Trekking Bukit Tabur!

A new friend from the Mad group; oh yes, I have joined a Mad group recently!  Hahaha!!  Let me tell you all about this group first!  You would not believe what the members do!  We are a group of mad people, from all walks of life and profession, writing nonsense in the Facebook’s secret group!  Aiyorr, secret group wor… shhhhh….

Anyway, to cut the story short, one of the members invited dear cousin and I to trek Bukit Tabur which was postponed over and over again until another member triggered the trekking date which we believed must make it happen this time!

Use the MRR2 towards the Zoo Negara directions!

Keep left and turn right!

Go straight!

Continue going straight!

Drive straight until you reach a roundabout (Bulatan Hill Side),

then turn left lah!

Err, sorry folks, you happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time!

Snap!  Hehe…

Continue until you reach another roundabout (Bulatan Bukit Mas)!

Turn 3 o’clock or right to continue…

Then follow the left then right then right then right…

Aiyorrr… you better use your GPS or Google map lor!

You are on the right track if you pass by our ex-Minister’s house or should I say palace ah???  Really a massive place, man!

See this and you are there!

The yellow signboard reads “Permanent Forest Reserve”!

The end of the road where you should find parking!

Ahhh… the Mad group member who led us there!

She took her husband’s DLSR with macro lens and was holding the camera all wrong coz her finger was pressing on the wrong button!


Ooophs!  Sorry ah, for laughing so loud!

The starting point not far from the yellow signboard!

Say “Cheers” for the camera!

Level 1 began with big steps!

Beware of loose stones!

Don’t trust the big stones too coz they could be loose under your feet!


Wah!  Got PAS flag wor…

Look out for the roots too!

Not very friendly path…

..but got lovely scenery!

Told you got lots of loose stones!  See??!

And told you got nice scenery!  See??!

Okay!  Reached Level 2 liao…

 Dear cousin took this picture of the reservoir.. simply beautiful….   ;D

Climbing up!

Look at the big slab of stone; steep, narrow and heart beating fast lor!

Hang on, dear cousin!  Grab the tree or the stone!  Grab anything!!

This stretch not too bad lah!

Just walking up!

Another tree holding path!

Know?  This place got beautiful plants lei!

Love these mosses!   ;D

See the orange mosses?  Beautiful, right?

Err…not that big blue model lah!

Or the small model with the camera!


We reached Level 3!


Love the trees here!

Overseeing the reservoir!  Nice…

Our Mad member bought nasi lemak for all!

I say, I had never had meals in the middle of a trek (except Mount Kinabalu) until this trek!

Yummy!  Yummy!

Err, the chicken wing was a little difficult to eat!

Had to put the whole wing into the mouth to spit out the bones!


Sounded like a beast dei!

We had to decide to turn back from Level 3 or move on..

…and we decided to move ahead!

A little jungle walk here!

“Footprints n Memories”



The climb began, again!

And we reached Level 4!

Climb, climb, climb!

Hey, what is this?

“Hornets, be careful!  Use the new track!”

Ooohhhh… careful everyone!!

Be obedient and walk around the forbidden trail.

See the big hive?  Don’t play play!

Better be safe than sorry!


Another easy walk…

..until another steep climb!

View of the township on a higher level!


Dear cousin was getting fatigue!

Jia yu!  Jia yu!

Level 5!  Level 5!

Girls, one for the album!

Dear cousin asked if we should continue…

and I said,

“Haizzz, dear cousin, since we are here, we carry on to the max lah!”

Now you see it, now you climb it!


Guess dear cousin regretted in tagging along!

The trek got tougher.

See, it became free hand rock climbing…

…narrow path too….

What goes up must come down one!

Yah, yah, we had to hold on to the trees to get down!

This was the coolest spot of all!

Both of the girls were sitting a big piece of rock landing between the valley!

Climb to this spot and make it your personal space..


Time to move on.

Watch your steps while trekking here coz one wrong step can send you sliding or rolling all the way down!

The roots section!

The steepest of all climbs for the day!

I was almost on my fours!

Right hand find a good grip ah, left hand find another good grip,

left foot step on firm landing, lift right foot and repeat!

Errr….don’t look down!

Look out okay lah coz scenery very beautiful here!

Love the landscape despite the difficult climb!

Aiyah, not used to climbing hills mah coz we always walk hills only lei!


At this spot, I managed to capture the best of the two scenery!

Not bad, hor??

Another narrow walkway!

Just be careful lor!

Level 7!

We made it to Level 7, so did some PAS followers!

The most spectacular view of the township, I believe, is at this level!

Wow!  Wow!

The Mad members insisted that we must make this climb to mark arriving this level!

OMG!  And I did it!  Phew!

After I got up, dear cousin followed suit!

The only guarantee of safety to get to the spot was the tree!

To me, without the tree, there is no way one can climb up to the spot!

After getting to the spot, dear cousin action only,

took a brave walk to snap a picture of her achievement!

Bravo!   ;D

If you think going up is tough, going down is tougher here!

Have to watch the gravity point!

Cannot remain standing and walk down one!

Must sit down to get down one!

Hold on to the trees and the rocks or whatever lah…

It drizzled when we were on our way here.

The weather was wonderful during our climb up but the sun decided to shine over our heads on our way down!

Yup!  My towel came in handy lei!


We did it!

7 levels on our first climb here!

4 hours climb in and out!

Took a little longer coz we had stopped for breaks and photography lah!

Wink* Wink*


Our Mad member said that beyond Level 7 would require more arm strength

coz we need to slip down ropes and all!

Very scary one!

I believe!  I believe!


Thanks, Mad friends, if not for you girls,

dear cousin and I would not be trekking

or should I say, climbing Bukit Tabur!


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