One Night (& Food Hunt) in Gerbang Malam, Ipoh

After Belum-Temengor Rainforest adventure, we went to Ipoh for a night before driving back to Kuala Lumpur.  If not for our friends who had travelled with us and dear GFrenz from Alor Star, dear cousin and I would not be food hunting at night!  Hahaha!

We drove to Perak Toong Onn Woi Koon for our dinner!
(73 & 75, Jalan Theatre, 30300 Ipoh, Perak
Tel: 05-2540552. Fax: 05-2425799)

No lah!
We were interested in what’s next door,
Kedai Makanan dan Minuman  Sri Mahkota!

This stall opens 6pm to 11pm and closes on Sunday!
We usually go before 6pm coz this stall very “pah pei” (snobbish) one,
must take numbers to order food!
Better go early and get the first few numbers than wait a long time for dinner later!

  Beware!  You better check out what they have and place your orders as accurately and quickly as you can coz the person taking the orders (bless them for their good memory for they do not even need pen and paper to take them down) will not have patience standing there all evening to attend to your table!  Hahaha!
The following are what we would order every time we are there:
1) beef noodles
2) hakka noodles
3) stuffed fish paste especially the fried “fu chuk” (bean curb wrap) and the  “yeung tau fu” (stuffed bean curd)

Since we did not mind their manners in taking our orders, we had a hearty meal there!  To me, it was the food and company that were more important!  😀

Dinner was so heavy that we decided to walk the night market to down the food before having “ngah choy kai” (bean sprouts chicken) later!  OMG!

This “Gerbang Malam” (Gateway Night) is located in the middle of new town.  Turn left, if you are travelling from Jalan Yang Kalsom, at the police station traffic light and you can see it on your right!

The name of the street is Jalan Dato Tahwil Azar.  This road was popularly known as Durian Road and was formerly known as Osbourne Street.

And the best landmark will be Yee Hup  Gunung Rapat Hiong Piah Sdn Bhd, which sells the famous charcoal biscuit in Ipoh!  We went in there to shop before we continued our night market stroll.


When I reached this spot, I had to announce to my non Ipoh friends,  “This is where we are coming later for our supper!  Yes, they open in the evenings only.”

Yes, this place (Restoran Tauge Ayam Lou Wong) is the original shop which popularised the bean sprouts chicken!

Personally, I prefer Ipoh”s “kai see hor fun” (shredded chicken flat rice noodle) than this.


We walked a little further and we were passing the Funny Mountain Soya Bean stall.  My favourite “tau fu far” shop!

Every time I come back to Ipoh, I will drive my car here to experience their drive through service.

Yup!  Just wind down your car window and a bowl of fragrance “tau fu far”, the finest soya bean pudding ever, will be served to you and you can eat it in the comfort of your car!  😀

Of all the stalls here, I found this stall very interesting indeed.  RM2.00 for any clothings in the stall!  Huh???

“They are selling old clothes.  Who would buy?  Foreign workers or poorer citizens lor”  

When you can see the Bank Simpanan Nasional building, it is already the end of the road for Gerbang Malam.

During our stroll through this night market, dear cousin had “kay poh” (busy body) some information about this gateway!

“This place was formerly a non racist place but recently, only Bumiputras are allowed to set up stalls here.  Some Chinese have tried to hire some Malay staff to look after their stalls but were fined when the authorities found out!” 

Hmmm, was that really necessary ah???

“You can come here every evening if you want coz they are opened everyday.  However, not all stalls will be opened if you come too early.”

True, by the time we left at 8pm, some stall owners had just arrived to set up their stalls while many lots were still empty!  Rather senseless to leave the space empty than to let it out, right??  Bumiputra or not!  Haizzzz…..


Have you visited this place?


Have a Happy Day! ;D

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