Happy Birthday! Lion Girl Blog is 2 today!

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!
Five candles coz it will be five soon!  Hahaha!!!
Celebrate in advance sikit mah!
Lion Girl Blog is two years old today!!!

I never thought I could survive blogging for two years! Two years ago I was still ignorant about Facebook and never heard about blogs or Twitters! Two years later, today, this blog has almost 80 followers (ya lor, there are some nice people who joined twice!  Like that also can!  Ahahaha!) and has a Facebook and Twitter account! It is obviously still alive! Yeah! Yeah! Yeay!

My first blog post, titled Just Complacent, was first published on 10th October 2009. In that post I wrote about being complacent with my life. Hahaha! Gee, what was I thinking of?!  Two years later, ie now, you find me seeking for more; more friends, more food and more fun!! To me, I am more alive today than yesteryears! Thanks to blogging!

If you were to read my oldest posts (that means about 2 years old ones) now, you will be able to learn more about me. Why? Because I started my blog by introducing me; body, mind and soul! In fact, the blog’s name then was “Body, Mind and Soul” which I later changed it to Lion Girl Blog! Thought the new name is more dynamic! You agree?

Of course I was asked why I have chosen the name “Lion Girl”! It’s gonna be a long story if I were to debate it all over again here! Hehe. Just say I love it and am gonna keep it! Ahahaha!

Oh, my profile picture? Yes, yes, that was an issue too! Why my teeth? And why not I’d say! I still remember the first time I met brother TT, who used to blog in the Star Online Citizen’s Blog (may it R.I.P. now); he actually looked at my teeth to confirm I am Lion Girl! Dear cousin saw it too! Wahahaha!! My teeth, the most unique trademark for you to recognise me!!

Then, I used to blog everyday because I had so much to share! Err, also I had more time to write! Ahahaha! Oh, I still have plenty to share now but I’d travelled so much that I am slower to share! Hence, you just gotta have a little more patience with me, okay?

Just last night, dear nephew asked me, “Hey, updated your blog already ah?” Huh? “Why so slow one??”  Huh??  What a pleasant question and statement though I was shy to say “Not yet lah!” Heehee.

Also the other day a fellow blogger tweeted me to ask when I will be publishing my next post! Wow! I have been chased to update my blog sooner than I could! I love it! I love it!  I love it!

I remembered I used to beg people to read my blog. “Read my blog lah! Please read my blog! Have you read my blog?” Erm, I still do that! Wahahaha! Bad habit dies hard! If you know me, you will get it too! “Did you read my blog ah? Go read my blog!” Wakakaka!

Now, I am not saying this blog is so popular that I have tons of fans! A few, got lah! Thanks ah for your support! But I must also say the blog is not so dull that no one clicks into it!  Wah, action nya!

To me, more than 50 visits a day are good leh! Happy! Happy! If more than a hundred better still! Hehehe… Aiyah, I am normal mah, always seeking for more!

I must say the best gift I got in blogging is knowing beautiful people and being friends with them! Or you, if you are reading! You touched my heart and my life because you are now part of my life! You gave me strength, encouragement and urge to continue blogging! You changed my life because you are always there to push me to go forward! Thank you! Thank you!

I may not be internationally popular or extremely successful in the blogging world but I must say I feel love, care and friendship from you, dear friends, that I feel I have achieved a lot with this blog! You keep me going and going I will in posting sharing of myself, my life and my thoughts!

Keep them coming, keep them burning and I’ll keep on sharing!  Let me feel the power!  May the force be with me…. eh, sounds like Star Wars already!  Hohoho!

Lion Girl Blog, two years old and still growing (strong?)! Yippy, yippy, yeah, yeay!
Quote of the Day:
I will grow.
I will become something new and grand,
but no grander than I now am.
Just as the sky will be different in a few hours,
its present perfection and completeness is not deficient,
so am I presently perfect and not deficient
because I will be different tomorrow.
I will grow and I am not deficient.

