What’s fun in Broga? – Hot Soups!

I knew you are going to ask me: “Why, you all did not go food hunting meh?” Ahahaha! Of course we did lah! How can we walked a hill and temple and not feel hungry one??

Dear associate told me that Semenyih town is popular for its spicy soup! “Drive back to the town from Broga Hill.  When you are there, look out on your left and you will find a big banner with two big Chinese words “Hot Soup”! Aiyah, you will not miss it one!”

With that “directions” given, I led the way to find “the popular” shop!

“Okay, boys and gals, help to look out for “Hot Soup” banner on the left!”

“There!” shouted brother TT!

Wah! So sharp wor his eyes! He found the shop we were looking for!

This was the place!
Really big Chinese words on the banner alright!
Useful, if you know how to read Chinese!

Dear cousin said, “Smile!”
Before everyone heard what she said she went clicking her camera!
Haizz, see some blur blur ones not looking at the camera??

Dear associate said, “Must order their claypot pork with salted fish!  Nice!”
She was right!  ‘Hou Sik’!  Simply delicious!
Err, may I have more rice ah??

The captain recommended Tom Yam Taufu!
Okay lah, not too bad but two pieces were still sitting on the plate when we left the table!
I wanted to finish them but did not want to be called a “food dustbin”!

This pork roll was good!
The plate was shining clean before the meal ended!
I almost ordered only one roll instead of two!

Ahhhh…. the star of the meal!
The “hot soup”!
It was pepper hot soup and not chilly hot soup!
Take a scoop and you will find pork intestine, stomach and meat in it!
How was it?
HOT!!  Really HOT!!
Dear TT kor kor’s daughter left her handphone on the table, just beside the claypot (see picture on top) and that got me worried.
“Dear girl, you cannot leave your handphone on the table and your bag on the chair lah!  This is Malaysia, not Singapore (she works there, you see)!”
Having said that, I felt so ashamed!  How can I belittled my country?  But I really could not help alerting her of our country’s crimes rate; cases of acid splashing, cases of long parang used and cases of dragging victims (who hung on to their handbags) on the road!
My own cousin brother got his handphone snatched when he was speaking on it!  Can you beat it??  Also, I had saved my friend’s handphone when I saw a kid trying to scoop it by placing a magazine over it!  A kid, mind you!  Haizz….
Coming back to the meal, are you going to ask,
“Why?  You guys don’t eat vegetables ah?”
Of course we did lah!
Sweet potato leaves cooked with fermented beancurb.
Aisay, nothing extra tasty mah, so I thought I could skip the picture lah!
In fact, we had the second plate of vegetables but was too lazy to take that picture!
It was just green leaves on the plate!  So, carried on eating lor!  Hahaha!

After lunch, it was time to go home!  Half the day gone already and everyone was tired (and dirty after the trek)!    I had fun that morning despite having to sleep early (at 1am) and waking early (at 4am) the same morning!  Ahahaha!  All for the sake of having fun time with dear kor kor, jei jei, their twin girls, their son, their girls’ guy friend and my dear twin buddy!  Oh, of course, my dear cousin too!!  How can I miss her??
Have you had “hot soup” in Semenyih town before?

– The End of “What’s fun in Broga?” –

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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