Visit Thailand: Day Trip to Danok

Luckily I scanned through my collection of pictures today!  If not, I could have missed out sharing all about Danok, Thailand with you!  Hahaha!  Err, not all about Danok lah!  But our day trip to Danok.  All thanks to dear TT ‘kor-kor’ (brother) and his pretty wife!  Thank you ah….

Getting out of Alor Star for the day trip! 

Here’s driving through the Malaysian Immigration! 
 “Wind down the windows and let the officer see your faces.
Don’t make monkey faces!
Make sure you look like the picture in your passport!”

Brother TT parked his car at the Duty Free Complex, which was located between the two countries’ immigration.
He told us that we will be walking into Thailand from here!

Ya lor!  We were on foot already here!
See!  People all driving in wor….haizz…

I asked dear cousin to stop here for a picture!
E1 @ zero, Malaysia border and at the background was Thai border!
Wah! Between the sign where she stood to the wall of Thailand where their flags flying proud, we would be neither in Malaysia or Thailand!
Brother TT, dear wife and dear cousin were busy completing their Thai immigration card.
Eh, dear cousin, please complete my form also ah, I busy taking pictures lah!!
What receipt?
I  waited but I did not get my receipt for my RM2 paid which I submitted with my passport wor.
Anyway, what overtime fees and other expenses lah??
Bro TT said it would be rude to ask, so we just forgone getting the receipt.
The moment we crossed over, my hands were already shaking from hunger.
Food!  I need food!  Quick!
We found a crowded restaurant near the River Grand Palace hotel.
Expensive great food!
Burp!  Err, excuse me ah… very full lei…
This was not a good idea at all!
Shopping for pulut rice first!
Poor cousin had to carry 6kg of rice on her back from this shop onwards!
And later, after we reached KL, she found out she was cheated 100g out of each kg.
Ya lor, she weighed the rice!  Hahaha!  Serious ah…
This town, was a busy town on that Sunday!
Massive traffic throughout the day! 
As dear Mrs TT said, “Danok is a shopping paradise!”
True enough!  Stores, stalls and shops everywhere!
And shopped we did for the whole day!!!
Should have brought a trolley each!
Bad planning, bad planning… hehe.
While that two ladies were busy shopping and brother TT was busy helping dear wife with her shopping bags, I was busy taking pictures of everything and anything!  Hehe.
“Only One Chicken” shop means selling only one chicken ke?
We found a road side stall that sold brewed tea.
The guy in front of the line was wearing this pair of pink bear foot!
I could not helped myself in asking for permission to take picture of his slippers!
He looked at me one kind and then said OK.
He must thought I was a country bumpkin from Malaysia in Danok!
Why? Never saw slippers before ke??
My favourite picture of this trip!
Malaysia and Thailand working together for a good course!
Thumbs up!
Food stalls here sell similar food as in Malaysia but whether they taste the same, I am not so sure lah.
When go Thailand, must eat Thai food mah!
Then I spotted McDonald’s claim of  “Delicious Starts Right Here”….
Sorry lah, no fast food please!
No fast food in a foreign country, okay!
We saw two kids cutting some fruits at the road side.
Oh, sea coconut!
Wah!  Such young age and they were already working hard for their money!
Did they have a choice??
Poor birds died legs straight for sale!
Headless some more!
A picture from some horror movies!
We found a mobile “som tam” (Thai salad) stall.
Dear cousin was so thrilled with the whole som tam making process that she stood at the stall taking pictures of every step!
Of course we did not stand at the roadside and eat lah!
We got class one and we found a nice picnic place in front of a hotel nearby to feast it!
Yummy!  Yummy!
Another mobile hawker, which many locals were crowding over it, caught my attention.  I stopped it to find that she was selling crushed ice drinks! 

Viola!   With the heat of the day, that was what I needed most!  Got myself a cup and felt blissful for the next hour!  I had never drank such a refreshing cold drink before!  Hahaha! 

