How I lost 12 kgs???

OMG! There are so many demands for my recipe to lose 12 kg in 6 months recently that I could no longer defer from writing about it! Hahaha! Must write! Must write!
I was almost 70kg in early 2007 (sorry lah, am not gonna upload my fat picture here lei!). My diet program started in March 2007 and by August 2007, I reached my ideal weight of 55kg (err, still finding that skinny picture!  Where ah?)! Though that was my ideal weight for my age and height, I looked too haggard than good! Hahaha!

I recommend that you use the standard calculation as a guide of your ideal weight! To me, as long as you look good for your age and are healthy, it is alright to be a little over your “ideal” weight one. When I say healthy, I mean living the right lifestyle, eating right and exercising right.

What I am about to share with you are my successful experiences. What may work for me may not work for you but I believe if you are discipline enough, it could bring you some favourable results.

Remember that it takes at least 7 days for you to change your habits. Once you have changed your habits, the rest will be easy to follow! Also, you must want to do it for yourself; not because someone else wants you to lose it (your weight lah)!

First thing first – Change your eating habit: 

Picture from Yahoo images.

 Before meal:

Eat fruits or drink a glass of water or fruit juice or a bowl of soup.
(This will cushion your hungry stomach.)

During meal:
Munch your mouthful of food as long as you can before swallow.
(This helps digestion and delay more mouthfuls into the tummy which automatically reduce your consumption volume.)
Do not soak your meals with gravies or soup and do not drink the noodle soup, especially when you are eating out.
(They are oilier than they look!  And you do not know if the eateries are using recycled oil.  So, beware!)

After meal, until at least one hour later:
No drinks
No dessert; fruits or not, and
No titbits.
(This helps absorption of the meal’s nutrients into the body.)

Most important:

NO SUPPER!  Best if the last meal of the day is consumed before 7pm.
NO SWEET SNACKS BETWEEN MEALS!  If you really need to, bite into fruits; fresh or dry (sugar free, please) or high fibre biscuits (my favourite is Digestive Biscuits)!

Next step to make it happen!
The meal:

picture from Yahoo images.

 Eat either carbohydrates with vegetables or proteins with vegetables. In other words, do not eat carbohydrates with proteins!

picture from Yahoo images.
Huh? Hahaha! Aiyah, look up the internet what food represents carbohydrates and what represents proteins!

Erm, let me give me you some examples. Eat lah rice only or meat only with a variety of vegetables. Never eat meat with rice lah!

What is the reason for the above combination? Aiyah, I also don’t know but it works wonders! Hence, it becomes a success formula lor.

If you can cook your own meals, please cut down the following in your cooking:

Picture from Yahoo images.

Cooking oil – use palm oil or coconut oil only which can withstand heat without changing its natural structure.
(Use olive oil only for salads.)

Sugar – use brown sugar or sugar cane sugar or other natural sugar
Salt – use sea salt or organic salt

Rice (for Asians) – eat unpolished rice. Best if you can add barley, sunflower seeds, kuaci etc to add fibre and nutrients.
Include crushed walnuts and blended flaxseed (note that flaxseed if not blended or broken will be a waste in the system) after the rice is cooked.

Noodles (for Asians) – eat high fibre noodles eg. made from buck wheat.  To me, Japanese noodles or spaghetties are the best!

All high fibre foodstuff, if eaten with the right habit, fill you stomach without having to eat much! Trust me!

Example of recipes:

Carbohydrates with vegetables:
1) Miso base vegetable soup added with pasta or rice

Proteins with vegetables:
1) Caesar salad of vegetables and/or fruits with steamed or grilled meat mixed with olive oil and/ or lemon juice.

1) Savoury cooking oats (to replace rice porridge) served with shredded meat with/ or vegetables

Be as creative as you can in cooking up some recipes. Always substitute the condiments with the right food that you like.

Cooking style recommended:
Either steamed or grilled
Cooking style to avoid:
Deep fried

Aiyoh, this is the most boring post I have ever written lei! But I hope it can really help you in your weight management! Remember food and eating habit is not the only thing in weight management! It either reduce minimal of your existing weight or prevent your weight from increasing. You need to exercise to reduce the body fat already in your body lah!

Choose exercises that you enjoy.
I have chosen trekking and do not mind swimming. As we age, running and jogging may not be a good choice.  You are the best person to know what is suitable for you.
Bear in mind that when you exercise, you have to exercise more than 30 minutes.

When you reach the first 30 minutes, you are only perspiring. Only after the first 30 minutes, you are beginning to burn fat lah! Hence you have to exercise at least 45 minutes to lose some fat! In other words, a little longer later you will lose a little more lor! Hehe..

Also ah, if you want to lose it faster, you gotta do it more often! Ahahaha! We are still talking about weight management lah!

Additional Notes:

  • Things do not happen overnight one!
  • Take a step at a time.
  • Try reducing your consumption slowly.
  • You can try eating small meals many times a day so that you can overcome your hunger pangs!
  • Always remember when there’s a will there’s a way!

There! I bet you will get some results from the above! Now, if you are not discipline, please do not say they do not work, okay?! If it works, do let me know, yah?!

Quote of the Day:
No diet will remove all the fat from your body
because the brain is entirely fat.
Without a brain, you might look good,
but all you could do is run for public office.
You are in control! 
You can make things happen! 
You can do it!



8 responses to this post.

  1. Thank Q. Interesting n not difficult at all.Hope my daughter read it n follow it.She said she had put on weight.Hahaha..not a surprise cos she had been cooking n baking so much.Sugar is also d main culprit. Once again..thank Q.

  2. Amy jei jei, you are most welcome! Hope you really find it useful and works for you n daughter! All the best!!

  3. I loved the quote at the end!Thanks for making me smile :DKaren

  4. Thank you for sharing your encouraging post about weight loss. I loved how you packed information and encouragement together. 🙂

  5. I love the healthy tips!

  6. Thanks, Karen! Glad you like the post n find it encouraging! You make me smile too….big, big smiles!Jann, so happy that you love the healthy tips! You gonna use them??? 😉

  7. no snacks … susah a bit… hhhehehe…but, good sharing 😀

  8. Casendra dear, you can snack as much as you want coz you are a super trekker lah! You burn more fat than the fat can get stuck in your body lei! What do you like? Potato chips? Chocolates? Makan saja! Boleh!!

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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