A date with Four Seasons Resort, Langkawi

When a friend who stayed at the Four Seasons Resort in Langkawi invited us to visit him there, we were thrilled!  Why?  Because we were told this is a 6-star hotel and its room rates ranges from RM2k to RM22k!  Hah?  Mad, ah?  Who would want to spend so much in accommodation per night lah?  Our friend lor!  Ahahaha!

The first impression of this resort to me, was their small entrance.
It must be some feng shui belief that the management of this place believe in.
That money flow in will be trapped inside!
True ke??
The second item that attracted my attention was this unique chandelier.
Beautiful piece, yah?
We had to be ferried in and out of the resort, with this electrical buggy, from its entrance.
Pretty sceneries as we travelled deeper into the place.
Wow!  What a lovely room!
Though it was not facing the sea, it was really a serene place to be!
Look at darling girl!
Dancing in the bath tub!
Guess she enjoyed the room more than us!
We went to the bar and tried the pool table!
Nice place!
See dear cousin, like real only!
Eh, you really know how to play ke??
The young ones decided that their toilet was the best!
“You must go in!  Close the door and you can hear music inside one!”
Aiyoh, imagine being pushed into a toilet lei!  Haizz….
Okay lah, I just happened to have an urge to go!  Hahaha!
After enjoying ourselves at the bar, we took a stroll at the beach.
Really a private beach of fine sand, blue sea and …
Wait!  Can you see the patches of rain under those clouds ahead?
I have never seen such phenomenal!
Suddenly, dear nephew walked up to me and said,
“Hey, there’s a girl walking around naked!” 
Huh?  Sure or not?  Where? 
“Look to your left!” 
I turned and I saw this little girl! 
Ahahaha!  Really naked one wor… 
See what I found!
A plant trying to grow in the land of fine sand!
Stay strong, plant!  You can grow tall!
Err, provided nobody uproot you first lah!
All the best!
Why am I so easily amazed??
Look at the coconut trees, they are growing from the little holes on the wall!
How did they do it ah?
The pub place view from the beach!
I liked the interior better!
This beach has plenty of beautiful seashells.
The girls found a few for keeps!
See these faces and you’ll know how much they’d enjoyed this place!
Thanks friend, for giving us an opportunity to be in a luxury resort, which on our own, we would never set foot in!  Now, I understand why some people would spend money to stay in places like this!  Yah, you are one of them lah!  Way to go!  Life is here to spend and enjoy!!
Quote of the Day:
 Most of the luxuries and many of the so-called comforts of life,
are not only noindispensable,
but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind.
Have you stayed in a luxury hotel or resort before??

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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