Definition of Forgiveness

Recently, I believed I had offended someone without realising it. Oh my!

Picture from Yahoo images.

 A dear friend was spreading big chunks of butter on her piece of bread and I joked about her plastering the whole block of butter on it! Immediately I could see she was not happy with my remark. (She must be a butter lover and I spoilt her fun by stopping her axes of butter spread on her bread!) As good friends, we just continued our chat as usual. Still, I did not feel good saying what I said!

Hence, when I saw Oprah’s definition of forgiveness in her FaceBook, which I wished I had seeked but discarded it thinking it was not a big enough issue that could severe our friendship, it dawned upon me that I did wish this incident could have been different! I could just shut up and let her be!

This quick wit of mine was not done in good taste and it bothered me so much that I kept it at the back of my mind, to recall immediately when I saw the quote. Does that mean I should really say sorry to her to make the playbacks go away??

I can imagine her saying,

“Neh, did you do that? Oh, I did not even realise you did! Aiyah, no issue, no issue, don’t keep it in your heart! What is this??”
followed by a baby punch on my cheek! Yeah, that’s what dear friends will do!

Will that scenario take place? I believe so, because after all, it was only a passing remark which was meant to be a joke! Still, to me it may be a joke but to her it may be a sarcastic remark! The wise Chinese says: The person saying it may be ignorant but the one listening may feel it significant!

Gee, why am I bothered about this forgive and forget issue. Why am I harping on this? Could it be I value this friendship too much? Could it be I realise I could be a jerk sometimes with my words or language? Could it be I am remorse over my silliness?

Arghhh, I better carry on with life and stop this utter nonsense! What is done is done! Let bygones be bygones. If it was a matter of life and death, it should be something worthwhile discussing but over some chunks of butter?! I must be crazy enough to start it in the first place!

Having said the above, I will say, it takes a person with great courage to seek for forgiveness and a person of big heart to forgive.

Let me console myself that my dear friend has a big heart and that I do not have the courage; to raise the issue and be laughed or jeered at! After all, like another wise Chinese saying, big people will not remember small people’s action (literally translated, hahaha)!

Dear friend, please be the big people and let me be  small one lah! Sorry ah…..

Yeah! So simple! It takes only one word to make me feel better! Sorry – is not that hard to say and I meant it when I said it! Hope you feel better too, in case you were really offended that day!
I shall end this “please forgive me” post with Elton John’s Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word.  Lovely song and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I.
Do you agree with Oprah’s “forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could have been any different”??

2 responses to this post.

  1. You pretty much said what i could not effectively communicate. +1

  2. Thank you, dsl. I like the "+1" given. Very encouraging lei. Hehe.

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