Eagle Ranch Resort @ PD, found n explored…. (Part 2 of 2)

That U-turn we made took us to the entrance of the Eagle Ranch Resort.
“Hey, this place looks interesting lei. Wanna go and find out more?” Before I could say more, dear nephew already drove into the place. Everyone got down; the senior, the mummy and the girls went looking for the toilet (biasa lah) while the three of us went to the reception to check out more.
It did not take long before dear cousin gathered dear nephew and I to a corner and asked, “So, want to stay a night here or not? There are two Teepee units vacant only. Someone just checked out! Neh, those Red Indian huts we saw when we drove in. Less than RM130 per unit and extra mattress is less than RM25 each. How? Want?”

Huh? Stay another night ah? Got bring enough clothes meh? May need to turn them upside down and wear, you know???

“Anything lah!” exclaimed dear nephew!

Eh, cannot simply exclaim that word one! “Anything” means yes in our syllabus! Ahahaha! 

That was how we ended up another night in PD, staying at the Eagle Ranch Resort….. 

After checking in, we agreed to take a half an hour rest before meeting at the swimming pool.
Yup!  Everyone was geared up to have fun in the pools; the children and their mummy at the children pool, the adult (ie. me) at the adult pool and the lazy ones (ie. dear nephew and dear cousin) at the Jacuzzi!  Hahaha!  Haizz, what is ever so nice about the Jacuzzi lah?  Such small space, just sit there and let some bubbles hit your body only – cannot even move and lose some weight lei!

From this direction stand, you could already see how many activities this place has!
And, you will not get lost here one!
It may look big when you first lay eyes on it but as you walk around, the place is not really that big lah!
This cowboy town was dead by 7pm!
No lah!  You can still go to their pub for drink and karaoke one.
We chose to stay in our Teepee and sleep early… (as if we would one)..
Nei, we had our rounds of Whiskey and peanuts etc in our Teepee lah!
Cheaper mah.
Never planned to stay 2 nights here, so  cash was precious commodity!
Don’t simply spend, okay!!
Lightning and thunder woke us up in the middle of the night! Wow! I have never heard water pouring on our roof before but with the Teepee’s tent, it was possible! According to both cousin sisters (three of us shared one unit), rain was sipping through the door crack and they had to use two towels to block it! Err, what was I doing when they were busy?? I was asleep lah! Ahahaha! Heard some noises but could not open my eyes to check out what was happening!!

The next morning, the ground was wet and the air was fresh and cool! Hmmm, nice!  Also got chirping of the birds on the trees….
Breakfast was served from 8am to 10am.  We were at the Melting Pot (their cafe) at 8.30am; simple breakfast of roti canai, porridge, noodles, bread, fruits, coffee, tea and orange juice.  Okaylah!  After an hour and a few helpings (buffet mah), we finally stepped out of the cafe to venture the ranch! 
We spent almost 10 minutes analysing this before deciding that we will not be able to handle.
“Look!  First we have to climb up to the top, go through the tyres hanging in the air!  Then we have to balance on that hanging bridge!  See the other side!  We must Tarzan swing on those ropes!  Wah!  Our arms must be very strong to do it all!  Let’s go!  Forget it!  Let the younger and fitter people have fun with this!”

At the end, we decided to buy vouchers for two activities; Go-Kart and horse riding! Wah! Something I had never done before! Very excited! Hah? Must pay cash ah? Dear nephew, we had to depend on you lor.  “Luckily I brought enough cash!” 
The whole trip, which was never planned in the first place and later intended to be two days one night which finally turned out to be three days two nights, dear nephew was our Ah Long (money lender)!! Ahahaha!

Activities start at 10am and we went to and fro the go-cart track and the horse track because the ground was too wet to start the go-cart – worry the cart will flip and turn! Aiyah, flip and turn will be more “chee gate” (excited) mah! Haizzz…..

Finally, we started with the horse riding. Kids only… but, darling girl was too scared to get on the horse so LG, you go!! Huh? Me ah? You sure that skinny horse can take my weight ah? “Can, can. Tak apa, tak apa (it’s ok, it’s ok)!” consoled the horse trainer.  You said can one ah so if the horse’s back broken don’t blame me ha…  But the horse was so strong!  Did someone say I can lose weight riding it?  Phew!  I must had lost a few grams on it!!  Hahaha!

When we made our way back to the Go-Kart track, we found some lines drawn on the floor.  “Hey, we used to play this game when we were young!  It’s called “Tiu Fei Kei” (jump aeroplane), right?”  Aiyoh, suddenly the old people argued how the game should be played!  Yah, we went back memory lane when we jumped and skipped on the drawn boxes!  Ahahaha!  Fun!
Go-Kart, at last!  Dear cousin and I went into the track first so that dear nephew and wife could take pictures of us in action and vice versa later.  Before we could get into the cart, we had to wear a helmet first; before we could start moving we were given some instructions how to operate the cart!  Then, the race began!  Vroom!!!  Vroom!!!
Wah!  The steering wheel was really heavy!  Right foot accelerator, left foot brake!  Cannot step on both at the same time!  Watch out for the corners!  Whee!  Yeah!  And I came out first!!  Yippy!!!
Then, I overheard the other three young people (who was in the same track as dear cousin and I) said, “They are at advantage!  They know how to drive and are used to the accelerator and brake!”  Aiyoh!  Sour grapes!  Ahahaha!
I had so much fun!  Really so much fun!  We had accidently bumped into this place, came in to check out the place and made an instant decision to stay a night!  No regrets, no regrets!  A wonderful place to be; very well maintained eventhough this place is more than 10 years old. 
If you have not been here, check it out!
Have you been here before??



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  1. heheeh seems u guys enjoying eh. wah u managed to sleep at the tent ah? i always wonder how will it feel…

  2. Casendra dear, those are not real tents lah. They used canvas to fake the tent (almost 15' in height from the ground to the tip)while inside the canvas it has brick walls n all, even has attached bathroom one! One Queen size bed on top of the built in cement bed frame. Got TV also. No fridge though but the receptionist said if we asked for it before check in they could arrange wor…

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