BURP! the Asian Food Gallery @ BSC

That day was not an ordinary day coz that day there were many errands to run!  By the time dear cousin and I reached Bangsar, it was already lunch time!  Hmmm.. where should we go for lunch lah??

“Let’s go to Bangsar Shopping Centre!”

Since dear cousin was so enthusiastic about the place, we went lor!  While driving into the parking, I had noticed banners about “Have you burped today?”  Hahaha!  No lah!  Now very hungry lah!

We were indecisive about where to go for lunch, so many choices mah… then dear cousin said, “Let’s go to their food court!”  Huh?  This place got food court meh??  Hah?  That “burp” place is a food court ah??

Looking at this sign, it seems so easy to get to the place but if you are at the old wing, the best way to get there is follow the direction stands!

Turn right, go up, turn left, go straight, turn left….. ishhhh!!

Finally, we found the place, BURP! the Asian Food Gallery!

We saw the Subway, its neighbour, first before this.

Must collect a BURP passport to go in?


The girl just passed me the card and continued chatting with her colleagues.

Err, excuse me, what am I suppose to do with this card (passport) ah?

“Oh, sorry, (smile) you use the card to pay for your food and beverage and must produce this card before you leave this place.”

Hah?  Orh!  Okay!  Thanks!

iPad Menu greeted us before we enter the premise!

This place really looked “in” lei!

To be honest, we saw this on our way out only!  Hahaha!

Was too hungry and just went straight to where real food can be found, when we walked in earlier!

The tables and chairs not very “in”, I say!

But they got TV here and there!

I am not too particular about the lay out as long as the food they serve are good!

Hmmm… let’s scout around!

Look at what others having at their table while checking out the stalls!

We found a place by the window and this was what we saw when we looked out!

Looked just like a food court!

Before that, we had walked around the place and found more local than Asian varieties.

True indeed, no one asked for money here, only the “card”!


Keep the slips and present them together with the passport when you leave the place.

After walking the place twice, we finally stood over the Malay counter and ordered their breakfast leftovers!  Hahaha!

Yup! We had the fried kueh teow, the curry puff and goreng pisang together with the roti jala with curry chicken!  

All for RM9.00!

As for the teh tarik, only the Nasi Kandar counter sells it, as directed by the Refreshment counter’s staff.  

RM1.50 per mug.

I say, this is truly a food court!   ;D

As usual, I must look and read everything within my reach and I saw:

“Never be ‘Board” again” ~ 15 games ~ 3pm to 10pm

“Mobile Charger Station”

“Free Wifi”

Cool!  Let’s treasure hunt the Wifi password!  Find?  No?  Aiyah!

Since we were there only for lunch, we did not harp on the freebies available.

Then, I itchy finger turned the card over and saw:

“…lost…penalty charge of RM50 will be levied….”

Better don’t lose sight of it!  If not, may end up paying extra RM50 to leave this place lei!  Careful!

As we were leaving, we saw the Mobile Charger Station!

Look look see see also I cannot find one for my Samsung lei…

maybe I had to ask for assistance hor?

We also found the board games cupboard!

Really wor, got many games available!

Eh, they also have a newspapers stand!

Err, still got people read newspapers one meh?

Thought everyone reads from the internet nowadays.   ;D

Inside no need pay but when reach this point, must pay lah!

Pass the card and the slips over and a computerised bill will be produced.

Pay and you can leave!


We asked the girl about the Wifi password and she said no password was needed.  Just login the BURP network!

Haizzz… next time lah!

Thanks ah…

Personal Review of the Place:

I find this place interesting because of its concept and facilities.  Would not know if it would be an “in” thing later and that more food outlets offering what they are offering; the games and the mobile chargers.  If yes, then this place will no longer hold a selling point to its customers.

With regards to the passport, I would say it could be a little cumbersome if the crowd is big.  How can they make everyone queue at the cashier; those paying and none paying.  For example, only I had used the card while dear cousin’s card was untouched.  Maybe they need two lanes; the paying lane and the non paying lane to solve the problem, if ever it arises.  

Aiyorr, sound like a system consultant or adviser liao!  Haha!

Personal Review of the Food:

We had simple food and all from one stall so I must say we cannot comment much.  I enjoyed my fried kuey teow and dear cousin said the roti jala set was okay.  She did not like the curry puff because it was sweet instead of savoury.  Me?  Hungry mah, nice lor!  Hehe…

The teh tarik was still sweet even though I ordered kurang manis (less sweet).  I had to take the mug to the stall, teach the staff to pour out a little before adding just tea into the mug.  After all the fuss, the tea was good!

Will I go again?

Maybe, but will not travel all the way just to be there lor!   ;D

How about you?  Have you been there?  Any experiences to share??   

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