Gila Makan (11 meals in 14 hours) from Klang to Melaka!!

I just cannot hold myself anymore! I WANT to “cerita” (story tell) how 6 ladies had 11 meals in 14 hours, from 9.30am to 11.30pm, during our recent getaway! Believe it!!

Before I start, let me tell you how 6 ladies ended up in a “Gila Makan” (mad eating) Trip!

It all started with dear cousin’s schoolmate, who resided in Australia and had not come back to Malaysia for 30 over years! This lady, Pat, is really magnetic! She managed to gather more than 20 ex schoolmates, in this visit, to spend time with her in different gatherings and trips, with me included in this trip!

Bravo, new friend! I salute you!

The count starts now!
This was the first meal, at 9.30am, of the trip.
Knowing that we were going for Bak Kut Teh, we ordered one of each variety to share!
This shop is now my favourite pau shop!  Happy!
(2) Klang’s Bak Kut Teh 
My first time patronising this shop.
Nope, I have not written any post for this place.
Later lah, just look out for it, yah?
Here, they have the soup and dry version of Bak Kut Teh.
I liked the original soupy ones!
Yummy!  Yummy!
(3) Pantai Morib’s coconut
I felt cheated here lah!
We were told that the coconut was fragrance coconut but I got a sour juice, no fragrance and no flesh coconut! 
Why???  And everyone else’s nice one!!  Humph!
4) Tg Sepat’s seafood
Dear cousin and I took the ladies to Restoran Ocen, Tg Sepat, near the jetty!
Oh, I have not posted about this place also ah?
Okay lah, tunggu ya, I shall write a post about this place soon ah…
We had a sumptous seafood meal here!
Salted egg crabs, salt baked prawns, tepanyaki oyster, oyster sauce lala and fried ‘fine bones’ fish (sorry, forgot the name.  We ordered it because we found many tables ordered it!  No regrets, the best dish of this meal!)!
We bought the Tg Sepat’s popular fishballs, a packet of 40 for RM10.00, poured out about ten of it for taste testing!  Ahahaha!
(Stomach still got room for food testing!!  Really amazing!!!)
The rest tapau lor, and finished when we had the Melaka chicken ball rice the next day!  Still yummy!!
Dear cousin went to “tapau” (pack) their kaya pau.
“Huh?  Eating again?”
Having asked that question, we still shared half a pau each!  Ahahaha!
We went to Wanly Dragon Fruit stall, my favourite shop!
“Sweet!  Sweet!  Nice!”
“I want to buy back, can?”
Of course you can lah!  We got the cooler box in the car mah!
When  reach the hotel, put them in the fridge.
Hopefully can keep till the next day!
See, we so serious wor, cooler box also got for this trip!
Why?  We going to buy many food stuff meh??
7) Melaka’s Satay Celup
“Have you been to Restoran Capitol for their satay celup ah?”
No lah, why, nice one arh?
“Yes, they are number one!”
Oh, then must try, let’s go!
“Erm, still want to queue mah?  We are last in line leh.  Take picture first!
Okay, why not we go to the neighbour shop instead of lining up like this?
Sampai bila (Until when) lah we can eat?!”
(Not very hungry also did not want to queue.  Haizzz…)
Okay lah.  Let’s ask the people inside if they are good or not first.
“Good!  Not as good as Capitol, but second to it lah!”
With that assurance we went to the “old” satay celup restoran next door!
Err, I still like Restoran Ban Lee Siang, Jalan Ong Kim Wee compare to this one!
Capitol?  Try it next time lor, when there is no queue! Hehe..
8) Melaka’s Cendol Durian
Ahhh… this chendol was the best so far!
Better than Tan Kim Hock’s!
Must try!
It’s at the cafe of “Sam Shuk Kong”, the tall red building when you walk into Jonker’s Street after the bridge!
9) Jonker Street’s Nyonya Kuih
As we walked along Jonker Street, we could not resist getting some nyonya kuihs along the way.
Munching, munching only, not much mah!
10) Jonker Street’s Asam Laksa
When we reached shop 88, nobody was interested in taking pictures anymore.
We had a bowl of assam laksa and we left as soon as we finished it.
We wanted to make sure we can catch the Jalan Bunga Raya’s , near our hotel, wantan mee for supper!
11) Jalan Bunga Raya’s Wantan Mee
This was it!
The last meal of the day at 11.30pm!
Each of us had a plate!
Incredibly we could still taste this wonderful plate of noodles!
(Not numbed from all the food above!)
“No more food, please….”
I tell you ah, this was one crazy eating trip that maximised the day!
Non stop eating!!
Of course one can only do so when in good company of people with the same capacity!
Finally, I found a bunch of gals who can go gila makan with me!
In fact, one or two of them are more gila makan than me!
Salute!  Salute!  Salute!
Pesonal Message:
It was a fun trip!  Nice knowing the four of you, dear cousin’s school mates!  You are a bundle of joyful people and I wish we can do this again and again!  Will miss you, Pat!  Do come back as often as you can!
I had a wonderful, wonderful fun time!  Hope you all had too!  Love you all!  Cheers!
Have you ever had 11 meals a day in the span of 14 hours with 5 other ladies???

8 responses to this post.

  1. This is a wonderful with my 4 senior jie-jie. We are non stop eating, talking, walking and driving from KL, Klang, Morib, Tanjung Sepat, Sepang to Melaka … Huh ! That's alot of funs … laughter … Must thanks to LP to have a good drive us thru the whole 2 days ..Thanks again.We dare not to rest and fully use the time together, when back to KL still want to go for ' chew zhou chuk ' zheng wei zek.Lucky I didn't join the chuk, someone kena cirit-birit… hehe !Cheers to "Super Ladies" Friendsips ! Man Sui !

  2. It was indeed a great pleasure to meet you and to be able to have or rather share so much fun with you upon our first meeting!! Million cheers to our new found friendship! Take care.

  3. I agree, JD, 3 cheers to the "Super Ladies"!! The most super of all is LP for being the driver for both days! Thank you LP! Thank you! SB, you are most fun when it comes to food sharing! Ahahaha! Missing you already! When are we meeting lah?

  4. LG,u r great.U make our trip perfect.Nice to have such a happy friend like u.Hope to meet u and JD soon.

  5. KF, it is so wonderful to know you! You gals are so fun to be with and I hope to meet up with you gals soon too! This time, we try to break this record??! Wahahaha!

  6. Great! thanks for the share!

  7. When I view your RSS feed it just gives me a page of weird text, may be the problem on my reader? TY for putting this up, it was very helpful and explained tons.

  8. You are most welcome, Anon. Gee, I am not sure if anyone else is facing the same problem. Thank you for informing me. Hope it is only a one time problem. 😦

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