Nyonya Shoe Specialist

“Please do not take pictures of the shoes.”

Orh! But may I ask why?

“We do not wish our shoe designs being copied.”

Oh, okay… err, can take pictures of the clothes ke?


Snap snap snap!

The rest of the ladies were trying on the nyonya beaded shoes. Me? I took pictures lor. Not interested in some fancy shoes although I do find the shoes here unique.

“Our shoes are all handmade. You can visit our workshop behind the shop.”

Oh, we can? Wah, let’s go! Now I know why we had to wait so long just now for the lady to open the front door of the shop. Yah, it was locked. I know it is a shop but only one person operating it mah, how can she leave it open and make shoes behind lah?? Right?

Excuse me, is it okay if I take pictures of your workshop ah?
“Can, can, please carry on.”

Hahaha, I found her queer lah! Cannot take pictures of the finished products but can take the ones in progress. Hmm, can still see the designs mah…really mind boggling about her fear lei.

Hey, really handmade one; bead by bead. Look at the workmanship! Really good, I say!

“How much is this pair?” asked one of the Super Ladies, who already had the shoes on her feet! Oh, I forgot to tell you that six of us who travelled to Malacca together were named the Super Ladies!

“RM160. The other pair you just tried is RM175. We make to order too and we can deliver the shoes to you in KL, only RM5 delivery charge for one pair of shoes.  If there is a need, you can send the shoes back here for repairs.” The lady informed with a smile.

While the other ladies gave their opinions about which design was nicer on her feet, I continued spying the shop’s layout.
Pictures of the owner taken with Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen and with the famous World renowned shoe designer Datuk Jimmy Choo were displayed around the shop.
So, does it mean this shop’s nyonya beaded shoes are good?

Whether they are good or not, I do not know. I only knew that the lady was very patient with my dear lady friends. With such good customer service, she definitely deserved a successful sale.

Yup! One of our lady friends placed an order and was told her shoes will reach her house in one week’s time! I will check with her and let you know later if the shoes arrive safely ah…

Before I left the shop, I asked for the shop’s name card so that you will know which shop to go to if you are interested in nyonya beaded shoes, cheong sam and baju kebaya.

Nyonya Shoe Specialist
84, Jalan Tun Cheng Lock
75200 Melaka
+606-283 0957

I found a nyonya shoe shop too during my last Malacca Gila Makan Trip.  Perhaps, you like to check that out as well….
Happy nyonya shoe shopping in Malacca!

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  1. Pretty insightful. Thanks!

  2. Glad you like my sharing, dsl. Cheers!

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