Back in Time: 2011 (April – December)

From March 2011, we moved into the month of April!

This month was another memorable month! This month dear buddy purposely brought her mother to our place and we played “masak-masak” (cooking)! Hahaha!

You see, her mother is suffering from Alzheimer and she decided that before it gets worse, it was good to learn her mother’s cooking skill! She claims that her mother is the best cook! Ahahaha! Everyone claims that lah!

Then the much talked about GFrenz Get Together happened this month too. This time codenamed BM2! Hahaha! Do we sound like some underground secret groups ah? All for food and fun and best of all for friendship! The group’s theme song is “The more we get together!”! And that we did again in April lor!

Dear cousin and I are always on a look out for charity and we found one worthy one in Ipoh and thought I share it with you, dear readers! So, did you visit them too ah??

May 2011 was a slow down month because I had to catch up with deadlines before the major travel in June! But we did squeeze in another “masak-masak” fun with Mama Dementia! Yeay! DIY Rice Dumplings! Don’t play play!

June 2011 was the most eventful month! Yes, this month dear cousin and I did the Mount Kinabalu climb! Yee har! It was a climb of a lifetime! Immediately after the climb we travelled to Labuan, Brunei, Miri before we landed in Mulu Caves! Wakakaka! And we did all that in 11 days! Woo hoo! Encore! Encore! I want to do it again! Err, if the world still spinning in 2013! Hehehe…

July 2011 was dear cousin’s birthday month, almost the same time “Bersih” took place in KL! Happy Birthday, girl! How else to celebrate the day with her other than make another trip to somewhere! Yippy! We travelled to the north! All the way from Ipoh to Kuala Sepetang to Alor Star and Danok, Thailand! Waaaahhhh!!! What a way to celebrate a birthday, right??

August 2011 was my birthday month pulak! Hahaha! Aisay, I must have fun too lei! Also to the north but this time we were in Ipoh, Penang, Alor Star and Songkhla, Thailand! Kekekeke…. life was great! Yabadabadoo!!!

As if the North trip was not enough, we had another round of getting lost adventure when we did a day trip from Klang to Sitiawan! OMG! That was really an unforgettable trip of all! Of course I got scolded left, right and centre for initiating the day trip! Hehehe… Now I can laugh about it but then, it was really scary one! Trust me!

Travelling did not stop! In September dear cousin and I together with dear nephew and family had another eventful trip to Port Dickson! Last minute plan that turned up to be a 2D1N trip ended in 3D2N!  We have turned into professional travellers by now, I guess! Ahahaha!!

I bet you cannot beat us in this! We had another trip in September and this time we landed in Langkawi! Okay, okay, don’t get jealous! You also can make it happen one! Just do it! Yes, that’s the way to do it; Just Do It!!

Let’s move on to October 2011! Gotta take it slower this month coz it was Lion Girl Blog’s birthday! Yeah! LGB was two years old!! Sure felt as if I had blogged for years! Only 2 years old?! Sure ke???

Oophs! Did I just say we slowed down?? Aiyorr, we did not lah! We did a last minute Broga Hill climb and had so much fun! Then hor, dear cousin’s friend from Australia came back for a visit and we ended up having 11 meals in 14 hours! Eating all the way none stop from Klang to Malacca! Burp! Burp! Burp!

Now, now, we had to slow down in November!  Okay lor, we just go to Singapore lah! And that we did! Drove into our neighbour country and had a hell of a good time there! I found myself falling in love with Singapore and want to retire there! Kakaka! Think I will have my dreams come true ah??
After all the travelling, my body was getting tired. Tired of travelling? What am I talking about? Of course not! How can anyone be? So, let’s do one more before the year end, let’s do the “sangkar” trip! An “out of the normal life” experience! Hahaha! Peace with nature and back to basics! I simply loved it!!

The above are only some of the highlights of 2011.  You gotta read it all here for all that had happened!

What do I have to say about 2011? I must say I have discovered and done so many things that I had never done for all the years that I’d lived before this year! Let me list them out:

1) I have found new friendships this year, more than I have ever had!

2) I have learnt to appreciate life, live the day and be happy everyday!

3) I have discovered the joy of making others happy and being happy doing just that!

4) I have decided to continue living how I was living in 2011 and continue learning every day of my life, as how I have and still am……..

HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2012, everyone!
I had a very fulfilling 2011 which I had tried to share with all of you!
Hope you had as much fun as I had in sharing them with you and hope you will love life as much as I do!
Nothing is more enjoyable than being alive and living everyday!

May you be well and happy everyday!
May your 2012 be wonderful and memorable as my 2011!
Big cheers to you!
Love you always!!


10 responses to this post.

  1. Wow! Best! V shiok to read, LG… Travel banyak banyak pun….no wonder so happy happy. May 2012 be as fulfilling as 2011 if not more.. 🙂 yay to you! 😉

  2. Thanks for the well wishes LG, may you have another fulfilling year! ^.^

  3. U r such a happy girl, LG! And it looked like you had a great 2011. Here's to an even better 2012! 🙂

  4. LG , cheers to you! What a great year you had! Here's to an even more adventurous one and may your circle of happy people grow and grow!!!!!

  5. Yay, Janet, thanks! Same to you! You are always my hsk! Love you! Muack!Thanks, Sharon! You too! You have been given permanent citizen in LGB! May you stick around n stay! Hahaha! Love you! Muack!Cheers, Joanne! Cheers to 2012! Cheers to our new friendship! Muack, muack, muack!Thanks, SY! Looking forward to more Crackos fun! Cheers to fun, fun, fun n yum seng to our new friendship! Kan pei!! Muacks!

  6. haha … Fun & Joy in year 2011 ,,, we must thanks to all our frends, buddies dai ka jie, kor2, jie2, kai yeh, kai mah, dear mr & mrs nephew, bruther, … bro & sis ….etc ….To share & care with us together the year 2011 ….. cheers ! Yum Seng !

  7. You are right, JD! Must thank everyone who made our 2011 happy and joyful! Without them, we would not have enjoyed the year feeling special and loved! Thank you, thank you…. I love you; all of you!!! Muack! 😀

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  9. то что я искал, спасибо

  10. Thanks, Anon! Glad you feel your followers will benefit from this blog. You should add your blog address here so that I can visit it too! Looking forward to your backlink! Cheers! ;D

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