Cameron Highland ~ again, in 2012

Another trip to Cameron Highlands!

This time, brother TT and dear wife drove from Alor Star while dear nephew and family, dear cousin and I travelled (in separate cars) from KL to Ipoh for a night before we travelled in two cars up to the mountain, via Simpang  Pulai, the next morning after breakfast at about 10am!


The day started with blue skies and everything nice!  On the way up, we stopped by one of the Orang Asli’s stall to buy bamboo shoots.  While waiting in the car, I could not resist to pick up my camera and snap this scene!  Ahhh.. simply love the nature!


We went to Restoran Tepi Sungai Chong Kee for lunch.  Simple noodles and some vegetable dishes were good enough as we were munching food all the way!         🙂

As we ascended higher and getting nearer to the Desa Anthurium apartment, the clouds started to form grey skies!  Oh-oh, it was going to rain…     😦

This trip to Cameron Highlands, we had done things differently.  The last time I was there, I wanted to buy some orchid plants (which I saw on the first day) but decided to buy only on the way back which ended up did not buy because of the weather.

This round, I still went back to Low Orchid Garden, which is located at Jalan Besar Kuala Teria, 39010 Cameron Highlands, to get my plants.  Why?  Because Mrs Low was very patient, friendly, helpful and the garden’s beautiful plants were reasonably priced.

For directions, if you do not have a GPS, call Mr Low at 019-5655 633 or 012-3648 773.

If you are pretty familiar with Cameron Highlands, it is after Kg. Raja and facing the Kuala Teria’s BOH TEH wor!  Err, according to their name card’s map lah!

The moment, the wives got into the apartment, it was cleaning up time in the kitchen!  They were preparing for dinner coz it was raining cats and dogs outside!

The girls were told to do some homework!  Aiyah, where got do one?  After a while, they were running all over playing whatever!  Hahaha!!

Thank goodness, we brought up the mahjong set!  With the evening rain in Ipoh, we were prepared for the rain in Cameron Highlands and true enough!  Haizzz…

Dear nephew, on the other hand, was prepared with his “cheap” pad!   Ahahaha!!

While we were relaxing, we heard some noises and went out to the balcony to spy what was the noise all about and saw almost 20 Mitsubishi Triton queuing at the driveway!

We were irritated by them because some of them left the engines on; creating noise and air pollution!  Really inconsiderate!  But that did not stop us from continued fun!  Our moods were too good to be affected by them!        😀

Dinner time!   Homemade steamboat with fresh seafood from Alor Star and fresh vegetables from Cameron Highlands!  The best combination!  Of course they must go with great eaters from KL!  Hehehe…

Mahjong session ended past midnight and that multipurpose table turned pub table  for the “drinkers”!  Oh yes, brudder TFL joined us for dinner, driving up all alone from Klang!  Bravo!

Funny, but it’s true, whenever we are in good company, we just refused to sleep early.  Except, of course, if our body does not allow us to do so.  I went to bed about 1am, after taking this picture, while these people continued to about 3am!   Hahaha!  So much to chat and chat hor!

The next few posts, I shall share what else we did differently this trip compared to the end of 2010 trip!


Watch out for the next post…coming soon….       🙂



Have a Happy Day! ;D

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