Langkawi Bird Paradise Wildlife Park

Alvin Kuan, eat your heart out!!!  Ahahaha!  Ya lah, I so action because I got many bird pictures in one blogpost!  Err, cheating punya lah, all captured in the Langkawi Bird Paradise Wildlife Park!  Hehehe…..

Aiyoh, in cages also difficult to get nice pictures!  Susah lah! (Difficult lah!)  Really salute you lei!!  Able to shoot beautiful pictures of the birds in the wild!  Salute!  Salute!

Entrance fee for this place; have Mykad will get discounts one, so carry your Mykad everywhere you go!

You know, only kids and adults who enjoy watching kids having fun or have fun watching the birds and animals will enjoy this place!

Buy packets of bird and animal feed once you enter the place and you will have no regrets!  Trust me!  You would not want to ask a stranger to give you some of his or her purchased feed so that you can feed your favourite animals, right?  Hahaha!

That’s me!  Trying to look like a professional photographer with my cheap camera!  Okay, don’t move ah birdie, I am trying to take your picture lah!  Hahaha!  Birds in cage and all still cannot get good shots!  Apalah!
Caught this bird in deep thoughts.
Err, do birds think ke?
Wondering, wondering!
I could not help taking this picture!
Not a bird lah, but caught this guy sleeping on his job!
Hope this is his stall lei, if not hope his boss will not see this!  Hehe..

Eh, flamingoes!
Snap! Snap!  Snap!
See that flash reflection?
That was me taking this picture lor!
Guess the purpose of the mirror is to double up the quantity of birds captured!
Or is it for:  Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of us all?

This yellow bird looked so cute!
Aisay!  If it was not in the birds park, don’t think I can take this picture lah!

Haiyoh, it was so difficult to take picture of these two!
They were busy playing kiss and go!
One will kiss the other before dancing to the side of the branch!
To and fro!  To and fro!
Iskh!  Geramnya!
Wow!  What a beauty indeed!
Rare species of birds found here!
Really eye opening indeed!!

Eh?  Apa ini (What is this)?
Massage chairs in a birds park?!!
Shy to say half our group’s adults had occupied all the chairs!
RM1 for 3 minutes!
Aahhh…relax nya…

I really love this bird!
Look at its rosy cheek!  So, so adorable!

Another beauty sighted!
Look at its golden “crown of glory”!

By the time we reached the ostriches, we found them hungry and thirsty!
Poor things were seeking food from us but we had nothing to feed them!
Sorry ah…
Of all the birds here, they were the most pathetic looking!
The kids had tonnes of fun time with the bunnies!
There were dozens of rabbits in the gated area.
There were plenty of pigeons taking advantage of feasting on the rabbits’ feeds given by the young tourists!
This personal findings was so exciting!
I have never seen a snail with this shell design before!
Err, that patch next to it was the snail’s waste!
Dirty fella,  simply leaving your poo-poo around!
I love this picture!
Love this proud and confident looking eagle!
Err, it had a dead rat on its claw!
The most beautiful bird in the park!
It must be the wisest owl of them all!
Dear nephew asked,
” Eh, look at the grey eagle!  Is the head turned backwards to its body ah?”
Huh?  Yah ah!
I liked the brown eagle!
It looked friendly and approachable!
Nice bird, nice bird!
“Excuse me!  You cannot take pictures of these birds!”
“You have to pay to take pictures with them!”
Orh!  Thank you ah!
Quick!  Walk ahead quick!  Nanti they confiscate our camera laa!
I had great fun in this park because of my new interest in bird photography!  Of course there were many other animals here too, giving the reason why it is now known as a Wildlife Park!  Hot and humid that day also happy!  Was I weird or what?!  Ahahaha!

Have you visited this park in Langkawi??


9 responses to this post.

  1. Waa…this owl has model-like eyebrows ^.^

  2. Ya lor, Sharon, that's why I said it was the most beautiful bird in the park! Simply gorgeous!! Glad to know we both appreciate the same things! Hehe.

  3. That owl hah, with its lebat eyebrows, I found it funny that it was so difficult to know whether its eyes were opened or closed unless you zoom the photo up. And the big bird with golden crown of glory was actually sitting on 2 large eggs incubating it.Pity the ostriches too, their butts were botak without hair. But close up shots of the heads revealed its pretty eyes and lipsticked beaks.The bird park was great fun for the kids and adults alike.

  4. I thought it was going to be some boring old post, but it really compensated for my time. I will post a link to this page on my blog. I am sure my visitors will find that very useful

  5. Wah, Sean, you were really bird watching ah?! Hahaha! So, it was that golden haired chic you saw the eggs lah? I was too busy snapping its crown of glory that I did not see what it was doing! Aisay! Missed!Thanks,, brinkka2011, for the link! You should include your URL address here for a link back to your blog lah! Anyway, glad you find this post not 'some boring old post'! Hahaha!!

  6. me and mama just waited outside last time when we were here… eh from behind u seems losing weight woh!

  7. Aiyah, Casendra, you n mama tak suka burung ke? Why lah go n then wait outside? Puzzled, puzzled! Err, about from behind I looked 'losing weight', I'll say "Don't judge a book by the back" lah! Ahahaha!! Gemuk dah! Makan macam tak ada esok!! Oophs! World ending Dec 2012 mah! Hahaha!!

  8. Hi… Warmest greeting from Langkawi WildLife Park..How are you there? Nice blog anyway. Thanks a lot for your visit at our place.I have read your blog, good information, nice picture, and thanks for giving a great impression about our place. Really appreciated that and we are looking forward to see you again in future at Langkawi WildLife Park.. See ya=)

  9. You are most welcome, redzuan! Thanks for your compliment about this blog! Hope to see you here again! Cheers!

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