From Pantai Tengah to Pulau Payar, Langkawi

This trip at Pulau Langkawi, we stayed in the Charlie Motel at Pantai Tengah.  Hah?  Yah, I had never heard of it before too!  But brother TT had highly recommended it and we trusted his choice!  No regrets!  No regrets!  Considering the price we paid for this place and the view we got, we got a great deal!  Our units facing the sea lah! 
Don’t take my words!  Look at the pictures for yourself!

The first thing the children did was rushed to the beach, which was right in front of our chalets!
The views were mesmerisingly beautiful!
You can find all the water activities at this beach!
Yes, the same beach in front of our chalet!
See the waves!
They were not as friendly as they were in this picture!
Dear nephew was standing on a 3ft sea floor and the waves were 3 ft above him!
Believe it!  Dear nephew took this picture just before the waves hit him!
Great shot, nephew!!
Ah, our chalets!
The one with the porch light on and the one beside it!
Sure looked good from outside!
Err, inside also okaylah..
No complaints about our unit but the other unit had a foul smell!
“Spray refreshner also does not work one!”
That was dear nephew’s mother complaining, for the next two days!
“Tomorrow you have to wait at the mini market by 8.15am for the bus to take you to Pulau Payar!”
Yeah!  Pulau Payar!  Sea!  Sun! Snorkel!  I like!  I like!  I like!
Dear brother TT and dear wife reached our chalets at 8am to bring us packets of nasi lemak for lunch at Pulau Payar!
“The package includes lunch but it may not be anything fantastic so these are insurance for bad food served!”
Thank goodness we had them! 
 The packet rice served was as hard as stone! 
Nothing was tasty except the nasi lemak we carried there!  Wahaha!
After stopping by at practically every hotel, motel and hostel to pick up tourists like us, we finally reached the Kuah Jetty at 9.30am and boarded the Langkawi Coral that departed at 10am!
The ferry stopped at the Langkawi Coral platform which we boarded, took our life jacket and boarded another boat to the shore!
No, our package was not the one at the platform!
The platform package was more expensive because they served buffet lunch!
Aiyah, as if the buffet will be better meh!  Ahahaha!  Sour grape lah!
Still gotta walk awhile before reaching the beach!
Must take pictures!
Ya lor, my waterproof camera was a gem that day!
“Everyone, please gather here for a briefing before you go into the water!
(In other words: Attention!)
On my left is the toilet!
(Yah, we saw that!)
There is no fresh water on this island!  It is only sea water in there!
No soap or shampoo are allowed here because the water will be washed back into the sea!
(Oh, okay, that means we cannot bath here!)
You are not allowed to hand feed the fishes!
(But why?  We’d done it the last time we were here!)
Yes! We used to have sharks feeding show time but we do not have it anymore!
(Why?  We’d purposely brought our leftover bread from KL here!)
We had cases where fingers were bitten off!
(Serious ah?)
You see, when the sharks know there’s food here, more sharks will come and it could be dangerous to you!
(But the water so shallow wor…)
It happened!  Someone had a finger or two bitten off!
(Yeeks!  That’s scary!)
So, no feeding fishes here, okay?!
(Okay lor!  So what are we gonna do with those loaves of bread?!)
Guess what?
The sea was divided according to the packages!
Those sitting in that high building can swim in the waters nearer to it!
See that line on the sand?  That was the divider!
We?  We got to snorkel nearer to the jetty!
The moment we got into the water, these fishes were already swimming around us!
They got curious with my camera so they swam in front of it to check it out!
Smile!  You are on candid camera!
I found this fish very fascinating!
In fact the first time it was in front of me, I could not see it except a shadow!
Eeeek!  Something just moved!
Then I saw it!  Ahhh!  It was an almost transparent fish!
Snap!  Snap!  Snap!
And finally one good shot out of a dozen tries!  Phew!
There were sea cucumbers everywhere!
Whatever you do, don’t step on it!
No, who cares about your foot!
It was the cucumber I was worried about!  Ahahaha!!
Told you this place was divided!
See that line across the water in front of the ship?
Dear cousin and I were obediently snorkelling behind the line!
In case we had to pay extra if we swam over the line!   Wahaha!!
There were more varieties of colourful fish swimming in deep (deeper only lah) waters and there were chunks of corals all over the seabed!
Do you know that it is difficult to take photos with the googles on?
Half the time, I could not see what I was snapping because the screen was so small and dark!
This shot must be taken by dear cousin!  Bravo!
Sorry lah, this not a colourful fish!
Saw a colourful fish but caught only the tail picture!  Ahahaha!!
This was a great shot!
This blue coral was opening and closing its mouth like a clam!
Watching this real life instead of in Discovery channel was really thrilling!
(There was also a purplish one but no pictures wor.)
Amazing, simply amazing!!
Trust me!
Another good shot by dear cousin!
Must really throw her praises for her effort in taking clear underwater pictures!
You are great, dear cousin!
At the furthest end of the rope line was this floating place which dear cousin and I got up and had some tourists taking pictures for us!
That guy, a British Chinese, had his finger on the left corner of our pictures as souvenir!  Ahahaha!
Do you think he did it on purpose???
Obviously I was the one who took this picture!
Dear cousin giving a thumb’s up!
Notice she was wearing her life jacket?
That was what we did, snorkelling with our life jackets on!
Felt safer when in deep waters!  Not professional swimmers mah!  Hehe.
Also, notice that hand band she was wearing?
We were each given one when we were at the jetty!
To identify which package we belong, I guess, so that they could direct us to the correct divided sea space!
This was what we saw when we were sitting on the floats!
People can only come here for day trips because this is a marine park!
We reached here about 11am and left at 3pm.
Lunch was served at 12noon and the guides will take the trouble to swim to you to tell you to go for lunch!
Aiyah, people enjoying here want people to swim back for lunch!  Apalah?!
While we were busy snorkelling and taking pictures, dear nephew’s girls were idling at the beach!
They had an enjoyable time too!
Blue skies, fine sand and clear waters were everything nice that day!
Though the sun was burning, we were still having so much fun here!
Enjoyed!  Enjoyed!  Enjoyed!
Dear nephew found fun taking pictures of us and for us!
He found that there were more fishes at the jetty than at the beach.
Haizz, if I knew I would be snorkelling here lah!
He even spotted sharks swimming around!
Check out this picture!
Can you see the shark on the left side of the picture?
Guess this mother and child saw it too!
Gee, was there any sharks swimming with me ah?!
Wah!  Dear nephew caught another shark swimming around!
Oh my!  I bet we were really swimming with the sharks lei!
Thank goodness, we were stopped from feeding the fishes!
We could really lose fingers one!
Before leaving this place, we were told we could rinse ourselves with rain water collected in a tub near the toilet. least something, instead of  leaving soaked in salt water, our minds were comforted with a few bottles of rain water over our body!
Clean dah!  Happy!
When we were at the jetty, we noticed this type of crab and the shell creature on the stones!
Dozens of them crawling around!
“This type of crab cannot be eaten one!”
Ya ke?   How about that shell creature ah?
Do you know?
No answer!
Dear nephew was so naughty!
He secretly threw bread into the water for the fishes which immediately swam and fought for it!

