Singapore Chinatown Food Hunt n Discoveries!

We went to Chinatown twice during this trip, on the first and last day!  Yup, dear cousin and I were there for food and the rest were there shopping!  Aiyah, what was there so much to buy lah??  Eating would be better mah…

This was a good landmark into Chinatown!
Our first food stop when we got into Singapore!
They occupied three shops in a row!
No joke!
Yes, we went into Mei Heong Yuen Dessert!
One popular shop to visit for food, for sure!
Desserts also we, 6 adults and 2 kids, spent almost S$40 lei!
Very hungry mah and the food was very good!
After food, we went for a walk and along the way, we had some interesting discoveries!
A television fixed along the walkway between shops.
Hmmm, who would be standing to watch lah??
Beautiful buildings!
Simply loved them!
Plenty of eateries at all junctions!
My favourite picture of this place!
Beautiful Indian temple in the background and the bird caught in action!
Great shot, dear cousin!
However, we were disappointed!
Nobody was around to extend a helping hand to a tourist like me…
How convenient indeed!
When I first saw this shop, I thought it was a gold shop.
But when I looked again, I found that it was actually a pawnshop!
What a modern pawnshop indeed!

We were so excited to find this Holland Village XO Fish Head Bee Hun Restaurant opposite of the pawnshop!  We heard that they serve yummy noodles!
See, they have many branches one!  So impressive wor…
Now, let’s order the XO Fishhead Bee Hun Soup!
After all the excitement, we were pissed off with the staff’s attitude!
“If you order for one person, you will only get one set of utensils.
This is our shop policy!
Even two of you eating also, we can only give you one set of utensils!”
I do not know if it was the attitude that affected my judgement but I found that their noodles were not as tasty as I’d expected.
Dear cousin said she could not even taste the XO they claimed used in the noodles!
We left the shop without finishing the bowl of noodles!
We noticed that there were no crowd in the shop at all even though it was lunch hours.
They must have offended many customers before, just like how they offended dear cousin and I!
My words of wisdom to them:
Stay humble and your business will grow!
 If you turn too snobbish, you will offend your customers. 
They will stop patronising your shops and when that happens,
your pride will be the reason of your fall in your business! 
I have seen many businesses failed due to their arrogance!
So, beware!
We reached the end of the Food Street and found this signboard standing there!
Turn right from that standing signboard and we found this Lee Tong Kee Restaurant.
Hmmm, famous for their Ipoh chicken noodles ah….
We shall try and see if it is authentic!
Haizzz…. disappointed!  Nothing like the ones we have in Ipoh lah!
Please make a trip to Ipoh for the real thing, okay?!
Personal View about Singapore and Food in Singapore:
There are many foreigners setting up restaurants in Singapore.  However, you can still find many of their popular local eateries.  I would say the better ones are still the ones in food courts.  Of course there are popular ones in shop houses just like the ones I’d visited above!
With regards to value for money, I would say Singapore food courts’ food are cheap!  One giant glass of soya bean only costs S$0.80 and a big plate or bowl of noodles only S$3.50; portion that two people can share!
In other words, if I earn S$2,000 in Singapore compared to RM2,000 in Malaysia, I would say I can save more in Singapore in terms of food and clothes spending.  Purchasing power in Singapore is better than in Malaysia!
Other than better purchasing power, Singapore is also a safe country to stay in!  Even their public transport system is impressive!  You need not have a car when you stay there!  Hey, I am not bad mouthing Malaysia but just telling facts!
Having say what I’d said, the only set back about staying in Singapore would be accommodation!  Expensive to rent and more expensive to own, if you are not a Singaporean!  But if you do have one property, you could earn your living from it! 
A friend told me, “My auntie rents out all her rooms and sleeps in the living room!  Her rental income takes care of her lifestyle!” 
I believed her, alright! 

4 responses to this post.

  1. I agree. I would rather skip eating in restaurants run by snobbish people, even if the food is supposedly good…lol (I will lose my appetite if I have to put up with such behavior).Better go LG's house to makan, lagi sedap…and free.

  2. Ah, Sharon, trying your luck again uh? Hahaha! LG cannot cook one! Come my house means buy back food or have to sweet talk dear cousin (my most loveable chef) to cook for us lah! Hehehe…Yeay! High 5, Sharon! We are the same type of people who believe in getting food from happy people! Let the snobs serve the snobs! Heehar!! 😀

  3. HAHAHA….this means I'm polishing the wrong shoe la! ^.^

  4. Ya lor! Wasted your shoe polish dei! But I still love you the same coz you are a citizen of LGB! Muack! 😀

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