Thailand’s Songkhla and Ko Yo Island

Aiyoyo… I almost missed this sharing, I almost missed this!!!  Hahaha!  Why lah??  The last round I almost missed sharing Danok, this time Songkhla and Ko Yo Island pulak….

Honestly speaking, I was there in August when I celebrated my birthday and I went again in December 2011 when we went for our Sangkar, Tg Dawai, trip!  Like that also can; within time span of less than 4 months!  Hehe…

This trip, dear nephew drove his MPV into Thailand and learnt its custom and immigration procedures.  It was one good experience indeed and it was smooth sailing all the way with a little drizzle but that did not dampened our excitement to reach Songkhla for the night.

A two hours drive, passing by Hat Yai on the way and finally we reached there in time for supper!  The children fell asleep and Mrs Nephew had to stay in the hotel with them, leaving dear nephew, brother TT and dear wife, dear cousin and I walking around the much deserted town that night.

That night was so different from the other night we were there in August.  That night, we did not step into any karaoke and the road side stall that served instant noodles and coffee was not opened.  That night, the night market’s stalls were already closing one by one.  That night we walked a little further and found a few shops which regulars would go for their supper! 

Our gang, except me of course, had a round of the local beer, Singha.  “Wah, so fresh and tasty! And so cheap too!”  They paid only about RM7 per big bottle.  After supper, we walked into the 7-11 and dear cousin thought she struck gold when she saw Singha being sold less than RM6 there!  “Let’s buy three bottles back to the hotel and continue to yum seng there!”  Big smiles…. but was told by them the next day that the beer from 7-11 was not as fresh as the beer served in the shop!  Sorry lah, me no drink so no gain and no loss lor…

I must tell you about Songkhla’s wiring system!
Do you know that you can stand below the posts or walking along them and “hear” the electricity moving?
Look at all the pictures below and you can find layers of wirings on the posts!
Some could be so heavy that they were almost touching the ground!
Something that you do not find in Malaysia nowadays!

The next day we had maximised our stay at Songkhla by eating and shopping at the local market!  Got the best deals for T-shirts and local goodies there before we travelled further for sight seeing! 

We found some friendly Chinese locals when we went hunting for our breakfast!
Some can speak Hokkien, some can speak Hakka and some can speak Cantonese.
Yup!  You guessed it, their ancestors came from China, just like ours!

We had their local tea which was served with a cup of Chinese tea.
The Chinese tea to wash down  the sweet tea wor…
While everyone ordered their own set of tea, dear nephew ordered one set for him and his wife.
Really Tea for 2: “Milk tea for me and Chinese tea for you”…
So stingy one!

After we checked out of the hotel, we started playing tourists.
First stop was the mermaid statue at Leam Samila!
Dear nephew and wife did not wait to take pictures with the statue so they took one where they stood!
The wind and waves were particularly strong that day!
Hold your hat, Mrs Nephew and,

As usual, see food only will drool one….
This coconut ice cream was simply delicious!
Four of us shared also happy coz we knew very well this will not be the only thing we snack!

The moment we saw this stall, we ordered one serving of “Somtam” (Thai papaya salad).
The lady did not offer us any smiles so I purposely asked her to smile for my camera!
She did move her lips a little but as usual lah, my finger was too slow to click the shutter!

