Bentong’s Famous Wantan Noodles?

After a record of 11 meals in 14 hours, Gila Makan in Malacca, dear cousin decided on a detox program of liquid diet.  The first day of the program was two dosages of fruit juice, one dose of soup, one dose of sugarless coffee and unlimited dosages of plain water!!  HELP!!!

Yup!  She had to relax a little the following day (and a little more the following day) so that she will not starve me to death!  Ahahaha!!  Of course the program flopped!  Why?  We ended this awful detox program by going for another weekend eating spree!  I called it a spree because we had proper meals and actual food; solid food man!!!

“Let’s go to Bentong for that wantan noodles we missed the last time!  After that we go to Bukit Tinggi to buy fruits and vegetables lah!”  Wah, cannot say no to such invitation from dear nephew, right?

Let’s go!  Let’s go!

On the fruitful morning, at 8am sharp, dear nephew’s car pulled up at our front gate! 

“We drive straight to Bentong town today so that we will not miss it again, yah?”

Smart move because Mrs Nephew said her friends told her they could be sold out by 9.30am!  I say, that stall must be overrated by word of mouth lah!  Awh, don’t worry they will not be sold out so early one! 

The first time dear cousin and I were there a little over 11am, they were already closed; stall was spick and span!  The second time we were there, with dear nephew and lovely family, the stall was closed with everyone washing up the place! 

This time???

If you are using the Karak Highway, turn at the first left into Bentong (there are 2 Bentong exits).
Anyway, the signboards are confusing because the unused ones are still up!  Haizz…

Follow the direction to the town.  Once you see KFC, look out for the red building which is the market.
Turn left and look for the Indian temple on your right.
This shop is opposite of the temple.

The stall is in the middle of the shop unit.

This stall is called “Hooi Kee” (written in Chinese only, haizz…)
and is located in the coffee shop called “Yuen Kee”
Err, you will have to search for the shop signhoard though coz I did not find one!  Hahaha!!

There were about six people around the stall, attending to the orders.
One guy to cook the noodles,
one to prepare the dry orders,
one to prepare the soup orders,
one to add the condiments,
one to cut the “char siew” (BBQ pork)
one to prepare small bowls of wantan in soup for the dry orders!
Phew!  Did I just say that in one breath???

There are two homemade items here;
the noodles and the preserved green chillies!
Dear cousin casually asked one of the staff if they sell the noodles individually and the staff replied,
“Look at the situation here (in other words, the crowd lah) you think they are for sale???
Not enough to serve all lah?  How to sell some more??”
One jovial and a little sarcastic staff they got there!  Ahahaha!!

While we waited for our orders, which took about half an hour, we ordered some stuffed fish paste (yong tau foo) from the next stall.
I must say they were tasty!  A little salty but yummy!!

We ordered two bowls of dry noodle and two bowls of soup noodle.
Hey, these are small bowls??
When the lady placed the bowls on the table, she asked if we wanted any fried wantans.
Hmmm, why not??!

(Order order!)
We should have ordered one variety each for 4 adults!
We ordered 4 persons 1 bowl each!
Why?  Coz the portion was so much!!!
Look at the noodles in the bowl!
About taste, the noodles were “tan arrg” (springy; not soggy or soft at all)!
Everyone loved the noodles!
Dear cousin and nephew loved the wantan which they claimed got water chestnut inside.
Got meh?  Why I did not taste one??
Dark sauce dry noodles v soupy noodles
I always prefer wantan noodles dry one but their soup also not bad!
Dear nephew prefer the Bukit Tinggi’s dry wantan noodles.
Said they used lark wor…
Fried wantan!
Oh, I loved it!
I do not eat fried wantan one but I find theirs crispy and tasty!
Crunch, crunch!   Love the sound!
RM3.60 per bowl only!
If the same portion is served in KL, it will be considered as big bowl!
Value for money for sure!
We paid total RM18 for 4 bowls of noodles and 1 bowl of fried wantan.
You go count lah, how much was the bowl of fried wantan!
Just when we were leaving the shop, a staff went to take another tray of noodles from their stock!
We saw him doing the same when we walked in earlier.
Wah!  So fast the noodles gone ah??
Really good business lei!
“Eh, you like to take pictures hor?
Want to take my picture?”
Ahahaha!  Of course!
Snap!  Snap! Snap!
This guy was busy wrapping the wantan when not carrying the noodles one!
Ya lor, this also I noticed wor…
Finally, we tasted the famous wantan noodles of Bentong town!  Yeay! 
If you ask me if I will go back for it again, I will say only if I am there! 
In other words, though they are good, I will not purposely travel for it lah!
Dah cuba mah!  (Tried already mah!)
Have you tried this stall’s wantan noodles before??

6 responses to this post.

  1. This is a great post, LG. Thank you for making me hungry. I do so love wantan noodles.

  2. Thanks, Sharon! You are one hungry little devil lah! See pictures also can feel hungry one! Ahahaha!!

  3. That's why I'm so chubby..ehehe ^.^

  4. Hmmm, why is there no 'Like' button in comments ah? 🙂

  5. Happen to be trying to find this and learned much more than anticipated in this article. Thanks.

  6. You are welcome, Michael. Love your cholestrol blog! Good sharing! Thanks too! 🙂

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