Recent Changes of my Life!

It has been a long, long time since I last wrote in my blog. I have been sharing places and food with you, had so much fun until I forgot to share about me! Hahaha!

Of course the first thing I must confess is that my weight has been yo-yo-ing with all those climbs, hikes, birthday, travels and food! Overall, input outdid output!! Sigh…

If you have been a regular reader of this blog, you will realise that my lifestyle has changed in the past few months! Yup! Since I started believing the prediction that the world will end in December 2012, I have started planning a trip a month to somewhere; have fun and live life the fullest everyday!

To today, I have not stopped believing and I have not stopped enjoying! In fact, a dear girlfriend told me that whatever I am doing now is encouraging even if the world does not end then! True! After all, every wise saying and advice tells us to live life, live in the presence and live the day!

To me, it is a priority in life whether you choose to be routine or choose to explore. Hey, that does not mean I do not work for my living! I am still a 9-5 kind of person. Only thing is I plan them well to complete the urgent matters before each trip. Do not want to jeopardize my rice bowl mah!

“So, if the world does not end in 12/2012, what will you do?”
I would say, I will continue living life the way I am now because nobody knows when life will end! Since life is so unpredictable, why not make the most out of it when we are alive, right?

I am no heroine; do not know how to create miracles and am no scientist to introduce healing pills! I am just an ordinary person who loves life, loves to stay happy and love to see everyone else happy! I love nature’s creation and see joy in anything and everything! I always say it is all in the mind how one wants to feel. Choose happy and it will be happy!

Okay, okay! I must admit I am not always so high one, but I must also admit that I try to remain at that state of mind as long as I can! The best way to do so is be happy when others are!

I have witnessed a dear friend who tipped all the workers in a small Thai restaurant RM5 each just to see the smile on their faces. While he enjoyed seeing them smile, I enjoyed seeing him brightened up with his act of joy! There! Life is seeing people happy and be happy yourself! You can be in that state when you choose to, via actions you do!

Another dear friend who attends weekly Dharma classes always has a smile on her face. Her pretty face always looks so pleasant and approachable. Her radiance smile and the twinkle in her eyes reflect her positive aura so much so that one will automatic feel happy in her presence.

According to her, one just needs to know how to let go. The moment one can let go of possessions, whether people or things, there will be no greed for love, power or money! After all, we cannot take care of a person and we cannot use our wealth after we die.

There is so much to learn in life and every day I am learning something new! There is so much to see in life and every other day I am seeing something new, interesting or fascinating! Simply love life!

Lately, I have invested in a FujiFilm S4000 camera because I see beauty in birds’ photography! Lots of patience required when one needs beautiful shots, just like shooting pictures of insects.

Do you know that photography can change a person’s life? Seeing something in real life and seeing the same thing in a picture gives you different perspectives. I started seeing flies differently after I took the first picture of it! I must say God has created all things beautiful; be it small or large, pets or pests, human or not!!

Since a trip a month started in June 2011, the craziest decision I have ever made was climbing Mount Kinabalu! Hahaha! Though I did not make it to the peak because of my breathing problems, I had fun! I really enjoyed the Mesilau Trail very much and am very thankful of Monyet King for the invitation! It was wonderful to be in the company of great people who enjoy life! Thinking about it already brings big smiles on my face!!

That trip was also the longest planned trip of 2011, I hope, because it lasted 11 days! The maddest of all things we had done, we did the climb first before anything else!

Just imagine:
Day 1, we climbed up Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in South East Asia.
Day 2, they climbed up the Summit and immediately climbed down the mountain.
With our wobbling legs, we travelled to Labuan in Day3.
Day 5, we travelled to Miri.
Just when our legs recovered from the mountain climb, we travelled to Mulu Caves in Day 5 and spent 4 days 3 nights in and out of caves!
Day 10 we were back to Miri and
Day 11 we left Miri in the evening! Maximum stretch of 11 days trip of adventures and fun!

Since then, we made a few trips towards north of the Peninsular which one of it ended up in Songkla, Thailand! No joke! That trip was the first “no plan” itinerary trip! That was a very fruitful trip because we managed to visit all members of GFrenz! Simply great!

The most exciting of all trips was the day trip to Sitiawan which we got lost and finally home safe in the wee hours of the night! Sweat! This trip gave us a lesson of not being too adventurous and always be ready to stay overnight if the journey home is too far!

Of course we put what we learnt in good use when we made an ad-hoc trip to Port Dickson recently! Decision made just after midnight, packing started when we woke up and we ended up from a one night two days trip to a two nights three days trip! Got enough clothes? Errr….. Got enough money? Errr….. Ahahaha!