Oh, I found my favourite food in Songkhla!
The egg custard in the egg!
Yes, don’t be fooled by what you see!
The trick to make this, from what I learnt, was to break a small hole at the tip of the egg;
pour out the content and mix it with salt and pepper before pouring it back into the egg shell.
But, how did they leave the egg yolk blocking the hole lah???
Puzzle, puzzle…
After the Mermaid, we visited the Great Serpent!
Took a few pictures and we were out of there!
Next time lah…
Not enough time this round coz we wanted to go Ko Yo Island!
We were told by the hotel receptionist that they have a golden sleeping Buddha there!
Everyone was more eager to see the sleeping Buddha than the Buddha on the hill.
Hmmm, I wonder why…
There were two ways to go to Ko Yo Island; by road or by ferry.
Let’s do the ferry ride since we were at the Samila Beach.
While queueing, we noticed the above signboard:
“Motorcycle left the road and Car right the road”
Anything wrong with the sentences ah??
After seeing the strong wind and waves at the Samila Beach, we were not sure if we wanted to take the ferry.
Later, we realised that the island was connected to the land and not exposed to the open sea!
Phew!  Safe lah, everything was calm saja..
Before and after!
Our MPV queueing to get onto the small ferry.
See, the water was full but calm over the other side!
It was a very, very short ride coz we could see exactly where we were going!
Now, now, where is the sleeping Buddha lah?
This island was so small, before we knew it, we were already hitting to the bridge towards Hat Yai!
Hey, we are on the wrong side of the traffic lah!
Look!  That’s the back of the Buddha!
Quick!  Do a U-Turn!
Welcome to Ko Yo Island!
This place looked familiar!
I think I have been here before but then, I visited a temple on top of the hill
(you can see from this picture) and did not visit this Buddha.
If you have the time, if you are on the Ko Yo Island, it would be good to visit that temple on the hill too.
That temple was unique because it has a burn fire crackers service!
Interesting, right?
Wat  Phranorn Laemphon, where the golden sleeping Buddha was!
We reached the place just when the sun was setting!
Right timing coz the sun was shining directly on the Buddha!
After admiring the Buddha, blessed by the monk and given charity to the temple, we looked for the U-Turn to the opposite  direction so that we can get back to the bridge to exit the island.
I tell you ah, this U-Turn got us onto a low ground of the island and if the waves were any stronger, I was sure the MPV will get hit by them!
Scarry, really scarry to look at the sea from here!
We saw this restaurant the first time we drove past it.
The first restaurant after the U-Turn.
(If I can find their name card, I’ll update their information here ah….)
Dear cousin is always looking for the best spot in any restaurants one.
She led us to this spot and said it was the best spot!
The wind was strong but we were busy looking at the menu.
We did not see what was coming but the waitress who took our orders did!
Thank goodness!
She had politely asked us to look at the coming storm (the dark curtain of rain moving towards our direction) and advised us to sit inside the restaurant instead of the open air!
See how obedient we were!
Quickly we took our belongings and moved our butts out of the place!
Okay, this was a good and safe spot!
The waiter was busy rolling the plastic sheet down so that the rain will not get to us!
Nice service!
Everyone was happy!
We ordered the normal Thai cuisine of tom yam, fish and vegetables except this dish!
Seaweed salad in leaf wrap!
Err, don’t know what leaf that was; someone said it was betel leaf wor..
Sure ke??
This place must be very popular!
Look at the crowd!
Packed to the max!
Their food was yummy yummy!
See, we “sapu habis” (finished all)!
We had saved the best for last!
This was the last meal of our Thailand trip!
Everyone of us love Thailand  and had not enough of the place and its food!
We shall be back, Thailand!
We shall be back!!


14 responses to this post.

  1. walau eh! memang a travelling year for you! And the food…. grrr… drolling drolling! Keep up the good sharing dear, and continue enjoy life!

  2. Yes, Casendra dear, last year was indeed a wonderful year of travels and gila makan. This year so far started with fierce eating only! Hahaha!

  3. oh ya..we enjoyed tis trip. looking 4ward to another 1. D leaf is not betel leaf. It is actually "daun Kadok".Otak otak,perut ikan n many peranakan dish making also needs daun kadok.Ya, d seaweed salad is yummy, will tapao back if we visit again.

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  5. Jei jei, we stay 2 nites the next time there lah! Can visit all the other tourists sites mah… Oh, "daun Kadok"! Simu uses it for her otak otak one! Thank you for the the info! Betel leaf wor..hehehe… wanna bluff me, huh??? 😀

  6. Hahhaa… i said u dont over makan and see u at ketumbar soon!

  7. LG, daun Kadok is also known as "Shua Lau hiuk" in Penang ( wild betel leaf from d hill). haha. One request…. can ta pau bac on ur nex trip there? Drooling….

  8. Hi Peyton, thank you for your kind words and interesting introduction of yourself here. Welcome to LGB and hope to see your comment here more often! Cheers!!Casendra dear, please take me to Ketumbar!!! Nobody wants to go trekking with me nowadays and I am bloating like a ballon! Help me quick! Hahaha!!Aries Star, thanks for the informaton. Next time we go together lah! No need tapau one! Want?? ;D

  9. Wow..they're so creative with the egg! Wish I could try one too..

  10. Great blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere? A design like yours with a few simple tweeks would really make my blog stand out. Please let me know where you got your theme. Many thanks

  11. Thank you for your kind words, AVM. My blog's template was downloaded from blogger's free templates. Hope you can find a suitable template for your blog there. All the best! Cheers!

  12. Sharon dear, if you are successful in your attempts, must send some to me, tau?? They were simply delicious! Drooling dah… 😀

  13. ..I'm not so confident I can make these but you've motivated me to at least try ..hehe ^.^

  14. You can do it, Sharon! I just found out one friend of mine knows how to make egg pudding with longan in the egg shell. Must be the same technique except hers sweet stuff! 😀

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