Tg Sepat pau v. Klang pau! – part 1 of 2

Yes!  Today is “pau” (steamed bun) talk day!  Ahahaha!  Love talking about food!  No, I am not a “pau” lover but I do not mind having good “pau”s especially when someone tells me that they are very famous and popular and that I must eat one!!
The last, last trip to Tanjung Sepat, dear Mrs Nephew already told us about a famous pau shop that we should go.  Just before that trip, another close girlfriend also  mentioned about a must go Tg Sepat pau shop!  Guess both of them were talking about the same shop because Tg Sepat got one pau shop only!  Ask the locals and everyone points you to the same direction one!  Ahahaha!
How we found the place was very interesting indeed!
Here goes the story: 
We were driving through one of the small lanes in this village when we found this Mercedes!
“Look at how some inconsiderate people park the car?!”
Honk!  Honk!
A man came out of the house and signalled that he will drive his car away.
“Hey, why not ask him where the pau shop is?”
Brilliant suggestion, so we sent a representative to get down to ask him.
After seeing his hand pointing left, right, up and down, our rep came back with a smile and said,
“He said he will lead us there!”
Wah!  Nice guy!
Ahahahaha!  Err, did we just call him “inconsiderate” ah??
He took us right to the doorstep!
Yup!  A small shop with a big crowd inside!
It was a weekend lah!
Lesson to learn:
Never go to that shop during weekends and public holidays!
All the mad people will be queuing inside!
I was standing beside one guy and I casually said,
“Wah, big crowd ah?  How long you’ve been waiting?   Erm, where’s the queue lah?”
“Don’t know?  I just came in to see the crowd!”
Wahahaha!  Told you mad people would be hanging in there!
What lah?!  Not buying, don’t jam up the place lah!
At the entrance, you will find this signage pasted on the glass.
Eh, the pau not cheap lei!
And, must look out for the genuine logo some more!
Why?  Buy from the shop also got imitation one meh??
On the left side of the shop was where the actions took place!
Oh, got machine help make the pau one!
And human labour to stuff in the fillings!
“Each people only can buy 2 5 pcs.  Sorry.”
You gotta be kidding!  No wonder people were crowding in here!
Let’s see, how many we want?
5 of each?  That’s gonna be 30 pcs.  Quick, call everyone out of the car!
6 of us to queue for 30 pieces lah!
Mad!  Mad!  Mad!
Look, before our turn, almost the whole shelf of pau was sold!
The lady in front was so eager to give her money away!
Haiyoh!  Really so nice meh?
Maybe lor, since even celebrity chefs went there for their pau!
See the pictures on the wall!
We did not manage to buy all the varieties that trip!
Sold out wor!
The moment we got into the car, we started claiming a pau each!
I want to share the “mui choi” pau with “san yoke” pau, any takers?
Of course lah!
Dear cousin, you can have the peanut pau all for yourself!
Hahaha!  Coz I ain’t eating peanuts in a pau!
We checked the logo on the pau bottom!
Munch, munch, munch!
Look out for the “Klang pau” story
the verdict of which is better (to me)!!!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Hey LG, drove all the way just to taste some paus. No wonder the boss ( the man who guided you )is driving a big fat car.jl9

  2. No lah, Sifu, happened to pass by saja (erm, on the way to PD mah)! And that Mercedes guy is not the boss lah! Just someone staying in the village! Do you know that the pau shop does not sell to locals (from the village) during weekends and public holidays? The paus are reserved for "tourists" like us on those days! Yeay!!

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