Bentong Old Road (Sg Perting Pandak) Waterfall

The last time dear cousin and I took a drive along the Bentong old road, we discovered a waterfall! Then, we did not venture to drive deeper into the woods as there were only two of us in a strange place. However, today was different. Today, we had two cars with 7 adults 2 children! Wah! Really felt like tourist guide leading the way! Hahaha!
Okay!  Use the Karak Highway and drive towards Genting Highlands/ Bukit Tinggi until you see this signboard to Selesa Hillhomes!
Turn left and immediately turn right!

Drive through this tunnel!

Immediately after the tunnel, turn left to Bentong.
This way will lead you to the old road.

Drive on until you see this signboard.
Slow down here….turn left immediately after the bridge!
The river is on the left as you drive on.

The road gets narrower after the first bridge.
The river will be on your right side after crossing the said bridge.

“What happened?”
Aiyah, darling son of dear buddy accidently drove into a pothole lor.
Bumper got bent a little.
Guess it is better to use a four wheels drive to this place!

Once you reach the second bridge, you have reach a good waterfall site!
Aiyoh, such short distance also grandma and grandgirl wanted to use umbrellas!
Pink umbrellas some more!  Yeeks!

“Come!  Come lah into the water!  Cold and nice!  Come!”
Hahaha!  Yah lah!  Come into the water lah!

Dear buddy was busy pushing off dead leaves stuck between the rocks;
said she love to see the water flow free through the rocks!
Once she finished doing what she wanted, she called out:
“Come!  Take picture for me!”
Ahahaha!  Okay lah!  Smile!

The scenery opposite of where dear buddy was sitting was a great place to swim!

Lovely legs of the camera lady and guy!
Yah, wet your legs but don’t wet your shorts!
See!  For the sake of good pictures, dear cousin could forget herself!
Hey!  What’s so interesting there lah?!

Oh….for this shot ah….
Oh, this frog on the rock!
Wah!  Incredible shot lei.
DSLR memang (obviously) terror!
“Got mosquitoes here lah!”
Of course lah, if you keep standing there!
Move around and have fun!

My favourite picture of the trip!
Darling girl was teasing me so hard that I had to take this picture of hers!
Poor girl got hunted down by the mosquitoes!
Look at the red patches on her hands and legs!
So, if you plan to come to this waterfall, please have your repellant with you!!
We overlooked that!  Haizzz…..

Of course you could go deeper into the woods to get to the source of the waterfall, Sungei Perting Fall (aka Lata Hammers).  Be prepared to trek in to have greater adventure and fun!  Maybe one day, when there are more adventurous us, we would take up that challenge!!  Till then, I would say, we may be back!  Ahahahaha! (sounds like the Terminator lei!)
Quote of the (Family) Day:
Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere
where individual differences are appreciated,
mistakes are tolerated,
communication is open,
and rules are flexible –
– the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing family.
When was the last time you visited a waterfall?!

4 responses to this post.

  1. LG, the water is inviting, why not organise one for Gfrenz?jl9

  2. No problem, jl9, no problem at all! Anytime for fun with GFrenz!!! Cheers!

  3. Aww..the best family quote I have ever read!

  4. Glad you like it, Sharon! 😉

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