We also saw the biggest “todak” fish ever!
Double awesome!!

Conclusion, this place was simply thriple awesome!!!

Have you been to this awesome place before?



9 responses to this post.

  1. LG, this is a walk/swim down memory lane for me. I was there in 1998 when i was serving in one of the resorts in Langkawi. I am surprised that the water is still so clear and clean and the fishes, especially the sharks are still there. Bravo for the authority that manages this place.

  2. Sifu, this was my 2nd visit here which I had my 1st snorkelling experience during the 1st visit and fell in love with! They had changed a few rules here and that may be the reasons why the water was so clear and clean! They do deserve a pat on their shoulder for their good job in maintaining the place! Bravo!Err, want to go there for a swim/ snorkel together?? Huh??Cheers!

  3. Wah… 3 feet waves…. geng!

  4. is a very nice place to have 5S – sun, swim ,sand , snokel, sight. i was there some 10 over yrs ago. at that time is quite a bit of high-speed catamaran/ferry fee to paid n is only on day trip.Actually, is not enough time to really enjoy. See, Malaysia has many beautiful places n yet some people wants to explore further. like Koh Samui. Anyway, LG thx for the nice write-up n wonderful shots…..

  5. Casendra, I wanted to experience that high wave too but was too tired the next evening to do so and we were already leaving the following morning! Haizz, next time must just do it! No "tomorrow" lor! Sometimes tomorrow really does not come one!! Err, next trip lor! Ahahahaha!!You are most welcome, Garlic! Love to share my traveling with you one! 🙂 And you are right about people always thinking foreign places are better when they have not even visited places in our beautiful Malaysia! Truly Asia……

  6. Ya ya ya, u must remember boyzone's song lyrics… if tomolo never comes…. lalalalalalalala….

  7. a far far away land.Skin diving (snorkelling), that's what we called it and my first experience was at Pulau Ular in the East Coast. The place might have lost its sparkle by now. Anyway i haven't been there since 1965.It would be good of you, LG, to organise a holiday in P Perhentian or P Tioman or any other pulau.Yes it would be fun swimming and snorkelling with you. I like that.Thanks!PS All my snorkelling kakis are either happily enjoying life in their old rocking-chair or in a far far away land.

  8. Sifu, I had snorkelled at Pulau Ular before too! The first question I asked the boatman was why was the island called Pulau Ular? Was it because there was many snakes there? He laughed and said "No ular! No ular!" Ahahaha!When we were there, there were only dead corals washed on shore and nothing much! The current was stronger than it should making the clear water milky.We ended in a trek around the island! Ahahaha! Less than 10 min we covered the whole island because it was small! Sifu, definitely this place has lost its sparkle! Haizzz….

  9. I quess as much that the water is not as it used to be because the island is too close to the mainland. As you observed the waves would have caused much distruction on the corals. A pity really. I saw a clam while skindiving there and it had a beautiful purplish hue. Thank God i didn't put my foot in. If i had ….Cheers!jl9

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