Cameron Highlands: Lord’s Cafe

After Gunung Brinchang
 and the Taman Agro, we ended up at the Lord’s Cafe, under strong recommendations from brudder TFL.

Once you reach Tanah Rata and can see this Terminal Freesia, you better start looking for a parking space.

Just opposite the Terminal, you will see Marybrown.

Lord’s Cafe is just beside it!

Eh, why the T Cafe??

Oh… they have changed their cafe’s name from T Cafe to Lord’s Cafe.

Take note that they are closed on Sunday!

You can check out their menu board, to see if you like their varieties, before entering the cafe itself!

This way up!

“Please Ring The Bell” for service!

Aiyah, we just looked for a place to sit since there was crowd in the cafe and the waitresses were walking around!  Hehe…

Can spy a little of what they serve!

That must be Carol, the waitress who served us and we’d sang “Oh Carol” song to her when we learnt her name!


We found a great spot near the window!

Brudder TFL placed the orders for us!

“Chicken pie, 

strawberry fruity scones, 

strawberry cake…. 

uh, finished?  

Lemon cheese cake?  

Okay lah, we try lah!  

Oh, apple pie too, yah?”

First to arrive – the Lemon Cheese Cake, their new addition!

Soft, not too sweet or sour.

Just nice!  😀

Next came the Chicken Pie;

TFL said a must have when you are here!

I must say it was delicious although I am no fan to pies!

Love the scones!

Freshly baked!

Yum, yum!   ;D

Apple pie ah?

Me, not a fan too lah but I still try!

Other than the cinnamon taste, which was not my fancy, I must say the pie was not too bad!

We shared them all and we finished them all!

What about their beverages?

Oh, I must say their Hot Lemon Tea and Mango Lassi were simply refreshing!

After idling there for a while, we finally decided to go back to the apartment to rest!  We had been out since morning and everyone just could not wait to lie down for a nap!  Hahaha!!

Okay lah!  Let’s go!

Cannot call for bill?

Must walk out and pay at the table?

No problem!

Let’s go!!   ;D

Do you believe we really went to back to sleep???

Wait for the next post… coming soon…. hehe…


Have a Happy Day! ;D

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