Double Yang Festival (II): Genting Highlands!

It was the same day and month of the Chinese calendar, exactly one year ago, when I chose to resume my trekking (practices before climbing the Mount Kinabalu).

Time really flies! This year, dear cousin and I thought we could just trekked Ketumbar Hills to mark the day but was dampened with the rain pouring onto us! Good thing, we were still at the foot of the hill lah!

Unsatisfied, dear cousin suggested we go even higher to mark this Nine Emperor Gods Festival! “Let’s go Genting Highlands!” Hah?! You serious ah? “Go lah! To get protection against any danger and to enhance our well being!” Aiyoh, when has she become so superstitious one?! Susah lah!

I was ‘heart big heart small’ (not sure) about making the trip! Then she called the auntie, who told us about this Double Yang Festival, and asked if she liked to join us! Aiyah! They both ‘put me on the table’ (fixed me up) and I had got no choice but to say yes lor!

It was raining cats and dogs when we were driving up! This kind of weather also insisted we should go up ah! Didn’t you know the road is winding up one ah? Haizzz… Lagi hor, all big size people (1 skinny cousin, 2 big aunties and a fatty me) in one car, heavy lah! Poor car, gotta work harder than usual! Hahaha!

The moment we reached Genting Highlands, we split ways; both aunties went into the casinos while dear cousin and I went into the arcades! Ahahaha! Different frequencies mah!!

“We call each other when we want to go back lah! But not too late ah, coz the driver not experienced with this winding mountain roads! Okay?!”

Raining cats and dogs!!!

Nothing’s gonna stop us now!
We already reached the Exit!

I thought we could drive to Genting Skyway to take the cable cars
but was surprised with the “Closed today for repair” signboard!  Haizzz…
How?  Gotta drive up lor!

The car was parked in the first hotel we reached at Genting Highlands
and that hotel was the First World Hotel!
This was where dear cousin and I went separate ways with auntie and her friend.

While searching for fun places, we found a few clowns performing at the walkway of the hotel!

They were getting the audiences to participate in their acts!
The young boy was so daring to try the one wheel bicycle!  Ahahaha!
Of course he gave up doing it coz he either got the seat or the handle.
Any which way, he could not get the two pieces together with him riding on it!
Brave attempt and good sport, boy!!

We found Funtasy World!  Yeay!

Must buy their eZicash Credit card first!
It was a Touch n Play card!
Aiyoh, misers like us bought the lowest value card of RM15.00.
That card only had 10 credits for games and was refundable for cash RM5.00.

We walked around to “feel” what could be fun!
This guy seemed like having fun but I thought driving was too routine to be fun so….

we decided to ride the Super Bike!!
WAH!  It was really thrilling!
We could sway to the right and the left and even stand on the bike!
Knocked into trees, crashed into walls and can still ride on!
Cannot die one!!  Ahahaha!

Dear Mrs TT, over the FaceBook, actually called me a ‘Mat Rempit’!
Wakakaka!  Makcik Rempit more like it lah!

 After playing the Super Bikes, we went around to find something else to play!
This Fishing Fun looked fun!
Aisay!  Got cheated by the glittering coins lah!
Cheh!  Habis (Finished) RM10 with 2 bikings and 1 fishing!
I wonder how some people can spend hours and money in the arcades!  Haizz…

We walked out of the arcade and saw all these from the floor’s railing!
This place is really amazing!
Not only it is an indoor theme park, it is also a shopping and eating paradise!
Err, of course, it is also a gambler’s heaven!  Haizz….

 Ahahaha!  I did not know what these Chinese words meant when I took its picture!
Just loved the calligraphy writing!
Later, I learnt that those words simply meant:
“Ah Yat Abalone is world’s number one!”
It was a restaurant’s advertisement lah!

My favourite picture of this trip!
I always love the merry go round and it is always fun watching the horses going up and down and around!!
Really merry to see it go round!  Hehe.

After spending about three hours here, just because we wanted to climb a mountain on the Double Yang Festival, we made sure we leave the highland before dark because I was not familiar descending the winding roads!
As we were going down, I saw the temple with its pagoda and asked dear auntie,
“Would it be good if one, who does not enjoy the casino or theme park, to visit this temple and climb the pagoda to mark this festival?”
Immediately, dear auntie said,
“Never do that!  Do you know the name of this temple?  It is known as “Swee Chin” which sounds like ‘lost all’ in Cantonese!”
Don’t gamble also cannot go so that one will not lose it all, whatever they have wor!
Remember ah….
Auntie continued:
“After coming up the mountain, we are now leaving as a healthier person, more prosperous and everything will get better and better!”
Wah!  Was that a prayer or a blessing??
Whatever it was, this was a fun trip!

Quote of the Day:
Superstition is to religion what astrology is to astronomy:
the mad daughter of a wise mother.

Are you a superstitious person??


13 responses to this post.

  1. Simply wish to say your article is as amazing. The clearness in your post is just nice and i could assume youre an expert on this subject. Well with your permission let me to grab your RSS feed to keep updated with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please keep up the rewarding work.

  2. V-Max, thanks for your kind words! Glad to know you enjoy this blog and do feel free to 'grab the RSS feed'! Have a wonderful weekend! Cheers!

  3. ekekeke..Makcik Rempit, that's so funny!! I think all the Mat Rempits will quit if they see the roads being conquered by Makcik Rempits.

  4. Aisay, Sharon, I cannot imagine myself "rempit" in the city lah! Ahahaha! But I must say your idea is very good indeed to curb the Mat Rempits! You wanna start the ball rolling?? Hehee…

  5. That does look like a fun trip! I would say I am not superstitious, but I come from a very superstitious culture and some of the customs have rubbed off on me. For example the evil eye. To comment on the cuteness of a baby without touching the baby is considered rude or giving the baby the evil eye. So now if I comment on a cute baby or child I HAVE to touch the child's face or hair. This is very common in the Hispanic culture. I know people in the US are at times uncomfortable with strangers coming up and touching your baby, but it is the courteous thing to do! 🙂

  6. Esther, let me share what the Chinese believes. Never, never say a baby is pretty/handsome/cute in front of the baby! Just say he or she is ugly! Why? Because it is believed that the opposite will happen! Ahahaha! In other words, if you praise, the baby will grow up ugly but if you criticise, the baby will grow up looking fine!Believe it or not?!

  7. Oh no!!! Talk about a clash of cultures. I hope I remember this the next time I am around a Chinese baby, though I don't think I could bring myself to say they are ugly and criticize them!

  8. That explains all the culture shocks one has over another! Ahahaha!!! Also, do not ever say that the baby is fat or chubby in front of the baby! The mother will glare at you because it is believe the baby will fall sick immediately! Oophs! Did I say I am not superstitious!! LOL!!!

  9. lol Seriously! How does one ever get it right? 🙂

  10. Don't worry, Esther, many young Chinese nowadays do not believe all these craps (unless something really happens)! Just be careful if a senior member is around.Cheers!

  11. I like to think I'm not but then I always find myself doing silly things like not walking under a ladder or stopping in my tracks if I see a black cat. It makes me laugh at myself every time.

  12. Hahaha! Tesa, subconsciously you are superstitious lah! Or you are just doing them just in case! Guess we are two of the same kind! Bravo!

  13. Waaa.. it really does sound like a good idea, hor. I've always imagined myself sitting on a big bike, riding into the sunset one day..ekeke ^.^

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