Port Dickson: Food! Food! Food!

Our choices for meal, this trip to Port Dickson, was not the usual popular Chinese seafood restaurants!
For many trips, we had been patronizing Sea View Restaurant for dinner because of its ambience and good food. We did drive to the place but when we saw the crowd, we drove away. No point joining the sardine pack, right?

Then I recalled another place I have visited during my last trip here, but, don’t think they will open for Hari Raya! Most Muslims shops will not operate during this festive season which was a long break some more.
Still, can try and see mah, coz they display fresh seafood varieties which you can choose and decide how you want them cooked.  Of course they are good with their grill or BBQ style! 
Told you!  Closed!  Next trip lah!
Dear nephew drove up and down and around the PD town to finally settled with this!  Yah, why wanna squeeze in the Chinese restaurants with the rest.  India food’s superb too!
Order please!
One roti canai, one roti telur, one tosai, one Maggi mee goreng (fried instant noodle) and one capati!   
One Teh Tarik, one Nescafe tarik, one susu lembu (fresh milk) tambah Nescafe, one Milo kosong (without milk or sugar) kaw (thick)!
Wah-lau-ah!  We must be regulars to mamak shops lah!  Hahaha!
Yummy!  Yummy!  Err, tambah lagi (add) ayam goreng (fried chicken), another tosai and another roti telur!  Were we hungry or what?!
Everyone was very satisfied with the food in Sai Kumaran above but the next morning we found a better Indian stall for breakfast!  This stall was located at the corner coffee shop where you can see Costa Rica Hotel/ Apartment.  I tell you ah, their gravies were the best!  They even got putumayam too!  Good food in small packaging indeed!

For lunch, I asked if everyone was interested in Restoran Yuan Xiang, the restaurant which was next to the temple with a mystical tortoise but everyone wanted something else.  What?  Huh?  That ah??

Cempedak!  This temporary stall was built on the vacant land beside the restaurant.  This fragrance fruit was love of everyone and within minutes the whole fruit was consumed to its skin!  Eh, how to get rid of the stickiness on the fingers?  Aiyah, use a tissue – allow the paper to stick to your hand and then rub them off!  Best to use oil… huh??
Dinner time!  Another drive around food hunting!  Hunt, hunt, hunt and we found Restoran Dataran!
Wah, this place looked popular lei.  Not as crowded as the Chinese restaurants though.  Aisay, you can get seafood here also mah, no need to go Chinese all the time what!

This was the best meal we had throughout this trip!  Their servings were small so you can have more varieties and their pricing was reasonable (together with its sumptous tasty dishes) making it value for money!  We were so hungry that night that we forgot to take pictures of the food before but the after picture speaks for itself!
Of the many eateries in PD, we had mentioned about coming to this restaurant many times but always ended at somewhere else because it was packed, packed, packed! 

We shall be back for it in future, when it is not school holidays, Public holidays or long weekend breaks!  There must be a reason why so many people go there for their meals one!

Wow!  What adventurous food hunting we did in PD this trip! 
You got any experiences to share??

Have a Happy Day! ;D

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