Cameron Highlands’ Kampung Orang Asli Sg Ruil


After a full day’s activities which ended with a 
marketing spree at the Brinchang Night Market, we slept late the next morning.  We had simple breakfast before we packed up to check out from the apartment.

“Want to visit a Orang Asli village?”

Yes, yes, yes!!!

From the Desa Anthurium apartment, we drove towards Brinchang but turned left when we saw the Villa Dahlia signboard.

Immediately turn right at Jln Sg Ruil.

One straight road into the village!

Dah sampai!


The entrance into the village.

Rather miserable looking banner hor?    ;(

Hmmm… got a lodge wor…

A multi purpose hall.

Pretty looking houses and plenty of cars.

Quite a big village, I say?

Got school also!

The moment brudder TFL got down from his car, he called out to passing kids

“Mari, mari, datang ambil barang!”

(Come, come, come get the goodies!)

Hah?  Like that also can ah???

Within a few minutes, a crowd was formed.

Those kids who came went off to bring another batch over!

Hey, they have a sundry shop also lei!

Neh, that blue wall building… see?

Dear cousin so fierce wor!  Hahaha!

She noticed some kids rejoined the queue after taking their share and she told them it was not right to do so!

True lah, kids should be taught not to cheat or be greedy.   ;D

Most of the kids just took the goodies and left but this girl said, “Thank you”; a matter of manners and sign of appreciation.

Brudder TFL told the kids if they can sing or dance, they could get extra goodies.

The kid in orange T-shirt tried to push the kid he hugged to sing but ended up singing the whole song alone but TFL still give both of them extra goodies.

Personal feelings about this experience:

This Orang Asli village looks pretty equipped and complete.  Nothing spectacular about it unless, I think, if we have the chance to visit their homes.  Though it felt good to give away goodies, I should say kids should not be encouraged to accept things from strangers.

The last time I visited an Orang Asli village, I was advised to bring gifts along coz they will be expecting us to and it is only good manners to do so.  

I must say it did not occur to me that this village is the village that had experienced a landslide recently.  If I knew we were going there, I believe we will not buy snacks for children only.  Having said that, it was brudder TFL who had taken the trouble to buy the snacks for this outing.  Thanks, brudder!    ;D

Personally, I respect Orang Asli who work for what they deserve; be it handicrafts or cultural performances and I love to visit them in their natural habitat.  

Please do not think that I do not wish them to advance into the borderless world but I just love it if I could visit their world to learn about their culture and tradition coz I am into real life adventurer!   ;D

Look out for my next post!  Yes, as usual lah, coming soon…  Hmmm… should I continue another post about Cameron Highlands ah….. err, any show of hands??     ;D

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