Ketumbar Hills: Beauty Within (4), after the Fire

When Sifu, a fellow GFrenz, asked me about our date to trek Ketumbar Hill, I was so excited!  Hey, it is not everyday you get invited to trek by someone above 70 years old!  Hahaha!

The much anticipated day arrived soon which dear cousin and I had happily set out to fetch the lovely couple to climb the hill!  Yippy!

Let’s go!  Let’s go!

Just as we reached one third of our trek, we noticed that a fire broke out here recently!

Shame to say I was not here for a month or so and was not aware about the fire.

“Sad!  Look at the burnt trees and ground!”     😦

“Don’t worry, they will grow back soon.”

That was what Sifu said when I was whining about the forest’s condition. 

I say, only the wise ones would say that!  Cool!     ;D


When we reached the View Station, the couple took a much needed break to enjoy the Cheras scenery.

I took this picture because I love the contrast and it is my favourite picture of this trip!

We completed a full circle of the trek in 2 hours ~ chatting, breaking, taking pictures of each other and of the nature.

It was a wonderful trek which we adjourned for breakfast together after that.

Proud of you, Sifu and Simu, an exemplary individuals of good sport and great sports people!  Hahaha!

We shall do it again???

After that day, dear cousin and I went there to trek again…  No, Sifu and Simu did not join coz they were busy with their grandson’s activities.  No worries, there is always next time!

Our trip there had us rediscovered the hills and the beauties within!

The ray of sun was spectacular!

Saw it just before we started our trek!

How can we not take a picture lah?

View Top looked so different without the greens but I love the tone!

Very artistic….


Sifu was right, the place looked much better than the last time!

See the green patch??


Grass started to grow too!  Nice!

The path getting green too!  Happy!!   ;D


Some greens started from the top!

Lovely too…


Hard core plants just grew new shoots.

No fire can kill them!


This severe section needs more time to recover but I am sure it will not be too long.  Err, got dear cousin to pose for the picture to add some colours.  Haha!


Looking up, the dead brown leaves and the living green leaves contrast beautifully against the blue sky and white clouds!

My favourite picture for the day!

While this part of the jungle was damaged and recovering, the rest of the Ketumbar Hill still lives on…

Dear cousin and I still capture pictures of amazing insects here!

Of course I am proud to say my photography techniques have improved tremendously!  So proud!!   😀

Colourful bugs still make this place their homes!


My favourite spider still hangs around!

Ahhh… discovery of new members in the neighbourhood…


During this trek, I have learnt to use my camera more efficiently and effectively.

I never knew I could zoom in the object and it could still be so clear!

All these while, I was doing close up photography only!  



This trek too, I have witnessed how a leech can dangle from a tree and drop from the top!

I tell you!  This guy almost dropped on me!

Thank goodness, I saw it hanging by the thread about two feet away from me and stopped there and then!  Phew!

It descended straight onto the ground before my eyes and dear cousin quickly went snap snap snap!  Ahahaha!!


Beautiful mushrooms still a common sight here.

Love this fiery orange!

Another beauty…


…and another…


… and another!

Marvelous varieties which I always look forward in finding!


Look what we found!

Mini “rambutans” on a leaf!



See!  Really like a rambutan one!

New life still found in every corner of the jungle.


I just wanted to snap this shot.

Love the curve and the colour!

Another favourite picture of mine!


While new lives emerges in the jungle, there is also death and cycle of life in the natural way!

The worm was obviously dead but was being carried away by the black ants!

Very interesting, uh?


Seems like black ants like dead bodies.

Found them crowding this lifeless beetle too!


You know?  I never got tired of Ketumbar Hill.  Every time I go there I will see, feel and learn new things; some open my eyes, some open my mind and some even open my heart!  ;D

If you are a trekker there, you may want to occasionally look out for the beauties within!  Slow down a little and enjoy what nature is offering.  Get real life experiences with nature and learn to appreciate it and teach the next generation to love it too!  

Take pictures and leave only foot prints there!




Will continue one more post on Cameron Highlands.. coming soon… 


If you enjoy pictures of the nature and beauties within, join me at the Lion Girl Facebook as I update my discoveries there regularly.  See you there!   ;D

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