Cameron Highlands: Brinchang Night Market 2012

After the Lord’s Cafe, we split our group to go separate ways!  Huh?  

“Those people who want to go back to the apartment to rest, please follow brudder TFL’s car and those people who want to go to the night market, please follow my car!”  

All the ladies ended up together in one car!  Hahaha!

The Brinchang Night Market is located near the Star Regency Hotel.

(I did not manage to take a picture of this place, the last time, because the sky was too dark!)

This trip we found a few new stalls that I would recommend for you to visit when you are there, if they are still there!

This stall was selling fresh baby corns!

The seller was very friendly and accommodating.

Price, not negotiable one but baby corns, can give extra!


We found the local corn!


4 for RM10 = standard price in every stall.


We learnt from corn sellers that we should not keep the corns for too long.

Corns will lose their sweetness as the day passes.


Check the skin layers when buying; the fresher the leaves the sweeter the corns one.

Some sellers would remove the first layer of leaves so that the leaves still look fresh while the corn ages.

Be careful hor…

Waaaa!  Giant radish ah!!!

Look at my thumb and look at the radish!

Have you ever seen a 2 feet long radish?


Go Cameron Highlands and find lah!   ;D

The seller said these radish have no fibre and very sweet.

Hah?  Orh!!


This stall was selling everything 3 for RM10!

All fresh, fresh and lots of varieties!

Choose lah!  Choose lah!

Err, cannot buy so much ah?

Share lah!  Share lah!


3 women in the market together will lose control!

Just buy, buy and buy!!!

But I cannot blame them lah!

This stall owner was really a sweet talker!

Birds on the trees also will fly down at his mercy!


Even his daughter was awed by his skills!

It seems that his L-shaped stall sells local sweet potatoes supplied by the Orang Asli there.

We noticed that even the locals buy the sweet potatoes from him.

Of course we bought some too and they were indeed very, very sweet!

Big smiles!

The more we buy the higher our bargaining power!

Each of the 3 ladies got free packets of goodies and extra pieces of sweet potatoes for the kgs they buy!

They sure felt good for their achievement!


Mrs TT insisted that I take this picture of her “deformed” fingers!


The result of carrying the shopping bags!

I was so clever, I found a place to sit and placed all the bags at a spot while the 3 ladies continued to choose and harrass the charming seller!

Since we could not carry anymore, the ladies decided to call off the shopping spree!

Haizzz, no lah, we actually walked until the last stall before they called it quits!


Mrs Nephew looked like a “Mai Choy Por” (vegetable seller) when she squatted down to sort out all the bags to load into the car booth!

The hard stuff below and the soft stuff above!

Logical planning, right?    ;D

This was it!

The results of one hour shopping at the Brinchang Night Market!

Aiyorr, if each of us had a trolley, I bet the car will be filled up to the brim!


What a long day!

Time to go back to the apartment and rest lor…

Look out for the next post of what we did, differently, this trip!

…coming soon….


Have a Happy Day! ;D

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