Road to Pulau Langkawi!

Guess everyone is used to last minute planning by now!  Ahahaha!  In less than 10 days from the day we talked about it, we were already on the way to Pulau Langkawi!  Yeah! 

We drove back to Ipoh the night before and adjourned to Langkawi the next morning!  Must be time concious, you know!  Coz we were catching the 10.30am ferry! 

“Okay, folks!  Everyone must be ready by 6am!”

Aiyah, where got so obedient one!  By the time we left the house, it was already 7am!  Let’s do some mental calculation: 7am start + 2.30 to 3hrs journey = should reach the jetty by 9.30 to 10am!  Okay lah!  Can also!

6 adults and 2 kids jumped into the MPV after loading in all the luggages!
No joke!  Sure we still got space for more stuff upon our return ah?
Err, worry only then lah!
“Everyone in?  Safety belt on?  Let’s go!!”

Used the PLUS Highway to the North.
Exit 177! 
When we saw the “P.Langkawi” signboard, we turned in!
If you miss this exit, you can still turn into the next exit into Alor Setar (U).
(U) stands for “Utara” or North.
There is another ferry jetty to Langkawi at Alor Setar.

Yup!  Alor Star (S) is where Kuala Kedah is!
(S) stands for “Selatan” or South.
This way’s the nearest to Pulau Langkawi jetty if you are travelling from the south!

Have a SmartTAG will travel faster whenever you are using the PLUS Highway,
especially during festive seasons. 
No TAG, a Touch n Go card can do too lah!
Both also don’t have?
Pay cash lor!  Just gotta queue longer only mah!  Haha!

Poor welcome board!
You see it or not?
There!  That brown “Selamat Datang  (ke) Bandaraya Alor Setar” signboard!
How can the city council allow every other signages block it??

Follow the signboard; turn left after about 3 traffic lights after the toll.
Go straight till the end towards Kuala Kedah before turning left to the jetty!
As you drive nearer to the jetty,
you will find people on motorbikes approaching you to park your car at their carparks.
Just ignore them and drive to the jetty.
There is a parking space just in front of it
(the building behind us in the next picture)!

We parked the car first before unloading our luggages
because we wanted to make sure we had a parking space!
As long as everyone takes care of his or her own luggage,
it would be fine rolling the bag(s) for a little distance one!

Dear nephew buying our ferry tickets at the counter.
Adults RM23 each and children RM17 each.
Keep your tickets if you intend to buy duty free goodies back to the Peninsular!
The Custom officers will ask you for your tickets to prove you have stayed at least 2 nights if you are buying liquors. 
One bottle/ adult with the exception DOM (a health liquor), which there is no limit!

While the younger and the older took their seats waiting for the ferry,
the rest had either gone to the toilet or looking for food!
Err, I was told to hunt for the stall famous for its “nasi pulut sambal” in the waiting area.
Found it but was sold out!  Aiyah!!

This was our ferry; Lada Tiga, which started right on time!
Our ride was only 1 1/2 hours although we were being told that it could be two hours.

Showed tickets and was told to go to the lower deck.
The tickets had seat numbers one!
There is a luggage area inside the ferry.
Make sure you do not have any fragile items in your luggages because those people behind you will just stack their bags on top of yours!
Phew!  There’s nothing much you could do when your luggage gets pinned down!  Believe me!

One for the album!
One person missing lei…dear cousin lor, the photographer for this picture!
Eight of us occupied 2 rows of seat!

Sudah sampai! Sudah sampai!
(Reached already!  Reached already!)
See that trolley on the left side of the picture?
If you intend to use one, be prepared to pay RM1 for each trolley.
Someone will approach you for money with a ticket.
Just pay lah if you want to use!
If not, just pull and carry your luggages like we did!

This was the road to fun, fun, fun for the next few days!!

Welcome to Langkawi, Permata Kedah!
(Jewel of Kedah!)
The MPV already waiting for us when we walked out of the Kuah Jetty!
Aisayman, thank you TT kor kor and dear wife jei jei!

Look out for the next few posts of fun in the sun, sea and sand!  Coming soon…….


4 responses to this post.

  1. That's a nice ferry – has all the colours of our flag on it! ^.^

  2. Awesome review, I like your article.

  3. Sharon, you are really an artistic person! Who would notice the colours lah except people who love them! I must say the ferry was very comfortable indeed because it was a big one with four rows of 4 seaters each! Upper and lower deck some more! Then got funny Scenario movie on TV! Err, I fell asleep on it though! Hahaha! Was too tired….Thanks, zojirushi. Glad you like my article! Cheers!

  4. Hahaha..I don't know about that (being artistic – I try, but rarely get good results!) but yes, I do appreciate vibrant colours ^.^

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