   Aiyorrr, that means must wake up by 3am!  What time should we sleep wor??!”  Wahahaha!  Not so smart after all lei!   

Honestly ah, I slept at 1am and woke up at 2.30am that fruitful morning!  Errr, did I really sleep ah, I wonder… hmmm..    ;(

The next plan that morning was we shall sleep on the plane!  A few hours sleep better than none mah!  Hehe.

The flight was on time!


After dozing on and off, my tummy finally protested for food!

I checked the time and there was another hour to the ETA.

Let’s order something to eat ah?

We got teh tarik and pizza!

Yum Yum.. 

and then the captain announced we were half an hour early 

and expected to land soon!

Aisay, apalah?!     ;(

We gulped down the tea just in time to get down!

If I knew, I would not spend RM14 for that bite and drink!

Thank goodness dear cousin and I shared them!


Enjoy Quality Shopping and Dining!

Yo!  That’s what we were there for!

Erm, dining lah!


Wah!  Interesting signboard lei!

Toilet locations!


Very important one!

Glad to find this!

You know lah, Chinese (from China or HK) loves to smoke one!

As we strolled on, we were so happy to find no crowd in front of us!

Lucky us, hor!   ;D

Aiyah, no need to worry, airport tax included in our fare already!

I must tell you this:

Air Asia ah, ran out of immigration cards and had us getting our own at the airport!

Why?  They did not know how many passengers getting on board meh?!

Humph!   ;((

It did not take us long to find where everyone had gone to!


Queuing at the immigration lor!

Next queue: baggage claims!

“This is not Yours!

Aiyorr, such rude tags!  Hahaha!

Walking out to Arrival Hall A ….

…. to our first meal in HK!  Yippy!

You see, we had to wait for one more lady from Beijing 

and might as well munch some food first mah!

What else to have other than the famous “tang chai chok” (sampan porridge)

and their soya bean drink!

After food, dear cousin was busy connecting people; her HK connections!

“Hello, yah, yah, arrived already!  Blah..blah..blah… see you tonight!”

Wah, like that also can make dates one wor!


Then we walked around to find more information.

Why?  Because different people give different advices lah!

After checking it out, we decided to…

… take the cab!

Right!  This cab gonna take 5 people and 6 bags!

Look at how the cab driver tied his booth to protect our bags!

He good lah!  Applaud, applaud!

Okay, one sit in one sit out!

4 ladies at the back and one beside the driver!

The front one, please have your safety belt on!

Err, those at the back, just stick bum to bum!


Oh yes, in HK, their taxis really can take 5 passengers one!

There are also 4 passengers taxis.

Ask lah, to confirm or look at the green sticker on the cab!

Getting out of the airport liao…

… and welcomed by tall buildings…

… crossing the famous Tsing Ma Bridge!

More tall buildings as we entered Kowloon.

Everywhere we saw constructions or repair works!

Then we started seeing more and more people!

The closer we got into town, the closer the buildings and the narrower the roads!

Still, new buildings are erecting in the city!

The taxi stopped at the taxi stand and dear cousin had to run to the hotel to get the porter over!

Oh, I must also tell you about the taxi driver!

He ah, had nothing positive to say about HK!

Told us that there was nothing to see or enjoy in HK 

and that what we wanted to see can be seen in 2 days!


Being the first person tourists (like us) will meet when stepping foot on HK 

and he throw cold water on HK as a choice of travel destination!

How lah??  Haizzz….

See the porter struggling to stack 6 bags on the trolley?

Don’t play play, most of them were big bags!


Hmmm, got MTR station.

Jordan Station!

Very convenient wor.

Eh, MTR almost next to the hotel, Shamrock!

We were at Nathan Road of the Jordan section!

Yes, room for 3!  5 of us mah, so the other 2 share one room lor!

We did not get the rooms immediately when we checked in because they were not ready!

We had to walk around and food hunt before we got into our room to rest before dinner time!

Hohoho, you bet I will be sharing lots about food with you but you gotta to wait first lah!  I will do that as the last of the HK posts!  Must go play play first mah!  Yee har!

Look out for the next post!

Pasti (Sure) exciting one!  

Coming soon….

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