Belum-Temengor Rainforest: Search for Rafflesia

After Banding Night Trek last night, we woke up early for our buffet breakfast, stole some cup cakes and hard boiled eggs from there, before we got ourselves ready for the day’s activities!  Hahaha!
By 9.15am, our room’s phone rang and the voice over the other end reminded us to be at the lobby by 9.30am.  I say, really efficient lei!
What were we waiting??
Oh, you see, one of us had a tummy trouble and we were all waiting for her!
It was okay coz everyone was very patient, just hanging around at the lobby.
We made our way down to the resort’s jetty.
One for the camera, ladies!
Ooophs, dear cousin forgotten to change the camera’s ISO after last night’s trek, picture over exposed sikit…hehe…
So obedient wor, everyone took a life jacket and was busy busy buckling them!
Other than the five of us, there were 2 other couples in the group for the day’s activities!
All ready and the boat moved away slowly while I took this picture of the jetty.
See the big square building floating on water?
That was the water chalet that the resort had and it was for hired.
The boat sped away from the resort!
Whee!  Strong wind!  Hold on to your hats or caps!
Scenic green mountains surrounding us on a massive blue water lake!
Serene and peaceful lake if the boat was not running over it!
Simply splendid!
My favourite picture of this boat ride!
Look at the layers of mountain in the background!
Just like a piece of painting before my eyes!
Just could not get enough of taking pictures of the lake!
You should be there in person to enjoy the ride!
Ermm,,, I should say the long ride!
Finally, we had arrived to our destination!
As we were getting off the boat, the guide asked,
“You need a trekking stick?”
Err, no thanks!
“You may need it when you trek here…”
Tak apa, it’s okay,  I should be fine without one.
I thought the “old” man should need one more than me…
…until I saw how steep this slope was!
No worries, still got some bars to hold mah.
Here, nothing to hold wor.
Haizz, I should have taken the trekking stick lah!
No joke!  Steep and slippery lei!
This picture blur blur because I was trying to take it while making sure I do not fall lah!
Yup!  After going all the way up, it was time to go down!
Finally on a level ground, we saw this beautiful mushroom welcoming us!
Oh, we were on the grounds of the Royal Belum State Park!
The message on the signboard:
“Taking the  Rafflesia out of this place is prohibited.
Property of the state of Perak Darul Ridzuan
Hmmm, shouldn’t they have a bigger signboard with multi language printed on it??
I believe many visitors do not know how to read Bahasa Malaysia lah!
Yippy!  We found a Rafflesia!  We found a Rafflesia!
In fact, we were already being told by the guides
(2 of them; one leading and one following at the back)
that we were lucky because the Rafflesia they spotted the day before should have bloomed by today, the day we were there!
True indeed!
Happy!  Happy!  Super Happy!
The guide said this was Rafflesia cantleyi,
one of the three Rafflesia species found in Belum-Temengor Rainforest.
This small bloom did not have strong stink!
In fact, we had to stick our noses on it to get the stench!
Argh! Smell of 3 days old garbage of prawn shells!
There was only one Rafflesia flower on parade so everyone took turns to take picture with it.
Since dear cousin was the first to get down to the strategic spot with her camera, she stood there to take picture for everyone and finally got the guide to take her picture!
Only two people can stand on the steep and narrow slope at any one time (the photographer and the model), hence, everyone was very obedient to wait for their turn lor!
We saw many “baby” Rafflesia on the ground.
The guides told us that the Rafflesia was formed on this particular vine.
Once it drops to the ground it would be ready to bloom, which would only lasts for 4 days before it dries up!
We were warned not to touch the flower or bud because our touch will kill them!
Look at the dried up bud on the vine, someone must have touched it wor!
After everyone had fun taking pictures with the flower, it was time to get out of the place!
We came up just now, so we had to go down lor…
Someone taught me to go down backwards on steep slopes so that our knees would not be so strenous.
The guide, in yellow T-shirt, was all ready to hold our hand so that we could safely jump across the stream to the landing!
Just as we were walking towards the boat, the Canadian lady in our group called out to dear cousin!
A butterfly was resting on her hand and she thought dear cousin would be interested to take its picture!
Of course dear cousin rushed over to snap, snap, snap!!
Such beautiful big eyes!
And it just stood there, while she (the Canadian lady) stood there, posing for the camera!
So loveable!
Just before we left the place, we had a group picture.
Only the 5 of us who had travelled in one car lah!
More activities on the way!
Look out for the next post, coming soon….

6 responses to this post.

  1. So nice. Wished that I was there!

  2. Yes, Sean, it would be wonderful if you and family were there too! Totally back to nature… Watch out for the rest of the posts!:D

  3. There's so much water around, just wondering if they have any fishing activities around that area?

  4. Yes, Sean, fishing is one of the activities there!! Now you know what you'd missed ah… No worries! You can still go, anytime… šŸ˜€

  5. Beautiful… this is the word that best described what was seen and done in Belum! Thanks for sharing the info and all the breathtaking photos of the lake! Kudos to the photographer!

  6. Aries Star, kudos to the photographers lah! Hehe.. You will love the next post; all about the lake which will take your breath away…:D

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