Happy Birthday to my Blog……


18 responses to this post.

  1. Congratulations, Lion Girl. Keep on blogging.

  2. Thanks, MK! You have changed my life coz you had invited and encouraged me to climb Mount Kinabalu! If we'd not met in the blogging world, I would still be dull Jane facing paperworks everyday! Thanks, MK for making a difference in my life!!

  3. U write very good interesting blog with simple n easy english.Am 1 of ur fans..asking for more..do keep coming in asap.

  4. Aiyorr…who is that personla?! How dare they chase you to update your blog? So free meh ..ekekeke ..thanks for updating yeah, LG ..har..har 😉 Happy Bday LG Blog – prosper always, readership-wise! .. ^.^

  5. Thanks, Amy jei jei, for your kind words! You make me blush lah! You know, if bro TT and I (and the rest of GFrenz) did not blog at the Star Online, there would be no GFrenz! If there is no GFrenz, JD and I would not have met you and kor kor to grow so close and had so much fun together! Am really thankful that we'd blogged and met! Thank you! Thank you! Muacks!!

  6. Thanks, naughty Sharon, dare ask who some more! Ahahaha! God's willing to your wishes! Hehehe. Bear hugs n muacks to you too!!

  7. Oh ya … just now u ask again ' u read my blog ah' why ? 'today is my Lion Girl Blog Birthday wor'hahaha … Happy Birthday … Lion Girl Blog !Thanks continue to promote and post my photos in your blog, I love to do this … hehe !More funs, more foods, more travels, more photos, and more sharing from your blog !

  8. Kekeke, happy birthday to LG's blog! Keep the good work ok? :p

  9. Congrats & Happy birthday to LG Blog! Nice to know you Lion Girl…your blog is interesting 😉

  10. Thanks, Casendra dear! Kanpei!Thanks, Sathya, you are such a wonderful person! Glad to know you too (and your husband, of course!) and glad you find this blog interesting!! Big smiles!!!

  11. Ahahahaha! I missed out JD's comment! Ahahahaha! Sorry ah! And you must tell the world lah that you are a victim to my "read my blog" abuse!!!Yes, dear cousin, my blog will not be complete if you (and dear nephew) have not been taking beautiful pictures for me! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Cheers!!

  12. Congratulation on your 2 year anniversary! 🙂

  13. Thanks, Rhonda! Hey, that's a pretty profile picture you have! Like that hairstyle! :)Happy Blogging! Cheers!

  14. I like reading your articles, tongue-in-cheek (hope i got it correctly) style, lively and down-to-earth presentation.Happy Birthday Lion Girl Blog, you are two today ( yesterday ) and still many, many more years to entertain us. Gfrenz are also going to be two years old, comes December. R&R are orgainising a get-together. Hope all Gfrenz will try to attend.Cheers!jl9

  15. Thank you, Sifu, for your encouraging words! Yeay! Will definitely try to keep you entertained for a long, long time! Hehe.Any get-together is fun! The more we get together the happier we'll be! For your friend is my friend and my friend is your friend! The more we get together the merrier we'll be! 3 cheers to GFrenz!!!Yum Seng!!!

  16. Happy Birthday to u, Lion Girl BlogYes, u ur so right that the Citizen Blog, no longer exist, make us the reader go haywired. With LGB, u make us look forward to n hope not to let us wait too long for ur interesting n exciting outings. ThX

  17. Lion Girl, happy birthday to your blog! Two years is something to be proud of in this blogging world.

  18. Thanks, Garlic! So happy to learn that you look forward to my blog posts! You are already giving me energy to continue blogging! Thanks!!!Thanks, Katlupe! Wow! Never thought of being proud about my two year old blog! Thanks for reminding…yah ah…was just enjoying myself so much that I overlooked that point! Really, thank again for the reminder; to appreciate and be thankful!

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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