Sg Buloh: Restoran Yin Her, a Fishing Pond n the Nurseries

“Want go Sg Buloh‘s nursery to get some plants, fertilisers and soil?”


“We can go food hunt at the same time!”

Ahhhhh, that sounds tempting.

“Go lah, it would be fun for a Sunday!”

Okay lah!  Let’s do it!

Dear cousin triggered me to search the internet for a good restaurant.  Searched, searched, searched and I listed out 5 choices before I called quits for the night or should I say morning!  Hahaha!

We started off at almost 11am, from MRR2 towards Sg Buloh!  One straight road all the way!

De Chiengmai Thai Seafood Restaurant was our first choice.  After we drove up the ram towards the Sg Buloh Hospital, we realised it was better to call the restaurant for directions.  Ya lor, no GPS mah!

To my dismay, coz I was the one who made the call, the person who took my call said she could not direct me and there was nobody around who could.  What the…

“Aiyah, call the next restaurant then.”

Dear cousin was more impatient!  Hahaha!  Okay, okay, I shall call the next in the list!

The lady, who took my call, said if the hospital was on our left, we should drive straight and turn left towards Kepong but keep right to turn right (which the signboard showed Shah Alam) at the traffic light, drive on and turn right again at the next traffic light!

Great directions!  That was the signboard we saw at the second turn right traffic light.

There!  Restoran Yin Her!  See the signboard on the left?  Turn!

Hey, I have been here before lei!  Our dear fellow GFrenz brought us here, remember?  Ya lah!  Same place!  Hahaha, and I was searching the internet the whole night to come here?!  Apa lah???!!

Oh my, what an unfriendly road this was!  Thank goodness it was a short distance and we saw the place on our left.  Hey, the restaurant is next to a fishing pond!

How come I never realised it the last time we were here?

We entered using the main entrance and walked through the air conditioned area.  Instead of settling down in the enclosed space, which we did the last time, we walked through it and found…

… row of tables next to the fishing pond, where we sat and ate and watched people pay and fish!  A pleasure of leisure indeed…hmmm…

Two people sitting at a table for 10!  It was okay coz there was no crowd…but, it was Sunday lunch time wor… wonder why…

May we have the menu, please?  After getting it we still asked the lady what was their specialty?  “Aluminium Foil Flame Spareribs”.  Okay, sounds interesting!  Sure enough it was a good pick!  Yum, yum!

What else can you recommend?  “Creamy pumpkin chicken.”  Okay, we shall have that too!  This chicken had better looks than taste!  Erm, just a little bit more…of salt, maybe??


And for vegetables???  Any specialities?

“Wat tan yun choi!” (Cantonese style spinach)!  Huh??  Err,  we try that too lah!

Shredded crab sticks, egg and wolfberry in starch gravy!  Really Cantonese style – wan tan (smooth eggs) lor!  Guess its original with noodles still better though the taste was not bad.

Since dear cousin and I are never food waster, we sapu clean lor but we had to “tapau” (takeaway) the spareribs coz we could not finish it!  In fact, we had forced down the chicken coz we felt it would not be nice to tapau everything!  Haha!

Ohh…that two bowls?  They were free dessert; barley fu chuk.  It was served in a small (soup) bowl; one that is smaller than the normal rice bowl.  Free is small, naturally!   😀


Just because we wanted to finish the chicken, we had spent more time here.  We had fun watching people get their catches!  Honestly, some of them were really lucky so much so their fellow fishing “kaki” also found it irritating!  Look at the guy, on the right, on the right picture!  Hahaha!

The fishing pond is opened for 24 hours a day.  Fees at RM20 for first 3 hours and subsequent every one hour RM7.  The restaurant lady said one can bring over their catch for them to cook!  Wah!  Fresh from the pond onto the plate sounds so appetising!  Of course, the restaurant will charge a fee for preparing it; depending on size and cooking style wor…  sounds fair, right?

Restoran Yin Her, located at AL 114, Jalan Welfare, Kg Baru Sg Buloh.  Tel: 03-6156 5876.

Look at their cashier counter!  Filled with money enhancing feng shui stuff!  Our bill came out to be RM12 for the chicken, RM15 for the spareribs and RM6 for the spinach.  Fragrance coconut was RM4.80 each and small rice at RM0.80.  Total RM43.40 and can use credit card!  The “Money Come, Money Come” counter was effective lei!  Making money dah!  🙂

We drove back to the way we came in just now and headed back to the hospital direction.  Drove passed the hospital and continued until we saw the Kg Orang Asli Sg Buloh signboard (the blue signage) before we turned into the nursery paradise!

We stopped by a few stalls and finally found this transparent canopy stall that sells what we wanted – herb plants, fertilisers etc!  One stop bought all and we happily drove back!

We had to drive out the same way we drove in and be considerate in allowing the cars to pass through the narrow road!

It would be good if the weather was kinder and that we could just stroll from stall to stall to shop, shop n shop!  No complaints though coz we still found what we came here for…

What a fruitful trip indeed, on this Sunday, in Sg Buloh!

How was you Sunday?



3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Sharon on March 10, 2012 at 3:57 pm

    Omg.. I want to go! I want to go! Looks like an awesome place to explore! ^.^

  2. Sharon, you want to go to the fishing pond or the nurseries lah??? ;D

  3. Posted by Sharon on March 15, 2012 at 12:13 pm

    To the restaurant..for makan-makan..yum yummm

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