BP Diagnostic Centre n Mr. Cinema

“Please take a number and someone will explain our available packages for your decision making.”

Hmmm, only 2 people ahead of me should not take very long. Boy, was I wrong! I waited for almost half an hour before my number was called. A young lady in a doctor’s white coat was behind the desk. Very quickly she opened her folder of leaflets and explained the differences between the packages.

The moment I decided which package I wanted, she started getting my details from her computer system. You see, I did my last medical check up there so they have all my details. Then she started printing sticker labels with my code and a form for me to sign to confirm that it was that package I wanted.

When I read the form, I saw the word ‘period’ which was ticked ‘NO’.

“Excuse me, what does this mean? Does it mean menstruation? If yes, it should be ticked ‘YES’”

“Oh, if you are taking the cancer marker tests which (include the ovary test), it is best the medical check up be taken one week after your menses stopped.”

I smiled and said,” Hmm, if you asked me that question just now, you would not need to print all these, right?”

Poor lady gave me a faint smile before acknowledging my appreciation for her time and my assurance to her that I will be back there the following week.

The moment I walked out of the place, I was thinking “Darn! Why is it so difficult to get a medical check up?! Just when I am mentally and physically prepared for the needles and what not, I have to wait for a week or so to mentally and physically prepare again! Haizz…”

 The rest of the day was running errands and attending a house warming party. By the time I got home, I turned on the television to find the HK movie “Mr Cinema” playing half time!

Here I was trying to get my head off thinking the worst for myself; there the show was showing death of a struggling wife. Her last words to the husband the night before she died:  “I have no more energy. This morning I woke up doing washing, cleaning and working hard for the family. I told you months ago that the washing machine was spoilt. Every time I mention it, you say you will fix it but you never did.

Today, the gas delivery boy sprained his ankle at the third floor and I, an aging lady of 50, had to help him carry the gas cylinder up here, the top floor! I was extremely tired the moment I reached the last step!

I was just too tired to cook after that and when I saw the piece of pork, I thought of the pork soups you had cooked for your colleagues and buddies. You know, you have never boiled any soup for me??

30 years! 30 years of marriage! I am just tired! I don’t think I can accompany you in chasing your dream anymore….”

This movie is about a struggling wife who tolerated his husband’s generosity to his friends and determination in achieving his dream in the expense of his wife and son, who finally decided to work hard for her own dream but died before achieving it.

Now, why am I talking about this movie when I was talking about my medical check up issue?

Let me explain to you: 
After watching that glimpse of the movie, I have decided
I will not live my life with regrets!
I will not have wrong priorities in my life!
I will not be selfish about what I want from people around me.
I will make my life meaningful.
I will continue to make people around me happy.
I will not be all that lady and her husband characters are in the movie!

Let’s put it this way, whatever the tests results will be after I have taken them in a week’s time, I will still be me! I will still live life the fullest and have fun! Life goes on! The earth will still rotate! There will still be sunrise and sunset everyday! Nothing will change! As long as I stay strongly in love with life, nothing will change me! Trust me!

Message of the Day:
I have decided today
That I am going to make it a happy day
Whatever I cannot change, I will accept it with grace
Whatever I can change, I will do it my way
The happy, happy way
~ LionGirl

A GFrenz member forwarded an email titled “No Need To Fear Cancer” just before I posted this. It says three things to survive Cancer attack:
1. Juice fresh Papaya leaves and stalk to drink.
2. Boil Lemon grass and drink as water.
3. Eat Apricot seeds to kill the Cancer cells.
Guess I will drink lemon grass water to start with……

14 responses to this post.

  1. Ya man agreed! But knowing you, you are never selfish to ask stuff from others and you always know what you want! 🙂 So cheer up lady. Errm… BP labs ah? So what package u picked? I also thinking go do check up next year 😛 I think 2 3yrs no med check up jor. Add one more point to your friend's trip to fight against cancer — Positive attitude and the believes that he/she can fight the cancer. Most important, he/she must have a very strong will to stay alive. Something important to cling with…

  2. Thanks, Casendra dear, no friend fighting against cancer lah. It's me fear of cancer kerana ada gum bleeding (with banyak cancer family history). So my med check up package ada semua cancer marker tests one. BP charges RM600 for it. Saja nak check semua to know if ada atau tak dak! Now also finding for a good dentist to check my gigi tak susun. Haizz, banyak nak buat at year end ini….You memang tak baca semua ah… next time I tampal more pictures for you ah! Ahahaha!!!

  3. wei this time i baca semua leh! hahaha… i also got super cancer family history one. U makan too much and too heaty till gum bleeding is it? 😛 Dont worry lah just go check it out 🙂

  4. Ahahaha! Okaylah! Ada baca, ada baca! Wah, you also got super cancer family history ah? I punya bapak, dia punya bapak, dia punya kakak, dia punya kakak punya anak – semua mati cancer; lungs, colon and nose. Lebih super dari you ke???Eh, macam compete saja! Ahahaha!!!

  5. Ahahaha… wei maybe we are far relatives?? 😛 my bapa throat, father side lah, macam macam, breast nose etc etc… kekeke… so i memang enjoy life one, sekali kena wanna go travel also susah :Pi also need to fix my teeth. hahahahahahahahaha

  6. Happy jugak if we are far relatives! Maybe lah, sama gila punya!!! Ahahaha!Wah! Banyak variety wor… Yah lor, that is also why I am enjoying life now or as much as I can! But why you need to fix your teeth lah? Your teeth dah cantik what?! Tak faham…

  7. oooh, cracked jor. long time also, malas go jumpa dentist drag >5yrs, hahaha… canot use certain teeth to bike, u know lah… cracked teeth… aiseh…

  8. Cracked > 5 yrs! Itu terlaluan lei! Better go dentist sekarang jugak! Apalah, tak sakit ke?? Eh, 'bite' lah not 'bike'! Hehe..I sms you a dentist my kawan just gave me today punya. Dia kat Subang Taipan. You go try, kalau good, you sms me then I go, okay???

  9. God bless LG then. May you pass your health test with flying colours ^.^

  10. Sharon dear, thank you for your blessing! Harap harap semua flying colours lah! Yeay!!

  11. LG, you will surely get a clean bill of health after completing all the tests.jl9

  12. Thank you, Sifu! Will send you my report card when I get it! It gotta be pass, pass, pass all the way!! Yeay!! 😀

  13. arghh..Papaya leaves..really cannot stand that. Some says it can cure denggi also.

  14. Ivynana, I have taken a dose of the papaya leaves juice once when I had fever for days and the doc's med was not effective. No, I did not have denggi coz the fever subsided when I took my med and came back once the med worn off (not the fever at night gone in the day type).Bitter beyond words! Good thing it was only one teaspoon! That's why I say I'll start with the lemongrass water. I like the taste. In fact, they are being served in Vietnamese restaurants with a stalk of lemongrass in the glass to be used as stirrer. 🙂

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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