What’s fun in Broga? – Broga Hill

Mrs TT, from Alor Star, called me over the phone one evening and asked me about Broga Hill.  Huh?  What about the hill?  She wanted to know if there are leeches in the hill.  I don’t know lah coz I have never been there before.  Why?  You are coming to KL ke?  She had no choice but to explain that her twin girls had booked their air tickets to come to KL to climb the hill with them! 

Ahahaha!  That conversation triggered this visit to Broga lah!  Of course I did my homework too!  I asked my associate about the place when we met to discuss about Bukit Tabur.  My dear associate told me to use the highway to Kajang and follow the Semenyih signboards until I can see the signboards to Broga Hill or Unniversity of Nottingham.  After I passed the university, I will be able to see lots of cars park along the road or inside the palm oil plantation.  That was where we should park our car to walk up!

I slept at 1am that morning and I got up at 4am to meet the twins and friends at 5.30am at the Kajang Toll!
Yawn!  Yawn!
I thought I could happily follow someone to this hill but ended up leading the way coz the person who knows this place mixed up the date of the climb! 
One morning later!
When we reached this place it was about 6am.
“Aiyak!  We should bring our headlights lah!”
Thank goodness the youngsters had iPhones which they used as torchlights!
Wah!  Bright also leh!
Of course, we also ride on other torchlights on the way!
Yee-har!  Hehe..
As we were about to reach the first peak, the sun was already peeping out!
Gee, this climb was all ascending to the top one!
There was plenty of “lalangs” to welcome you!
Mrs TT got one “lalang” as souvenir from her children since she and brother TT decided to stay at the foot of the hill… erm, in the car, sleeping!
See the sun?!
Thick clouds blocked it except the stroke of red across the sky!
This scenic picture was worth the climb indeed!
Simply beautiful!
The other side of the hill was as spectacular!
The layer of mist made the town below looked mystical!
Looked like a piece of watercolour painting!
Hey, we were not at the peak yet lah!
Opposite of where the sun tried to push out behind the clouds, the moon was still smiling at us who were struggling to climb up!
Then I understood why my dear associate said we may need to hold on to the grass to climb up!
There were no trees for one to hold on to at all!
Looking down, we could see how high we had climbed!
Also, how bare this place looked!
We were not the first who reached!
In fact, someone had already built some tents here!
Many teenagers crowded the first peak making dear cousin and I looked like grandmothers mingling with them!
While many, including us, stopped at the first peak, many others had continued the climb to the second and third peak!
Yup!  Bare from trees throughout the journey to the second and third peak!
All the best!
That was the reason why dear associate said they would not linger there when they reached the peak!
They normally made their climb at about 9am when the sun was already up!
If they stayed at the peak for too long, they would get sunburn lah!
We forecasted that the sun will not win the battle with the clouds, hence, we decided to make our way down without waiting any longer.
Err, turn round and take picture ah?
Okay lah, smile….
The path was rough and uneven, sand slippery and nothing to hold on to!
Look!  The man was carrying a toddler in his arms!  Bravo!
Look further!  Some young kids were trekking up!  Tough kids indeed!
As long as you wear proper trekking shoes, it is safe climb lah!
Of course the young and healthy also trekked this place!
When we reached these stalls, we knew we had reached the foothill.
Another way to confirm was the oil palm trees lah!
That meant the parking place was near!
From that point to the entrance, it was oil palms trees surrounding us!
This was at the entrance!
When we reached here earlier, it was too dark to take pictures!
Now, very clear lah!
Broga Hill 1.7km and parking RM2 if parked inside.
At the roadside, free lah, if you can find a place!
This was my first climb at the Broga Hill.  To regular trekkers, this is not a tough trek.  It was made tough because we had climbed in the dark, in hope to see the sunrise! 
To me, I would say it would be best to start the climb about 6.30am to 7am so that you could reach the peak by 7.30am to 8am.  It would be safer and more relaxing then.  After all, there is no guarantee we could catch the sunrise by starting very early!  Aiyah, sour grapes saja!  Ahahaha! 
So, where or what did we go or do after the climb? 

7 responses to this post.

  1. Gorgeous landscape.. I like the layers of hills ^.^ and lalang never looked so lovely until now. More lalang, please!

  2. Thanks for leading av 1 of us, if not for u n JD, tis B.Hill trek will not happen.Though we din manage to go up but we did leave our footprint on d palm oil plantation.I believed we will not b able to reach d top with our condition but haven give up, will try when I'm ready.hahaha..Tt said his heart nearly STOP but not bcos of d climb. Its due to lack of rest n kan pei session. hahaha.

  3. Sharon, if I know you love lalangs, I would pluck some for you lah! Now, how? Must climb again to pluck ah? Amy jei jei, don't lah make me blush… if not for your girl's iPhone GPS to find the university, we also lost lah! Ahahaha! Looking for signboards before 6am with blur-blur eyes susah sikit! Hehe. Ya lor, kor kor saja drank hard to skip this climb! Kakakaka!Next trip you come, we go climb again, okay! Then, you can send some lalangs to your children for souvenir! Wahahaha!!

  4. See, Not only marine park, island or seaside(of course on the East side), Malaysia has many places to visit n enjoy. Even small place like Broga can have ones outing on an weekend to relax/ past wonderful time. There is a temple around there which is also a very nice place to visit n to snap some shots. N for those who believe in SPM–Sport toto, Pan pool, Magnum, u can be rich to have a lucky no.Try out guys. LG -nice article. TX

  5. Hey, Garlic, you've been to Broga too lah! Letting the cat out of the bag about the temple! Ahahaha! Itu dalam part 2 lah! Glad to know you are also a Cuti2 Malaysia person! Hmm, any recommendations of places which I'd missed in my blog ah? So that I can visit and share too? I love to go jalan2 makan2 one!

  6. Hi,Wow! You all really have a good day leh.. not bad err.worth to wake up at 4am, right? it's really beautifulcheer!!

  7. Cindy, thanks for all your directions and advices! If not for them, we would not have done so much after the climb! You are right, it sure was worth a climb! Simply beautiful! Thanks again! Cheers!!

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