MATTA Fair 2012

Dear cousin and I were indecisive whether to make a trip to PWTC for the MATTA Fair or not this year because we did not want to pay RM3 for the entrance fee!   Hahaha!  So stingy wor…

As the day grew warmer and the sun shining on our shoulders, coz it was blue skies (and everything nice) on a Saturday morning, we got ready to “sapu” (take all) brochures of the Fair! 

With a backpack and a bottle of water in hand, we stepped out of the house, ready to fight a sardine packed bumper to bumper jam (from past experiences), again!!!  Yee-har!!

Oh, yes, we decided to take the LRT to PWTC!

The last time I used the LRT service, I got a card to swipe.  This time, they gave me a plastic coin instead!  Gee, really felt like a village bumpkin to the city lei!   ;D


Hmmm, sure ke that the officers there will enforce this “Denda” rulings?!

RM500 may deter some but not all, if there’s no full enforcement to see that they are obeyed!

I did not bring my camera for this adventure coz I did not feel it was necessary but the blogging blood in me just could not resist taking interesting pictures with my handphone!   Hahaha!

After standing for a while, we finally got our seats and I noticed the girl sitting in front of us looked familiar.

I whispered to dear cousin, “Hey, I think that is Sharon, the blogger of Elephants and Mangoes.”

Snap!  Snap!

Dear cousin whispered back, “I think she knows you took her picture.  She looked up just now.  Be careful.”


Sharon, if this is really you, I caught you in action lei!

But if not, sorry ah, whoever you are that your picture is in my blog post!

When we got out of the train, we were checking if that lady in blue followed us!

So guilty conscious and worried she would walk up and demand her picture be deleted!!    ;D

I stood in front of this thingy to take its picture and stood there to be taught how to use it!

I tried to “touch” to exit but was advised by fellow passenger behind my queue to drop the coin into the slot!

Aiyorr… so embarrassed!

**Blush, blush**

Everyone seemed to be going the same direction!

There were people distributing brochures from the station itself and by the time we reached the staircase down, the brochures were already on the ground!

Aiyah, if don’t want, don’t take lah!

If take then don’t want, throw them in the dustbin lor!


So shameful to be among the uncivil minded people!


No joke!

Look at the crowd!

While we just arrived, some people were already leaving!


Hahaha!  That Mr Thumb-Up really posing lei!

Of course lah, making lots of money from the entrance fees mah!

Pretty organised with the In and Out divider!

Ya lor!  RM3 per adult and Child Under 12??

Free lah!

Handphone cannot capture the whole signboard!


Prisoner of the Fair!

Don’t play play, no band no entrance!

Everyone got a red recycle bag to throw in the brochures, leaflets n what not!

Suddenly, everyone was uniformed with the bag!

Every corner also “people mountain people sea”!

Huge crowd!!!

The tired ones found space to rest their butts!

Who cares who is looking, right??!

Though we were in the Hall 2 for a few hours, until I was yawning and on strike for food, we finally reached the Tourism Malaysia Hall!

Also, jam packed!

Where did the people come from lah???!

Believe it or not, we left the place almost 9pm!

Still got LRT service hor??

Hey, we were not the only ones who shopped till the Fair closed!


Though it was tiring, it was really fruitful coz we managed to get so much information about the destinations we are interested in!

We had bought one good deal (hope it is!) and entered the lucky draw contest!  Keeping our fingers crossed to win the grand prize!  ;D

Guess MATTA Fair is still fun after all!


Will resume my Cameron Highlands post(s) next… coming soon…



Have a Happy Day! ;D

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