In fact, we had been drinking none stop; the brewed ice tea, cold coconut water, chilled packet drinks and this!  Erm, of course “some” people were drinking chilled Singha too lah!  Hehe.

Shopping none stopped!

“ONG SNUAI” aka King Manggo!  Sweet whether ripe or not!  Must buy!

See poor Bro TT standing on the left side of the road with those yellow shopping bags while dear wife and dear cousin shopping at the fruit stall opposite of him! 

Say, brother, you not bored ke?  “I’m ok!  I love shopping too!”  Real sport!  Way to go, brother!!

I noticed that cute little girl was wearing a  pair of “car” shoes!
I say, Thai people are really innovative when it comes to shoes yah?
Later, we found a stall selling those bear feet shoes!
Ahahaha!  Wanna buy a pair back?
You like these dolls?  Cute, huh?  They were just placed outside at the stairways of a shop. 

Opposite of where I found those dolls , I found the ‘immigration form writer’ sitting by the road side.  Whenever there’s a will there’s always a way; there are many ways to make decent earnings and this is one of it.  Respect! 

We found the adult elephant (there was a baby elephant too, strolling another road) used by its owners to seek donations from tourists or passerbys.
They claimed that the donation was used to feed the elephants.

Here, there were many kids running around on their own.
One was even playing by the road side….haizzz…
Guess their parents were too busy making a living!

With all the hawker stalls luring us, how can we not stop and buy?!  We kept hopping from stall to stall to tapau (packed back) – the corns (because we were very curious with the white purple corn on sale among the normal corn), the mango pulut rice, the burung puyuh goreng!
Wah!  So much wor…ya lor, greedy mah!  Hehe.
We had been walking around Danok from noon to almost 7pm!
Almost 7 hours of walking , shopping and eating and walking, shopping and eating!
Fun in great company!
Bye Danok, Thailand!
Back to Kedah, Malaysia!!
Thank you dear brother TT and dear wife for this lovely day trip!
Dear cousin and I had a wonderful, wonderful time!
Thank you, thank you!
Have you been to Danok before?

14 responses to this post.

  1. Haha…aiyorr, do chickens really die with their legs straight or are you pulling my leg? ^.^

  2. Hahaha, Sharon ah, I really don't know lah! Do you feel your legs pulled?! Ahahaha!

  3. LG, we enjoyed this trip so much too.The mango is not "O KIM", is called "ONG SNUAI"means KING MANGO.

  4. Correction done! Thanks Amy jei jei! Thanks again for the wonderful memorable Kedah/ Thai trip! ;D

  5. hehehe… u also have a very busy schedule leh…

  6. Casendra dear, I am off for more fun-fun-fun very, very soon! Look out for their posts…coming sooonnnn………

  7. okok enjoy enjoy! 😀

  8. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. If potential, as you acquire experience, would you thoughts updating your blog with further info? This can be very helpful for me.

  9. Hi Lion Girl, i'm wondering is there any hotel there since u all are having a day trip. Very interesting, hoping i can spend time over there. THX

  10. Hi, Really Danok is an very beautiful place.. Thanks for sharing these pictures.. Hope you have enjoyed..

  11. Garlic, I am sure there are hotels/motels etc there except we did not bother to look out for them lah! Can go back to brother TT's house for the night mah. Not so far away from Danok one. I say you will love this place if you love to shop and eat, shop and eat! Hehe. If you really want to stay overnight, maybe you would like to go all the way to Hatyai or even Songkla! Nice places too! Search my blog for Songkla or check out all my Thailand posts for more sharing! Cheers!

  12. stevesmith, glad you enjoyed the sharing. Yup! Danok is a fun place to shop and eat! I had a real good time there! Cheers!

  13. LOL!! Of course i'd been to Dannok but I dont really like it…

  14. Hi, EereNoon, of course! You are from Thailand mah! Hahaha! Checked your blog already! Nice…Guess only tourists will like Danok coz to the locals it is just a tourist place with everything more expensive than where they come from, right? As for us, we have no choice lor, that's one of the closest of Thailand we can get to! Still, love it! Yeay!

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