What’s fun in Broga? – Sak Dato Temple

After climbing the Broga Hill, we drove ahead to find the next place my dear associate suggested.  She said,” If you drive straight on, you will find a beautiful temple!  Since you are there, it would be a nice place to visit.”
“Do you know today is Kuan Yin Festival?”  Huh?  Ya ke?  Then, more reason why we should visit a temple, right???
Dear associate told us that the temple’s name is Sak Dato Temple or something like that.  Just drive straight till the end and we will not go wrong one wor! 

The moment we drove on from the Broga Hill, we found this signboard.
Straight mah, so we were going to Pekan Broga lah?!
Hey, someone was tapping a rubber tree leh!
Wah!  We don’t see such action in the city one!
What a good shot dear cousin took!
Maybe she also did not realise someone was tapping coz she was too focus with the signboard!
The sun finally showed face!
Eh, we were about to cross over to the Negeri Sembilan border lei, according to that signboard!
Wah!  Really travelling from state to state lah!
Memang adventurous!  Hehe.
Go straight some more!
Yah lah, drive through that Kg. Baru Broga, N.S.’s arch!
If you know Chinese, that yellow signboard (on the left) had already confirmed we were at the right direction lah!
We were convinced only when we saw this board!
Really, just drove on till the end and that was where we found the temple and we parked our cars right in front of it!
Hey, this was no small temple leh!
Massively beautiful!
Must have lots of rich donors to make this place possible!
My favourite picture of this trip!
Love this Kuan Yin’s serene pose.
Dear cousin took a kneel to receive the holy water from Kuan Yin.
So pious wor.
We were taught from young:
“Go into a house, must address people.
Go into a temple, must pray to the God(s)”
A simple teaching of  “respect” every parent should teach their child but sad to note that not many modern parents today teach it to their children.  Haizz….
Ah, I liked this picture a lot!
This is Kiung Tai Kong fishing!
See, there was no fishing line on his rod one!
It was believed that he still managed to get the fishes hooked!
From some folk tales in China!
This was the only lady God in the 8 Gods crossing the ocean!
Wahahaha!  Sorry ah, direct translation!
Ahem, I must say it was beautifully sculptured!
The famous Dragon Gate and Chinese’s love for wealth symbol just beside it!
I was not joking when I said this place was massive!
It even had its own suspension bridge!
Not a lousy or flimsy one but a solidly built bridge!
No joke!
After crossing the bridge, we found the Monkey King (a famous character of the Journey to the West) which we could already see from far when we were driving up just now, standing in an alert position on the hill top!
From where the Monkey King stood, it could see the whole valley as if overseeing the welfare of the town and its people!
A beautiful place indeed!
All for free!
No admission fees except donations, as you wish, into the charity boxes found at some places within the temple!
Before we left this temple, we did what we were told this temple was famous for!
We “prayed” for 4 digits!
We sent dear cousin to be the representative to ask for the numbers and everyone to buy the number to try luck!
Aiyah, where got so easy strike one!
Lost a few ringgit to prove that either
1) the temple’s reputation was not true
2) my luck’s too hard to break
3) because all of us bought the same number, the unlucky people sink the boat of wealth lah!

Have you visited this temple before?


6 responses to this post.

  1. Funny la u. Hahaha, very good intro of this place!

  2. LG, is this a suitable place to bring an old lady 70+? Lots of climbing and far to walk ka? Terima kasih in advance ^.^

  3. Casendra, really funny meh? Hehehe.Sharon ah, if only pray pray and can handle one two flights of staircase then okay lah. If not, it's gonna be susah a bit to walk walk around the place. Can always go there and see if she can jalan lama there. If not, it's still nice to have some fresh air there! There's a pagoda rest place near the temple. 🙂

  4. Broga ( Wu Loi Ngan) was a one-horse town in the 40s. There was a small wet-market where we went for our simple breakfast of fried mee or mee-hoon and WTK ( with a lot of yam).My grandma's house was just a short distance away. The small school where my uncle went was just opposite the market.I remembered he brought me to the school and gave me a packet of small fire-crackers to play.Looking at your pictures, LG, Broga is so different now, so much development and so different.My uncle and his family still live there. He had a stroke recently and is now recovering in Tong Shin Hospital. Will go and see him soon.jl9

  5. Sifu, hope your uncle get well soon! When you come visit him, let dear cousin and I take you to memory lane! Let's go Broga! 😀

  6. Your point is valueble for me. Thanks!

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