Ipoh’s Bukit Bangkong @ Chemor

I have always wanted to go trekking in Ipoh but never had a chance to until my last visit to Ipoh after the Belum-Temengor Rainforest trip.  All I did was texted a new friend, who via her comments in the Facebook, extended an invitation to take anyone there when we are in Ipoh!  Hahaha!  Must grab the offer when it was still hot mah!

Dear buddy, dear cousin and I were scheduled to pick our new friend at 7am.

There are a few ways to get to Chemor and we had used the Tasek way there!

We reached Bukit Bangkong after about half an hour drive!

What an interesting notice!
After looking  at the place, I wonder what motor vehicles can drive up that slope?!

This steep slope from the bottom already had me panting!
Breath, breath, breath!!!  

Took the opportunity to take a break here!

For your information, wherever there is a Chinese “Datuk” house or shrine at a hill, 
we will always pay our respect before and after our climb.
Must pray for safety to walk through the woods.

After paying our respect, we walked a little further and there was a fruit and vegetation nursery.

Aloe vera flowers!
First time seeing wor.
Never knew their flowers could be so beautiful one.

Eh, these looked beautiful too!
Aiyah, kena cheated liao!
Plastic flowers fixed to the branches one!

Look at dear cousin, walked like half dead!

People walking down so energetic!
One even carrying a mini combo!
So heavy… why?  
No walkman or discman meh?

Though I wanted to see the scenery at the hillside, I dared not walked into the patch of green,
in case there’s leeches lah!  Hehe..

After the hard tar road, the pebbled road welcomed us.

Started to descend from this stretch.

Love this picture!
Beautiful weather that morning indeed for trekking.

From pebbles road, we walked the cemented road.
Keep going dear cousin!
You can do it!

Aaaii!  What happened to the road?

We had to walk at the side so that we don’t accidentally sprain our foot!

Dear cousin gave up dah!
She refused to continue trekking and chose to take a nap instead!

Oh, let me explain:
Dear cousin slept about 2 am earlier in the morning and had to wake up at 6am to get ready for the day’s trek!
Errr, she was forced to get up one coz dear buddy and I needed her to navigate to our new friend’s house!

After the uneven soil, we reached another stretch of cemented road!
Wah!  So many different types of surface on one road!
Why lah??

End of the cemented road, we stepped foot on fine sand ground!
This was where I started to enjoy this place.

From the above spot onward, the surrounding got more beautiful with plants and trees.
And you will find plenty of these pretty yellow blooms!

Yup!  We started to walk into the woods!

The road got narrower…

Let’s do a head count!
We started with four of us.
Then, dear cousin decided to nap, remember?
Dear new friend and I were walking together.
Where was dear buddy?
Aiyah!  That woman ah, walked way ahead of us!
On her own!
Really no give face!

Never mind lor, let her be.
We shall take it slow mah..
Enjoy the air, the greens and the company…

Was this the top?
Nope!  But we could rest here if we’d wanted.

But we did not and we managed to catch the sunrise in the plants!
Lovely shot, right?

Oophs!  A split!
No worries!
We met some trekkers and they had told us that when we reach the split,
we can walk on higher ground to climb to the top faster but it would be tougher or
walk on lower ground which will take longer to reach the top.
“If you want to enjoy the jungle walk, the longer route is more pleasant.
The shorter route are steps going up only.”

We took the longer route on the lower ground or in other words, turn right lah!

This trail was flat ground only.

We could not see the end of the trail here and we just kept walking.

When we reached here, we decided to turn back.
Dear cousin had called to inform us that dear buddy was already with her.
Hah…okay lah, we shall trek back now!

We did not rush down lah!
Coz I was still taking beautiful pictures, like this hairy blue berries.

From higher ground, we could see the Chemor town!
This picture did not do justice to the beautiful scene I saw when I was there!

Say what you like, but I really think I have improved tremendously in my photography!
Another of my favourite shot for this trek!

Another favourite shot!
Did not realise there were ants on the flowers until I was tidying my pictures for this trip!
Come on, praise me lah, praise me lah!

One more favourite picture!
Simply the best!

Scroll up the blog post and you can see the same picture; 
you can see that the sun had fully awaken by the time we left!

Thank goodness, dear buddy was smart to park her car under the big tree!

Dear friend asked me to look at the “lantern” fruit on the tree where the car was parked under.
An eatable fruit ke?
I have never seen such fruit before, have you??

On our way back, we passed by Hospital Bahagia because we used the Tanjung Rambutan’s way!
Oh, please don’t send me there!  Please, please, please….

Thank you, dear new friend, for taking us there!  I had enjoyed the trek!  Shall we do it the next time I am back in Ipoh?  If not at Bukit Bangkong also can one…


5 responses to this post.

  1. yeah, d pics turned out real nice, thks to ur skills! I luv d sunrise one best! didn't know it was so nice from tat angle. enjoyed d morning exercise. Luckily v didn't take a wrong turning at TR or else v may hav ended up being permanent residents there!!! hahaha….

  2. Aries Star, my dear new friend, thank you for your kind words! Hahaha! I love that sunrise pic too! In fact, I love many pics taken that morning. The fine weather must be the reason why the pictures turned out so beautiful! Thanks again! We shall do it again?? ;D

  3. Yes, I would like to do it again. I have learnt from u to look out for so many other things along d way that it has become so much more fun!:))

  4. Nice shot, LG. Ma favourite is the flower with ants and the lantern shaped fruit. That's so interesting!

  5. Deal, Aries Star! We shall do it again!!! Yippy!Thanks, Sharon! Love me love my pictures! Yeay!!;D

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