Food Adventure @ the VIVA Home, Jalan Loke Yew

Picture from Yahoo images.
Recently I took a walk around the VIVA Home (fka UE3) @ Jalan Loke Yew. Ironically I did not carry my camera around that day and it did not occur to me that I could use my BlackBerry to take some pictures of the place and my little adventure there.  Haizz…

You see, it was not intended to be a whole day shopping there but dear cousin and I ended up scouting the place because it looked so different from the last time we were there. Err, that could easily be more than 5 years ago.

Our first destination was the Gurney Drive Food Village. Huh? Ya lor, from the ground floor, the picture of assam laksa and char kuay teow looked so inviting but when we were there we were worried that the food was not fresh because the number of workers at the stalls were more than the people eating there.

Picture from Yahoo images.

Every stall was trying their best to lure us to eat at their stall. I got lured with curry chicken rice promotion at RM3 per plate! Bad choice for once! It was a plate of RM3 tasteless curry chicken rice!

Thank goodness someone invented “kicap” (soya sauce)!  That and some chilly padi helped me to finish the whole plate! Must not waste food no matter how bad it tastes as long as it is good food mah!

Dear cousin made a better choice; she ordered roti telur at the mamak stall. However before she was being served, a drama took place! An elderly Indian man charged into that stall and started hitting the guy, who was making the roti telur, with his helmet! We could not make out what the man was cursing! I stood up and started walking towards the stall, since nobody took any action, but was stopped by dear cousin!

Picture from Yahoo images.
The man saw me and started shouting something to me! Aiyah, I did not understand a word he said! Could not make up if he was talking Tamil or BM or whatever! Anyway, I stood still at the spot and the man walked out from the stall to justify to the crowd of his actions before cursing the young guy over the counter.
About two minutes later, two men rushed out from nowhere to seize him. One held his arms trying to pacify him while the other took away his helmet before both of them walked away with him.

When the young guy served dear cousin her plate of roti telur, which was lying at the counter when the old man stood over it and cursed the guy, we asked him if that man was his boss. He said no and that he was the father of an ex staff of the stall! He gave a faint smile and walked away after collecting the money from dear cousin.  We did not pursue the story lah; after the ordeal he had been through, must give him a break!

While I continued eating my tasteless curry chicken rice, dear cousin looked at her plate of roti telur. I looked at her and she looked at me. “How to eat this? The old man just stood over it! His saliva must be all over it with all the shouting and cursing!” Aiyah, that is my dear cousin, extremely particular about cleanliness and hygiene. But if I were her also, I would ask the same question.

What did she do? Having to pay RM2.50 for the roti telur, she attempted to take back the plate to the stall and told the young man that she did not want that piece and that she needed a fresh piece made! Bravo! The understanding young man was willing to make a new piece for her. And she said that piece of roti telur was the best she had eaten! Sure or not? Or were you rubbing salt on my wound coz my curry chicken rice got no taste?!

That day must be a record day of drama and bad food! We started our window shopping from the top floor. By the time we reached the first floor, it was about time for the next meal. ‘Steam Room’? What a name to give for a restaurant, yah? Hmmm, what were they selling ah? Ohhh, dim sum! Just as we passed by the restaurant, one waitress came out with its menu. It did not take me long to peep into the menu and say ‘Go’!  Hungry mah!

Picture from Yahoo images.
One plate of ‘loh mai kai’ (glutinous rice), one plate of fried fish ball, one plate of mushroom and fish fillet fucok wrap (recommended by the Captain), one plate of chin chan ko (steamed cake) and one bowl of bubur cha cha (dessert)!

I must say there was nothing spectacular about their dim sum at all and was still hoping the dessert was good, which was served last.

The first thing that came to my mind the moment when I saw the bowl of bubur cha cha was:
Eh, this did not look like the picture in the menu at all!
In fact nothing served looked like the pictures in the menu! Really felt cheated lei.

One spoon scooped from the bowl and immediately I knew it was another bad choice! The santan was bad! Let’s call the captain over and tell her.
“Captain, the santan has gone bad. Please check.”
“Oh, okay. I will check with the kitchen.”

After a few minutes, the captain returned with a smile and said, “The chef said there is nothing wrong with the bubur. The tasted must be the yam.”

“Huh? I took another sip from the spoon and decided it was the santan.

I pushed the bowl aside and said, “Never mind. Please bring me the bill.”

Ahahaha! Fierce-nya! Ya lor! Must lah! We are the ones paying the bill mah! How can we accept everything that is served?! Just like dear cousin who refused the saliva infested roti telur, I could not accept the sour bubur cha cha! To me, I condoned with dear cousin’s request for a fresh piece of roti telur. For the same reason, I believed I had the right to refuse the sub standard bowl of dessert.

How about you? Would you do the same if it happened to you???
Quote of the Day:
Eating is not merely a material pleasure.
Eating well gives a spectacular joy to life
contributes immensely to goodwill
happy companionship.
It is of great importance to the morale.

7 responses to this post.

  1. wah… really food adventure woh… hehee. i only know there got one shop selling nice shoe rack…

  2. hehe,thanks god ade kicap 🙂

  3. Casendra, you must be talking about the Mr Bean shoe rack shop! I saw that shop too and wondered if they can survive selling just one item! Hahaha! But I must tell you about that Korean wall sticker stall which cheapest sticker selling at RM35/=. You can find the same stickers in Thailand for 25Baht (ie. RM2.50) only!!! Can you beat it?!!

  4. Yes, Yoyo, I cannot imagine the world without kicap especially when tak sedap punya makanan kat depan kita – makan, tak sedap; tak makan, tak sopan!! Haizz….hanya kicap can save us!! Ahahaha!!

  5. Korea mah… hahahahaha…aiyo like that better grab it next time in Thailand 😦

  6. Casendra, we found a RM4.99 shop @ GF that sells wall stickers too. Not as canggih as the ones in the Korean stall coz they are made in China punya! Ahahaha! I bought one for testing tapi belum try stick on my wall. MMS you when put up, ok? Cheers!

  7. Okok, tq tq. hehehe… straight snap the photos n put on your blog lah 😀

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