Sepang n Dragon Fruits?

Talk about Sepang and you will think of dragon fruit farms? Huh, no ah? Ahahaha! I would think of the Formula One track also lah! That was before I visited one farm after another and another. Yah lor, there are many dragon fruit farms there one!

Visiting those farms during different trips enable me to compare which stall sell the best fruits and of course share the information with you here!  I will only mention two better stalls ah…

When you are driving towards Port Dickson after passing the Sepang town, you would find a stretch of dragon fruit farms and their stalls along the road.
This is one of the bigger stalls, belonging to Pitaya Group Sepang Farm!
It had been interviewed by Ho Chak and it even has a restaurant!
Aiyah, I know all the information from this banner lah!
We took dear brother Tony and beautiful wife to this stall because our favourite stall was not opened.
The moment we stepped into the stall, we ordered 2 fruits “dine in”.
“Choose the best ones ah…”
The right way to eat dragon fruit is similar to eating cut oranges.
Just peel off the skin as you eat!
Let me share this embarrassing moments of mine…
Should I or should I not?
The first time I ate this pink dragon fruit I thought I was bleeding when I poo-poo
(must write discreetly in my blog mah, hehe..).
The moment I saw dear cousin, I told her,
“Hey, I think I need to go for a medical check up!  I have blood in my poo!”
Of course dear cousin was much wiser coz she remembered we had these pink dragon fruits the night before!
In other words, do not worry if you “bleed” in your pee or in your poo after eating these pinkies!
We found that this stall actually exports their fruits.
The guy in charge told us that they would need to pick the fruits before they ripe so that by the time they reach their destinations they are riped!
The greener fruits are for further distances!
Erm, obviously lah!
Gee, will they be sweet ah?
“Not as sweet as it should be, of course!”
Hmm, now I understand why those sold in supermarkets are not as sweet as those eaten or bought here!
Wanly Dragon Fruits is just next to Sepang stall.
This is our favourite stall!
I will tell you why later.. erm, I mean as you read you will understand why!
Dear cousin and I brought her four ex schoolmates here when one of them came back from Australia for a holiday!
It was their first visit and experience to this place
(while it was our second at this place because they were not opened during one of our trips)!
You guessed it lah, we also ordered for 2 fruits cut and served at the stall.
As done by the other stall, this stall also serve sample dragon fruit enzyme drink.
I must say not everyone enjoys this drink, including me lah!  Yikes!
Hey, please do not let me stop you from trying.  You may love it instead!  Hehe.
You can see rows and rows of the dragon fruit (aka pitaya) plants growing at the side of the stall!
See the pitaya flower?
Wouldn’t it be lovely if it was bloomed when this picture was taken??
When you leave this stall, when you are there, make sure you buy back some fruits!
You see, this stall is only opened when there are fruits for sale.
Because, they sell fruits that ripe on the trees!
Explaining why they are exceptionally sweet and fragrance!
The bigger the fruit (with less “petals”), the better, ok?!
Their pricing could be RM0.50 more expensive than their neighbour’s but they are worth it!
Trust me!
And, count youself lucky if you find the stall open!
Have you visited the dragon fruit farms in Sepang?


7 responses to this post.

  1. Thank s for bringing us to tis dragonfarm.I would lov to go again kalau ada chances.I nvr knew d shop we went was being interview by d 'HO CHIAK' host.Dat day I bought some big n small dragonfruits n both taste sweet n fragrance n I must say its so different with d one we bought in d supermarket cos some r tasteless n not fragrance.Though its heavy to carry but its worth buying.

  2. Amy jei jei, don't be so hak hei lah! It was our pleasure to take you to places for good food/fruits/fun! Glad you liked them too! Yah, the next time you come, we go again lah! From LCCT mah, right? Hehe…

  3. Thank Q, Thank Q,we lov it.

  4. LG, it happened to me too, just about three weeks ago. First time eating this red dragonfruit.The next day, in the loo, I thought, "Omg, I 'm sick!"~Sharon

  5. Sharon, I thought I was the only ignorant one! Ahahaha! Thanks for letting me know that I am not! You so nice.Additional Note:Yah, must also warn first timers eating this fruit to be careful when eating – better wear a bib and have a towel over your expensive clothes! You could easily stained them if you are not careful! Will add colour to your lips and tongue too! Ahahahaha!!

  6. i love dragon fruits! thanks for this informative post. šŸ™‚

  7. Eddel29, glad you find this post informative. Someone told me dragon fruits have lots of iron and cannot be taken too much. If one does, one will increase the risk of having stones in the kidney. Wonder if it is true….

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