Aiyah, local trips not too bad mah, we can always get money from Ah Longs (money lenders eg. our dear nephew) or ATMs so that we can buy more clothes mah…. Are we now seasoned travellers or what, hor? Hahaha!

My life changed because of a belief, this belief has turned into actions and now these actions have changed my life!!

What have you believed or done recently that had changed your life?


18 responses to this post.

  1. True LG, we really change the lifestyle now. We make it happen and among our close friends say we are crazy, and always say us 'chi sin'. Who care what they say. Just do what we feel. Travel without planning, that's fantastic. Visit every where ! And the most we must thankful what we have now !

  2. err…. Black-shouldered Kite! 😛

  3. Well said, JD! Indeed I am thankful – thankful for everything I have, able and doing! Yum Seng, dear cousin!!Hahaha! Alvin, only you will know the name of the eagle! Eh, I have you to thank for in deciding to buy that camera! Do you know how I look when I travel nowadays? I will have a bag for FujiFilm sling over one shoulder, my sling bag over the other shoulder and in it I will have my waterproof Pentax! Oh, dear nephew always reminds me that I have 3 cameras because I can also take pictures with my BlackBerry! Serious ah! Hahahaha! Thanks, Alvin!

  4. LG, You are actually believing the world will end in 2012? Wasei! I really cannot imagine wor! hehe! But no matter believe or not, I think we just should live our life to the fullest. Enjoy while you can. HF

  5. Aiyah LG, the world ends every second of the day for some. So nothing so special about Dec 2012 la.I do believe that you can make miracles happen. I was surprised at the ease that i caught those sand crabs in Pasir Panjang. It was possible because of your presence.And because of you being there, that friend of yours tipped all the waiters and waitresses. Continue to spread joy and sunshine among your friends through this blog.Cheers!

  6. Do what you like such as travel with some good friends and go along with the mood…. while you can. hahaha.

  7. Aiyah, HF, saja lah I believe! If it's true, we all just die together lor. If not true, we just continue living till we expire yah? Most important this is a good excuse to have fun, fun, fun!! Yeay!!Thank you, jl9, for your kind words ~ making me blush saja! Hehe.Yup, Irene! The Best of Times is Now! Have fun whenever we can!! Cheers!

  8. I wish.. for now I'm really too tired to have ..this semi-young engine kaput already ^.^

  9. Sharon dear, I know what you are going through and to me, you are already bringing joy to your dear aunt. I believe you feel good doing what you are doing, despite being tired. At the end of the day, you will be happy because you will live without regrets coz you have done your best!Fun comes in many forms n living without regrets is one of them. Cheer up, girl! Smile n she will smile back! We are just human and there are many things that are beyond our control. The only thing we can have full control is our mind! Tune in to "happy" and you will be surprised you will only attract happy news, meet happy people and encounter happy situations. Some hiccups will come once a while but they all happen for a reason. Live through it and when you think back later, you will understand….Cheers n take care!

  10. Yes LG, life is too short for regrets. Since you joined GFrenz, our simple gatherings have turned 360 degrees into unplanned overseas trips [free-n-easy like a bird]. I love that….From 16th to 18th Sept., off I go with my camping buddies to Damai Laut. You can be sure we will end up pissed drunk and happy in Kg Koh….hehehe!!!

  11. a2zee, have a wonderful trip! Live life, brother! Be happy but must take care of health too, yah?Yum Seng!!!

  12. hi, that's Malaysia — so many interesting places to explore, only thing is that accomodation a bit exp… if compare with some other country. Anyway LG u really enjoy life.. Great. Happy Malaysia Day to u n ur family + all Malaysian.

  13. Anon, Happy Malaysia to you n your family too! Next time, leave lah your name or initial so that I know how to address you! Can be friends mah! Cheers!

  14. Thanks LG..things are looking better over here..xoxo ^.^

  15. That's good news, Sharon! Happy for you! Cheers!

  16. Hey how are you doing? I just wanted to stop by and say that its been a pleasure reading your blog. I have bookmarked your website so that I can come back & read more in the future as well. plz do keep up the quality writing

  17. Hi, Anon, thanks for your kind words. Am so happy to learn that you have bookmarked LGB and glad you enjoy reading the posts! You really made my day! Thank you, thank you! 😀

  18. I frequently read your blog admin try to discover it quite fascinating. Thought it was about time i show you , Sustain the truly fantastic work

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